The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 109: Desperation

The unique voice made the Marines stunned.



A series of explosions spread out, red flames covered half of the sky, the Marine camp already incurred significant losses.

“I must stop him!!” Sengoku roared.

However, Qin Yi’s Bijudama wiped the most of the Marines up.

He underestimated the strength of the Qin State, and seriously underestimated the high king! No one thought that he would have such a huge amount of energy, let alone that he could launch such a terrible attack covering the whole scene.

“his power beyond our imagination, how could that be!!”

Sengoku shocked.

King Qin’s strength is far beyond that of Admiral, and even beyond that of Garp and Sengoku! his energy’s fluctuations alone can tell that he is as terrible as a god or something powerful or or.. whatever!

“As I said, Sengoku sama, you don’t understand the power he has.”

“At this moment, at this war, you just see less than one percent of the military strength of the Qin State.”

Hashirama sighed and said, Sengoku was shocked; this fellow looked honest.

Even he knew that Hashirama has not been taking this fight seriously, and he couldn’t even beat him.

“One percent?” Sengoku said.

If it’s only one percent, how powerful the Qin State is?!

What Yuanli said, and he predicted they were far from reality.

“Will you lose?” Sengoku’s heart was shaken.

If they barely handle their power now, and they could be more or more overpowering a hundred times, he just couldn’t imagine, just felt frustrating. It’s a terrible, trembling force. Even he could not imagine what kind of great empire the young man named Qin Yi was in control of.

“You know nothing about the State of Qin!”

“Your Majesty is a benevolent monarch. If you obey him, the world will be better than it is now.” Hashirama whispered.

Sengoku stood steady for a while, and he took a deep breath.

“You are a respectable opponent, but as the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, I have to take my responsibility of protecting this world.”

“I can’t give in like that!”

Some individuals were approaching to Qin Yi at this moment.

Mihawk wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth; he rushed up again.

He slashed his sword.

“This is useless.”

Chakra rippled over Qin Yi’s hand and quickly covered his body. A circle of deterrent space bursts out.

The sword of thunder and fire reappeared from his right hand,

His aura energy made Mihawk’s eyes contracted from the shock.

A blade cuts across the air toward Qin Yi.

At the same time, Qin Yi held the sword sharply and waved it violently.

The next moment, the swords collided severely.

“Oh!” A

A circle of ripples rushed for dozens of meters, forming a gale, and the Marines rolled up and thrown into the air, screaming and flying higher and higher, because of the enormous wind pressure, they couldn’t help but block their eyes.

“That’s terrible! It was only the aftereffect of their Swords collision! “

“Are they human beings?”

Countless people were shocked and frightened.

“This is my shot!”

Rob Lucci was hiding under them, at this moment, his eyes were fierce, and he rushed up.


Several steps on the air, and he was already behind Qin Yi.


Then, in a flash, Lucci was a meter away from Qin Yi.

His movements were rapid, and he did all of these instantaneously.

When reaching the rear of Qin Yi, Lucci was in the air, and his muscles, bones, and joints were stirred up at this moment.

He made his hands closer and said coldly.

“Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan.”

Lucci suddenly slammed with his hands toward Qin Yi’s head.

The time he sought was very ingenious when Qin Yi consecrated fighting Mihawk. He wanted to take the opportunity to sneak behind him; the probability of success should reach more than 80%.

And yes. Lucci succeeded!

The blow hit the young king hard on his head.

With the strength of this blow, enough to blow his head in an instant!

But after a couple of seconds, Lucci’s expression changed, and his eyes opened wide.

“How can this be?!”

Involuntarily, Lucci shouted out.

What did he just saw?!

Qin Yi was harmless, even at this moment, he turned his head slowly.

“Didn’t you eat well?”

“Rob Lucci !” The

A faint voice, made Lucci’s pupil shrink, “you have to run away.” he thought just about this.

Horror, this feeling, facing this beast at a close range, he felt like he was a little boat in front of a massive storm and had to run away before getting smashed.

However, it is too late for feeling.

Qin Yi clenched his other hand, and Chakra was rushing, making a huge aura then.


The atmosphere around shuddered, and the punch broke through the air and struck Lucci in his abdomen.


From the terror of the punch, the impact rushed through Lucci’s waist and abdomen, burst out from his back, and he slammed away hundreds of meters.


Instantly, there was blood flowing out of Lucci’s mouth. This punch almost broke his body and made him hit hard immediately.

“come on, have some respect guys a huge fancy cat dares to attack me now?”

Qin Yi sneered.

Then, he looked to Mihawk, and he shook his right arm, the power of the ancient sword surged again, and the power of the thunder and fire transformed into a huge dragon and attacked Mihawk.

Everyone surprised from the scene, the world’s greatest swordsman got hit, and he was flying out, falling massive thousands of meters away.

“Even the Hawk Eyes failed!”

Everyone’s heart shaken, Lucci and Mihawk defeated by one hit.

All the navies were shocked, and they were desperate.

In the field, Qin Yi looked down and stared at the man in the gorgeous Chinese clothes.

“hey you, I feel the same power from you.”

“But why is it so weak?”

Qin Yi looked to Yuanli and said.

“am I weak?! “

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