The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 110: King Vs King

   Yuanli’s heart was shaken, and irrepressible rage arose.

Are you kidding? This King has lived through a long hard life; he struggled hard to be the King of three worlds. He is a real veteran king, who was mocked at this moment when confronted with another young king.

As a king, he is the strongest person in his own King’s world. He is never getting humiliated.

“Say I’m a weak, very good, very good!”

“ok, you will regret it.”

Yuanli was angry, roared, and his eyes were cold. But at this time, he did not even finish, and he shut it up because Qin Yi moved.

“seeing a king in this world is really such a surprise.”

Suddenly, he dived down, and then ten tails flew around, blowing up ice debris all over the sky. Almost instantly, he had reached Yuanli’s front.

The wind was blowing, and there was a weird breath of terror, changing the rage of Yuanli to a fear.

“How horrible!”

After he’s facing Qin Yi, he felt incomparable shock, great energy aura, and that far beyond his own King’s power.

His face shook, Yuanli was shocked to find that he could not move at this moment.

After he had experienced three worlds, he was learning and gathering up the power systems for oneself; his CHi does not affect at this moment!

It was suppressed by Qin’s momentum!

“Weak King, I’m interested in you.”

“Come to me!”

Qin Yi opened his big hand and grabbed King Yuanli.

Just in an instant, Yuanli had been raised directly.

At this moment, the thousand elite soldiers brought by Yuanli panicked and roared.


“king Yuanli!”

They would rush up after him, trying to grab Qin Yi, But at this time, the ten tails swept behind Qin Yi again.

A loud explosion burst out. Qin YI swept away the Thousand elite soldiers without any resistance.

“Kings I have met before are all much stronger than me. I didn’t expect to meet such a weak king as you here!”

Subsequently, Qin Yi raised his head and looked at the King he grabbed by his hand and said.

“release me, King Qin Yi!”

Yuanli said, and his forehead was sweating.

It is unexpected that the King named “Qin Yi” should be so powerful!

He can not even carry on for a short battle against him; he was careless, really careless, maybe after conquering three worlds, he turned a moron.

In fact, even One Piece is more civilized than his King’s world. But from the very beginning, he despised everything, thinking that he could succeed easily.

But this world is brutal!

“Tell me, what’s the use of you?”

“Otherwise, you will die here!”

Qin Yi was indifferent; he greed him, giving him a chance to breathe.

It was the first time for Qin Yi to capture a king.

Yuanli breathed deeply and quickly said.

“I have …”

Here, Yuanli Wang suddenly burst out the cold light in his eyes, his right hand trembled, and a sword bent like a snake around his waist, then expanded forward quickly.

There is a pale white light in his right hand passing out, quickly winding the soft sword, increasing its strength.


The tip of the soft Sword Pierced Qin Yi’s eyebrow.


   Yuanli was excited.

He can’t help but praise himself when he wins by defeat and seizes the moment when the enemy relaxes and made a win through his weakness.

But at the next moment, his pupils contracted again, and his expression changed dramatically.

   “How, how can this be?!”

Yuanli’s whole body trembled, his sword made by a collection of rare metals gathered from the three worlds, unexpectedly his sword broke into pieces.

And Qin’s forehead was hale without a trace.

“His body is solid, even more than the king’s sword!”

   He sighed.

“Inner Strength, True Qi?”

   “Nice one weak King! “

   Qin Yi slowly lifted his other hand and punched him hard.


Yuanli was bent from pain, spitting out blood from his mouth, his organs and Dantian were damaged hard with Qin Yi’s punch.

“Since you are useless, then you should die here!”

Qin Yi said with an indifferent voice; he made him tremble all over.

   “No, don’t!”

   “I will surrender to you, become the king under a king!”

The tense voice symbolizes the fear of Yuanli.

   “King under the king?”

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes and waited for the other party’s answer.

Faced with the threat of life and death, Yuanli did not dare to hide it at all.

“kings could submit to each other. The laws of the universe are inherently cold and cruel. However, there is still a ray of vitality in this ruthless universe!”

   “If the two kings meet, besides, to kill one of them, one of them can surrender.”

“The King Yuanli, no, I Li Yuanli is willing to become the elder brother of governing king Qin, under your rank, for you to fight for all worlds, to establish the Supreme King, and unified the universe!”

“From now on, you should be in a high position, looking down at the sky and despising the world!”

Li Yuanli spoke very well, and Qin Yi found it ridiculous; he even felt greedy about what he heard.

   “good talker!”

   After a long while, Qin Yi said.

   However, he let Yuanli free coughing on the ground.

Although I didn’t know the purpose of this so-called King, it would be a good thing if the King was subordinate to him.

Searching for information in his mind, Qin Yi did not get any information about a king under a king. But It seems that the knowledge and skills of the King that they awaken are not the same. As their level of civilization rises, their talents for awakening vary.

That is interesting, and If there is no Li Yuan, there will not be such a compliment in the future.

   Li Yuan coughed loudly.

   “No, don’t kill me.”

   He was still scared at the moment.

   His King’s road has just begun; he didn’t want to die early!

   At this moment, Qin Yi turned his head and stared at him coldly.

   “Yuanli, what rituals do you need?”

Li Yuan shivered from his whole body, his eyes filled with grief, anger, and helplessness.

“King Yauanli has left and become a vassal of the Qin Kingdom!”

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