The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 111: defeated

Kings in this universe submit the same rules as all races but with some exceptions like they are born with powerful abilities to plunder all worlds and build kingdoms.

A king-race minister, his autonomy, action power, and authority are undoubtedly stronger than ordinary ministers. At the same time, there is no doubt that the country will promote civilization much faster.

a King under a king, this is a kind of thing that can’t be expected and asked for!

Generally, only when the level of civilization has been raised to a certain level will such opportunities may be available. Because of the quantities of the worlds, they are different in two levels rank and number. For example, the ordinary worlds are the most numerous, vast and uncountable; there Are many Star level worlds too, but less than the common worlds. The Moon and the sun so on, higher rank progressively, less in quantity.

In the early days, kings had a lot of choices, so they encounter each other suddenly in a world. It can be said that the chance is low. Only when they become stronger, they will encounter battles in different Worlds. In fact, the king who has the king’s eye can avoid facing another King through observation, to improve his survival rate.

It is Qin Yi’s good luck to encounter Li Yuanli in the world of One Piece!

The two kings jointly could develop a country much faster than a natural one; even they could share resources and grow more quickly.

But at the same time, it’s risky. After all, the king is not an ordinary person, even if he submits to him, he can not achieve complete control over him.

Once one day, Li Yuan rises from the growth rate, maybe he will disobey, or even betray him.

“So, just with this ceremony here, you pledge for loyalty!”

Qin Yi looked to him and said.

Li Yuan left his eyes sad and angry, but there was nothing he could do. After taking a deep breath, a plum blossom energy appeared out of his forehead and flew towards Qin Yi’s forehead.

“The power of the king.”

Qin Yi thought.

The plum blossom seems to be slow, and in the blink of an eye, it has merged with the six-pointed Star in his forehead.

At the same time, he also felt the connection with Li Yuanli, and he was quickly grasped the information of Yuanli was. Even Li Yuanli’s authority and civilization in the world were taken over by him instantly.

Just in a flash, Qin Yi has found that under his own leadership, there are three worlds, and the king’s power has risen again, reaching an unprecedented level.

“So, that’s how it is!”

“king under king!”

Qin Yi smirked.

The Star in his forehead changed ti pink. After merging with plum blossom, the Star becomes a circle with a fantastic pattern with lines, and his whole body is full of fascinating colors.

“Your Majesty, what I do now!”

With a sigh, Yuanli was about to bent over.

“I will deal with you later.”

Qin Yi waved his hand to stop him, his eyes swept forward to the battlefield, and the circle was slowly hiding.

“Now, it’s time to end this war!”

After he said, Qin Yi’s body floated up.

After reaching a distance of 300 meters from the ice, Qin Yi looked down and took a breath.

“Heavenly Chamber!”

He said, then in front of him, and all the people around were entered his personal ice dimension. With a vast amount of Chakra, Qin Yi has completed his ninjutsu!

“So, let’s end this!”

Qin Yi suddenly raised his head.


The vast Chakra rushed out of his body in an instant, sweeping across all directions, an invisible force, sweeping away to the Marine camp at this moment.

Ice pieces burst and rose from the ground, forming sharp mountains, throwing many marines up, making them scream and discolor. Numerous ice giants standing up waved their vast arms and smashed the Marines, causing chaos.

Besides, water was sweeping along all sides, dive down, overwhelming the Marine, making a loud noise.

After a couple of seconds, the ice was torn apart, swept up into the sea, tossed, roared, and formed a tsunami, which in the twinkling of an eye drowned everything.

The waves were beating and piling up, getting higher and higher. Then, they have reached hundreds of meters high, which was very shocking.

Sengoku was fighting Hashirama; at this moment, he was horrified and frightened.

“How can this be?!”

Hashirama sighed and looked ahead, shaking his head slightly.

“You should be glad that he has limited his skill’s scope to this area of the sea.”

Sengoku’s pupils contracted, and he despaired.

How can we fight this war? It was hard to fight against his army, not to mention that God-like King Qin.

The raging tsunami surged and swallowed everything in front of it in the twinkling of an eye. Numerous Marines were pushed to the sea.


At this moment, in the marine camp, everything was about to sweep up to the sea.

“Ice Age!”

Aokiji’s expression was solemn. At this time, he threw down his opponent and released the cold.

The tsunami was frozen in an instant.

Qin Yi looked down and sneered.

“Do you think that’s the end of it?”

When the Marines saw that the tsunami was frozen, they relieved,

In front of Aokiji, an ice giant suddenly emerged from the ice layer and smashed him fiercely


Instantly, Aokiji was smashed and thrown out.

Immediately after that, the Ice giant roared out.

And what’s more terrible is that behind them, a gigantic tsunami and sea kings behind it.

“Sea Kings!!”

Sengoku’s pupils contracted and were utterly desperate.

Qin Yi sneered: “It’s a pity that the last straw for you to destroy us was originally planned to be a natural disaster!”

His hands were open, and Chakra broke out again, instantly controlling the Sea Kings.

“After this war, the world will return to Qin!”


Suddenly, a huge tsunami swept from behind the Marines. In the twinkling of an eye, everything was swallowed in.

When the tsunami arrived in front of the Qin camp stopped.

After a while, the sea gradually subsided. At this time, the navy’s long front, has only a small corner, a vast army, was completely destroyed.

“we get Lost!”

The eyes Sengoku was shaking, and he was gloomy.

The rest of the Marines, too, were desperate and frustrated to the extreme.

Just then, on the sea, a red boat arrived late.

“Am I late?”

“The Navy has already been defeated!”

He said with a solemn voice, and the wind blew past, blowing Shanks’s red hair.

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