The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 112: Shanks

The Qin army was standing over the sea.

Gradually, they were surrounding the Marines.

“completed!” Sengoku stood on the broken ice and sighed.

A natural disaster turned out to be the best weapon in the opponent’s hands and brought the war to a complete end. A large number of navies have been blown away and swallowed up.

At this moment, what they need to face such a powerful opponent, running away!

This war ended!

“Sengoku, what should we do? Decide quickly! They’re coming up!” Garp said.

Sengoku was silent, looking at the Qin army running over the sea toward them.

“you are here, Shanks!”

Bending over, Mihawk whispered.

He is not dead yet. After such a violent blow couldn’t kill, the world’s strongest swordsman, though seriously injured, is still alive.

“Red hair, Shanks.”

Sengoku was shocked. The huge Ship was sailing closer.

“As one of the Yonko, what does he do here?”

“I don’t know, but he doesn’t look like he wants to watch the war!” Behind him, Kizaru said.

It’s not good news that there is a Yonko here.

After looking for it again, the navies were panic.

A big tsunami, so that most of the warships have been damaged, or swept farther away. At this moment, besides the Qin Team, they are surrounded by the vast sea.

In this case, how to escape?

The red hair pirate ship came at the fastest speed and was now close to the Navy.

When they arrived at about fifty meters behind the Navy, the Ship suddenly changed its direction and stopped in front of them horizontally.

“I am here to end this war!”

“Marines! Hurry up!

“run away!”

Shanks said with a stern look, slowly pulled out his sword, pointing ahead.

The direction in which his sword pointed was precisely where the Qin army was.


Sengoku was stunned, Shanks and his crew were preparing to fight the Qin Army.

Sengoku waved his hand; he took a deep breath and roared.


After a pause, Sengoku closed their eyes.


All of a sudden, the navies were surprised, but they did not resist Sengoku’s orders. The remaining officers rank turned around and ran towards the ships.

“Hurry up, retreat!!”

Sengoku shouted for the rest of the Navy who did not know what to do.

There’s no use standing here. If you can escape, there’s still a glimmer of hope! They were defeated in this battle, but they still have faith!

“I’m really disappointed. I didn’t expect the Navy to lose so fast!”

On the other side of the sea, Doflamingo smirked.

Although the failure of his own allies, he was happy.

“They’re all retreated, and we should go too.”

“Interesting, the world will encounter a big storm; let’s watch it quietly!”

“This new king, what a shock he will bring to the world!”

Opened his hands, Doflamingo smiled.

The more chaotic the world is, the more he likes it!

Though the Ship of Doflamingo had just sailed out of the dozens of meters, suddenly…


The shrill voice made the sky tremble, Doflamingo looked up, and his pupils shrank.

“what, why?”

He muttered.

The truth-seeking ball hit the Ship in the next moment.


The Ship exploded, and Doflamingo and his family floated with the pieces of the Ship.

“I heard that you are a celestial Dragon, sorry, but I take it personally!”

On the sea not far from there, Madara sneered.

Madara really hated the celestial Dragons.

On the other side of the sea, Moria and others had climbed their ships.

“Hurry up! Let’s get out of here! If we stay, we will die!!”

Moria shouted, anxiously to his subordinates.

But in the next moment.

“Sorry, you are surrounded, surrender immediately!”

“Otherwise, according to your Majesty’s orders, the rebels will be killed!” The officers of the Qin army roared.

The army surrounded the ships.

Among them, Moria saw the shadow opponent who had fought with him before and could not help but sighed.

“We surrender!”

Qin Yi was floating in the air, overlooking the sea.

He was far away from the location of the Navy.

“Shanks, I didn’t expect you would come to share the muddy water.”

“although I appreciate you very much. Why are you foolish?”

“go forward, and change the old into the new, is the real progress. Don’t people like you understand this truth?”

Qin Yi said, and his voice spread across the sea.

Shanks held his sword, and his Haki spread violently.


Suddenly, the sea was still at this moment. The Qin soldiers who were pursuing the Marines struck by his Haki, their eyes turned white, and they fell over.

“What a powerful man!”

Hashirama sighed, he felt this Conqueror’s Haki, and his eyes were sharp.

“King of the Qin Kingdom! The world needs change, but.”

After a pause, Shanks became more and keener.

“doesn’t need to such an ambitious overlord!”

“Its future has better choices!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were fixed, and his expression was indifferent.

“Are you going to stand against me? Ok then, hmm.”

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