The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 113: Endgame

“Come on, then!”

“Let me see Your Majesty’s tricks!”

Shanks’s eyes were sharp, and the Haki emanated from his body, shocked the void around him. Even the clouds above the sea disappeared in an instant.

There was intense pressure, which made people feel suffocated.

The power that emitted from Shanks at this moment made every one inspired even the Marines.

You see, as long as the world was not destroyed and extinct, the world’s struggle will never cease! Even in the face of intense pressure, there will be someone out there stand before it!

Whether poor or rich, strong or weak!

“I appreciate your courage! I really do!”

Qin Yi looked down and said slowly.

Then, the ten tails behind him suddenly rushed upward, and Chakra was flowing from it.

A Blackball at the size of the basketball appeared.

After a couple of seconds, the size of the Truth-Seeking Ball increased until its diameter reached 20 meters! But it’s not over yet. In a short while, it expanded again and reached 50 meters.

With a bang, it became 20 meters in diameter! But it is not over yet, just after a breath, it expands again and reaches 50 meters.

“just one ball, stop it, and I’ll let you go!”

Qin Yi said with a deep tone.

As soon as he said, the Ball expanded again and became 100 meters in diameter.

All kinds of dark energy lines are wrapped around it, making a substantial terrific sound.

The red hair pirate ship that was full of the Marines, they were watching, hoping with gloomy faces.

“How could he stop such an energy ball?” A Vice Admiral sighed.

That terrible attack was enough to destroy all the sea area. Once it comes, if they would not block it, they will immediately become ashes.

In another flash, they found that the energy ball upon Qin Yi’s head had reached 300 meters in diameter, and it was like a dark sun, releasing a black light.

“That fellow, how can he have such a divine power!”

The Marines do not understand this terrible force, even a man who claims to be the strongest in the world, is his opponent?

Today’s Marine defeat, once the Qin controls the whole Grand Line, then the entire world, who can stand up to prevent their progress?

At this time, the Truth-Seeking Ball on Qin Yi’s head had trembled to the extreme, and the fluctuation had been extremely fierce.

In the next second, ten tails were pushing out one by one, and in a flash, the Ball of energy rushed up into the air.


A strong wind began to sweep, and the tornado came out around the Ball, At this moment, the Ball began to spin rapidly.

It went straight into the sky and turned back and fell sharply and rushed to the sea.

Just in a flash, its huge surface had touched the sea.

Suddenly, with a loud sound, hundreds of meters of waves were splashed, and a tremendous tornado around it. But the big problem that its volume suddenly increased again, reaching 500 meters in diameter, and its surface was covered with blue light.

After a long crazy rotation upon the sea, The Truth-seeking ball rushed to the red hair ship.


It was Qin Yi’s momentum.

“come on!”

Shanks gazed, he was blocking with his sword, his Armament’s Haki was covering his body at the moment.

“You guys, I’m afraid I can’t stop it alone.”

“It’s up to you!”

Staring at the horrible movement and speed of the colossal Truth-seeking ball rush, Shanks felt now the difficult situation.

“Let’s go!”

Sengoku stepped forward without hesitation and shouted.

Garp and the three admirals behind him, Mihawk and Kuma, all his crew, Vice Admirals, were ready.

“If we all can’t stop it together, I’m afraid that we deserve to die for daring to face him! haha!”

Shanks saw them next to him. He smiled.

It’s the first time that pirates have cooperated with the Marines.

Sengoku wanted to say something, but finally, he shut up. Today, the Navy’s massive losses and failures made him feel confused. At this moment, there is no desire for dialogue.

“Shanks boy, we can do it,” Garp said.

Shanks was shocked, then turned his head, stared at the energy ball that had reached a hundred meters ahead, and nodded slowly.

“Get ready.”

In a flash, the mighty wind hit hard; their faces looked momentarily crazy and distorted.

With all their strengths, everyone at the moment he had already tried with all his power facing the huge energy Ball.

“Come on!”

Shanks roared fiercely, the terrible air, made his face twisted, and tore his clothes into pieces.

At this moment, the pressure they were facing is enormous.

With a roar, Shanks swung his sword violently, Next to him, the Marines, his friend, and his crew roared and attacked the considerable energy ball.

At this moment, all the Marines were between despair and hope!


In an instant, the energy ball carrying the seawater will confront them.

“Ice Age!”

Aokiji roared.

The waves whirling at high speed on the surface were frozen in an instant. Then, Sengoku hit with his shock.

They were seeing the Ball approaching violently; the rest took a breath, then.

“Iron fist!”

“Dai Funka!”

“Yasakani no Magatama!”….

Everyone, at this moment, has made his full-strength attack to stop this colossal energy ball.

The surrounding space trembled wildly, and there was a temporary standstill.

However, the strength of the Truth-Seeking Ball’s impact made the ship creaking. The moment the Ball reached them…

They collapsed, and they all flew out.

In just three seconds, the repulsive force had made the ships flew kilometers away, and in a blink of an eye, the area cleaned.

Upon the sea, Qin Yi smiled lightly.

Madara smirked with cold eyes.

He stopped caring about his blow. After landing on the flagship, he just whispered a word.

“let’s complete our conquest!”

There was no doubt that this war had been won. all the first half of the Grand Line was unified now.

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