The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 114: Impel Down

In the twinkling of an eye, it was a day before the great war.

On this day, the whole world seemed to be ignited, not boiling, but exploding!

“What? When the Marines were defeated, the Qin State now is the ruler of the half of the Grand Line?”

“Are you kidding me? How could the Marines be defeated?”

“This is fake news? What about the three Admirals? What about the Marine hero Garp? How could they be beaten?”

“I heard that at this war, the Marines summoned the Shichibukai and their forces, all of them, and could not stand before the Qin army?”

“This is impossible; the news must be fake!”

All over the world, people look shocked and Incredible. At the same time, The Marines across the globe was in a panic.

“The first half of the Grand Line has been unified by the Qin State!”

“They’ve got such a significant position. It’s an awful thing!”

“How is the world government now? Did nothing?”

The Marines were so shocked that they couldn’t decide whether to go or stay.

The defeat of Marine headquarters has dramatically changed the situation of the whole world. At this moment, there was no contact from the Headquarters, which frightened the navies all over the world.

Without Sengoku, The Marines were like a snake without its head.

In the new world, in front of a Marine fortress.

The red hair pirate Ship came slowly and stopped a hundred meters ahead of the fortress.

“sir Vice Admiral is that.”

On the guard tower at the entrance of the fortress, the Marine saw the Flag of the ship, and their faces changed dramatically.

“Red Hair pirates!”

The Vice-Admiral was now patrolling the corridor connecting the towers. When he heard the call, his face suddenly changed.

He strode over and took a monocular. Although he could see the ship from here, he still had to make sure.

Through the monocular, he saw the Flag.

“the Red hair pirates!”

His face became gloomy.

Why did one of the four Yonko of the new World come here?

He moved his monocular and looked at the figure on the ship.

Shanks was on the top of the boat.

The vice admiral’s body shook all over.

“Red-haired Shanks, yes, it’s them!”

His body was solid at this moment, after a while of thinking, he waved and ordered to be on guard.

But at this moment, a solemn voice came from the red hair ship.

“Open the door, Vice-admiral Thurdes!”

Ice admiral Thurdes was stunned at once; the voice was familiar.

He looked down at the bow of the boat, and his eyes widened.

“The Fleet Admiral Sengoku sama!!!”

Shouted Thurdes, his eyes were full of wonder.

He rubbed his eyes and looked down again, only to find Garp, Tsuru, and the three Admirals and many Vice Admirals behind them.

“You are still alive!” He shouted.

That is amazing! After the defeat of the Great War, the Marine was defeated, Sengoku and the big guys of the marines were missing. The whole world thought they were dead. But unexpectedly they were in the new world!

“Open the door, Thurdes!” Sengoku shouted again.

Immediately, he went down the fortress and took a naval ship to meet Sengoku and the others.

Shanks’s pirates left, and Sengoku and the marines entered the conference room.

“Thomas, immediately send orders to all Marines around the world to tell them that the Marine is still there. Don’t panic!”

“Besides, integrate the Marines who fought in the Great War and let them assemble in the new world!”

“We need to re-select a place to build a Marines headquarters!”

“The Marineford has fallen, and the Marine has lost control of the first half of the Grand Line!”

“we still alive, we still have hope!”

“We must fight this crazy fellow to the end!” Sengoku roared and lifted his fist, and everyone nodded.

“Now, Thurdes, hurry up, do as I said just now!”

“Next, whether it’s us or the world.”

“We must prepare for war!”

Even though he was shocked by the war, Sengoku believed that saving his world is his responsibility.

What they are going to face next is not just a country, but a world bigger and stronger than their one.

He was not even sure whether he would win or lose the battle, but he has to try.

Thurdes quickly nodded: “Yes!”

On the other side in the Marine headquarters, the Marineford.

Qin Yi strode to the harbor with his strong men and entered the empty Marine headquarters.

“Sengoku is brave and smart.”

“the Marineford was hollowed out in case he lost!”

Looking at the empty buildings in front, Qin Yi said with a smile.

At this moment, there was nothing on the horizon but the Qin army.

“Your Majesty, the army has begun the big conquest. It is not expected that the first half of the Grand Line will be under our control within five days.”

“What shall we do next?” Qin Lin asked.

“It’s easy to go all over these seas. There are no strong rivals here.”

“Now, our goal is the new world!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were deep and looked forward.

The strongest people in the world!

“It’s just that in this new world, we need to change our battle plans.”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

The Generals had doubts in their eyes, but instead of explaining, Qin Yi turned his head and looked to Madara.

“Madara-san, in Impel Down, there are fierce and powerful pirates from all over the world.”

“I need them to join our country; with some push and guide; they will be useful.”

Madara smiled and said: “I see.”

Qin Yi smiled and said:” Then Madara-san, I count on you.”

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