The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 115: Levely

The prison is divided into six levels, and the lower in the place is, the stronger the level six is comparable to the high ranks marine.

If this force is in hand, the strength of the Qin State will naturally surge.

Qin Yi sent Madara and gave him several assistants to ensure that the mission completed successfully.

Five days later, the flag of the State of Qin was planted everywhere in the first half of the Grand Line.

That symbolizes the unification of the first half of the Grand Line, which has wholly become the territory of the Qin State.

“Madara splendid as always!” Qin Yi smiled.

“So, it’s time to go to the new world!”

On the second day, a huge flagship set off from Marineford, the Marine headquarters, and passed by Fish-Man Island on its way.

The Fish-man Island was vassal to the Qin Kingdom.

The world was shocked, and there was an uproar!

How alarming is the momentum of the Qin Kingdom, which can be said it is invincible? The result of the defeat of the Marine headquarters has alarmed all the Great Powers. What attitude should the world adopt in the face of such a sudden rising country?

On the third day, people were shocked to find that the flagship of the King of Qin had reached the New World.

“This ambitious guy is too confident!”

“He dared to point his spear at the new world, which is running for the Yonko!”

“It’s crazy. If the King succeeds, I’m afraid that the world will fall under his control.”

“Can no one stop the madman’s footsteps? Will the world be unified?”

The world was shocked and trembling.

This horrible Kingdom, who appeared for less than a year and was making everyone tremble, could anyone just stop it.

At the same time, Mariejois.

The Five Elders were sitting in silence, thinking.

After a long while, one of them suddenly said.

“Qin State, I didn’t expect that these guys turned out to be from a different world.”

“Sengoku said that they have worlds stood behind them, and they want to annex our world.”

“I don’t believe that the world’s government that ruled the world for centuries can’t fight them; they know how to sail like the best navigators.”

The Five Elders talked to each other.

The navy’s significant and rapid defeat was unexpected to Five Elders. The Qin State, or the world behind it, is more powerful than the imagination of the Five Elders and shocked them.

That war made them afraid. The young King’s strength has reached a point beyond them.

“The guy named Qin Yi is the most powerful man Sengoku met.”

“So, now, what should we do?”

Five people were in trouble at the moment.

Even without the Qin Kingdom, the world has already been in a quiet period before the storm. The pirates gather in the new world, where the four emperors stand. Even the world government cannot solve this problem. It was already powerless about the unification of world regimes. Perhaps at some point, when the pirates are integrated and united, the world will be shaken.

But Qin Yi’s momentum jumped up unawares.

“We have been fighting the wolves from hundreds of years trying to stop their anarchistic acts, and now a huge Dragon emerged from nowhere, what a pity.”

“It’s the most dangerous time for hundreds of years!” one of them sighed.

At this moment, the world government has fallen into a disaster. The Marine’s failure had a considerable impact. Even to Sengoku and other high-level, the Admirals and prominent Vice Admirals still alive, but at the level of Soldiers and officers, the Marine has suffered significant losses. And, more importantly, the world government’s control, influence, and authority over the whole world will be weakened under this war.

That was the deadliest moment for hundreds of years! There were no marines there, and the control of the Qin State still not stabilized.

“Contact all countries in the world and convene a world emergency conference quickly.”

“At present, what we need to do is to stabilize the military and to unite the forces of the world.”

“Besides, we must find ways to put an end to the psychopathic behavior of the pirates in the new world.”

“As for the State of Qin.”

Speaking of this, the elder rubbed his eyebrows and wondered what to say.

At this time, the first half of the Grand Line has been under the control of Qin; Qin’s forces and current situation are unknown. And even Sengoku didn’t know anything important; this Kingdom is beyond their intelligence.

Qin Yi, even the Five Elders, know nothing about his steps.

Unlike Sengoku and other ordinary people, the five elders lived too long. They just wanted to think about how to live a long and stable life.

After a while, they fell into silence again.

Qin Yi’s strength beyond their reach…

Then, the world government called its orders.

Heads of power from all over the world converged on Mariejois. Two days later, the Levely (World Summit) began, the Five Elders were in the first place with gloomy faces.

The number of arriving kings, leaders, is far below their expectations!

What does this represent? It’s obvious.

Inspired by the fact that the world has seen the rising momentum of the Qin State and the great defeat of the Marine and the World Government, they have reconsidered their position and their next actions.

This is a bad situation for the world Government.

At the same time, somewhere in the New World.

“Oh My God, Ace. Read the newspaper. Your Majesty has unified the first half of the Grand Line!”

“At the moment, he is coming here, to the New World.”

“At this speed, I am afraid that he will unify the world before you become the Pirates king.”

Buggy was shocked and shouted.

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