The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 117: Kaido

As Qin Yi asked, he looked above.

Suddenly there was a dull noise from the far horizon, like the howling of a wild dragon, followed by a massive object rushing up from the ground, bringing strong wind, landing in front of the harbor with a roar.

“Captain Kaido!!”

“Kaido of the Beasts!”

Seeing such a mighty behemoth, the people present couldn’t help but exclaim.

With his black hair, a massive pair of gray, sharp-pointed horns come out of its sides, his long Fu Manchu mustaches like a dragon’s whisker and a tattoo of dim-reddish segments resembling reptilian scales, his muscular bulky upper body, and broad shoulders were terrifying. Standing there, continually sending out the terror breath, and space was trembling around him, such a momentum.

He is Kaido Strongest Creature in the World!

That is a moody warmonger who is obsessed with drinking and suiciding, he had been defeated seven times as a pirate and was captured by the navy or his enemies 18 times, he underwent torture repeatedly and had been living as a criminal, it bears repeating he challenged the navy and the Yonko single-handedly and was sentenced to death 40 times, but no one could kill him even himself.

At this moment, this terrible figure is standing in front of the flagship of Qin State. He radiated a majestic aura around him, like a demon.


At this moment, countless people muttered.

At the bow of the ship, Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp.

“Very well, you’re here at last.”

His voice diffused, and the majesty of the king swept ahead, forming a tremendous gale that blew toward Kaido.

“Emperor Qin, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Kaido slowly raised his head, and his eyes were bursting with killing intent.

“I’m the only cursed one in the world who can not die! I’m the only one, Kaido!”

“I’m glad you come!”

After a pause, the air was blowing and pushed all the people around him.

“Come on, kill me!” he roared.

With a roar, Kaido bent his knees, and the ground cracked. His figure suddenly shot out like a shell.

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp; he clenched his right fist suddenly.

Space trembled, his arm was black with Haki, and Chakra was raging on it.

Without any hesitation, Qin Yi has already punched his fist upon Kaido.


The strong wind shook the huge flagship made of iron and steel. Kaido’s huge figure suddenly appeared and hit.


The air was trembling and twisting wildly, and a circle of shocks had begun to rush around.

Suddenly, the next second, another two punches collided.


The air suddenly raged fiercely.

The flagship swayed violently, spraying up water to 100 meters in all directions, the center of the collision between two fists, and the emperor Haki began to spread wild in all directions.

After a couple of seconds, Qin Yi’s eyes were frozen, his expression became cold, and he suddenly roared.

“Get back!”


He clenched his fist, unexpectedly burst out a strong force. Kaido shocked, and his whole body was flown out.


Suddenly, his large body has been flying with the punch, landing in the kingdom of Wano, smashing a series of buildings.


When his body stopped, Kaido blew two white smoky breaths from his nostrils, and his eyes showed a refreshing look.

“Very well, such a powerful man, let me feel some pain!”

He said, his arms were stretched out in front of his eyes, he found that the elbow joint had burst blood vessels and was holding blood. Still, at his terrible speed of recovery, the blood stopped quickly.

Kaido clenched his fist again, and his face became fierce.

“it should be a fun battle.”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and stepped out with his right foot.


Suddenly, his body disappeared in the flagship bow, in a flash, has come to the top of Kaido.

“it’s nice of you to come!”

Kaido roared and punched Qin Yi.


The wind blew When the fist touched Qin Yi’s body and rushed straight into the air. A large area of the sky was raging.

“Here I am!”

Suddenly, at the top of Kaido’s head, Qin Yi’s voice came and made him look up quickly.

However, it is already late.

Qin Yi grabbed the left corner of Kaido’s head severely, then grabbed it fiercely and pulled it.

With a loud roar, Kaido’s body was immediately rigidly lifted, followed by a punch from Qin Yi and fiercely flew.


Kaido was thrown out and hit the ground, smashing a series of buildings again.

Qin Yi smirked and clicked by his hand.

Step by step, Qin Yi strolled toward the place where Kaido was.


The blood flowed from the top of his head, and Kaido’s eyes were already spraying fire. In a short period of contact, he looked like this Kid defeated him.

The blood flowed from the top of his head, and Kaido’s eyes were already spraying fire. In a short period of contact, he looked like he was defeated.

“Ah, ah ah, ah!”

Shouting, Kaido was crazy at the moment. He’s going to tear up the Kid in front of him.

“Gudodama (Truth-Seeking Ball)!”

As Qin Yi walked, the black balls around him gradually emerged and then swelled up to the size of a baseball ball.

Immediately after an instant, it burst forward and went straight to Kaido.

“Get out of here!”

Kaido strode and shouted.

With a swing of his right fist, one of the Gudodama was destroyed directly.

And waved with his left hand, trying to stop one.

He was flying in the direction of the kingdom of Wano.

And the next four, Kaido hit by them all, and he has recovered again.

“What a beast!”

Qin Yi saw this scene and then sighed.

“Such a person cannot be killed, really!”

Qin Yi’s figure flashed again and clenched his fist.


The next moment, they face to face and once again hit hard, let the earth crack, and dust rose.

Kaido flew out again and competed with pure physical strength. He was not Qin Yi’s opponent!

At the same time, in the kingdom of Wano, a child of six or seven years old was bending over to gather flowers. Suddenly, he heard a roar coming. He just looked up.


A sharp scream accompanied the loud explosion.


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