The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 118: Is Defeated

Someone yelled.


Momonosuke fell and lost his conscious.

No one thought that the Gudodama that was smashed by Kaido’s punch would rush here unexpectedly, causing such a tragedy.

The harbor, by this time, the land, which had been fairly neat, had become a piece of ruins from the fight of the two beasts.

The battle between them made the audience from two sides frightened, trembled, and steadily retreated, trying to avoid the scope of their battle.

“It’s terrible. It’s like two monsters fight!”

“It’s a real close-up hand battle. It can even trigger such a big earthquake!”

“The ground is shaking, even the air pressured, even can I feel the temperature rose!”

People trembled and huddled behind the building, resisting the aftereffect of the fighting between the two men.


The booms were continuously sounded.

The more Kaido was fighting Qin Yi, the more frightened he became. He was taller and much more extensive than his opponent. However, in this close-up battle, he did not win or even harm him; he was always got hit. And his body healed, again and again, after every punch.

Above the physical power of this young man, he carries mysterious power, the terrible power of crushing everything.

“Kaido, submit to me!”

Qin Yi said, and the two men collided again.

The wind-dispersed, and they stood on the ground, gazing at each other.

“Kill me, and I’ll give in!”

“In my life, I only want to die if you are strong enough; let me feel the threat and terror from death!”

Kaido roared, shook his fist again, and waved it to Qin Yi.


Qin Yi dodged and let Kaido’s fist hit the ground. The ground cracked, and the dust was flying. He flashed again and came to Kaido.

He raised his right foot sharply and kicked out.


He kicked the middle of Kaido’s neck, split his skin, the blood was spraying, and Kaido’s behemoth body was kicked for several meters.

But after a few breaths, Kaido rose again from the ruins, still well and burly, with the majesty of the Devil.

“Not enough, though you are flexible enough and your hits are strong enough, you can’t kill me yet!”

“King Qin, come on!”

Kaido roared and attacked Qin Yi again.

“What a tough man!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were slightly frozen and sighed in a deep voice.

Qin Yi also felt admiration for his majestic power and his physical power.

“Then let me put an end to you.”

“to make you aware of the gap between us!”

Suddenly all his muscles became slack, and then Qin Yi closed her eyes.

When Kaido waved his fist and came to him, he opened his eyes suddenly.

At the same time, to achieve the ultimate Chakra energy explosion, Qin Yi waved his hands.

“Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!”

Shake the sky with the power of Kaguya; the attack caused mighty shock power!

Qin Yi also displayed the super-strong killing skill of Kaguya at this moment.

Kaido suddenly stopped, his pupils contracted, and in a trance, he seemed to see the whole sky ahead, circled by transparent fists, dense, overflowing fists, reflected in his eyes, without understanding its end, surrounded him.

“let’s see you will die or not!”

“But remember, what you have said before, Kaido.”

“You will surrender to me!”

Qin Yi looked to Kaido and said.



From all his sides, infinite fists, at this moment, hit him with a bang and covered from all sides in an instant.

People hiding dozens of miles away were now shocked and unable to close their mouths. What they saw, half the sky was covered by infinite fists.

“What kind of attack is this?”

“Every attack is enough to smash a mountain!”

“Kaido, Captain Kaido, can you handle this?”

Muttered, though they believed in the strength of their captain, they began to doubt because of this scene.

It’s so shocking and frightening!

The endless fist went on towards Kaido. Gradually, the dust flew higher and higher, and spread over the whole harbor, reaching more than a dozen miles Kaido covered up among it, and his figure has been completely invisible, they can only hear his continued thunderous roars.

I do not know how long after that, he stopped roaring.

Dust gradually dispersed, they saw Qin Yi folding his hands, flying in the air with an indifferent expression.


Everyone was swallowing saliva.

Qin Yi’s strength shocked everyone. From the beginning of the fight, he has the upper hand!

Then they looked at the big figure not far from Qin Yi.


After seeing that figure, everyone was shocked.

Blood, crushed meat, made people stunned, like the most tragic dead body in a horror film. Kaido has been slaughtered.

His whole body was thoroughly shattered by the fury and strength of the fists.

“Still alive?”

With a trembling voice, someone asked.

No one answered, but everyone had an answer in their hearts, no one can live any longer with this look.


But at this moment, Qin Yi was standing on the field, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Very tenacious beast, made me admire you.”

“But it’s only a breath away from death.”


Moving slowly, Qin Yi came to Kaido.

“Now tell me, are you really want to die!”

Qin Yi said with an indifferent expression.

Kaido was not dead, but with just a little effort, Qin Yi could cut him off.


Suddenly, Kaido grinned.

Qin Yi glared.

“I’m defeated, yes.”

“I’m with you!”

He said, Then, Kaido closed his eyes and fell to the ground with all the scars on his body.

Then Qin Yi was stunned, and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Crazy people like each other?”


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