The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 119: Whitebeard

The New World was in an uproar!

The Beasts Pirates were defeated! In the war with the Qin kingdom, Kaido was defeated by Emperor Qin. It was beyond everyone’s expectation and shocked the world.

The power of the Qin State was seen once again by the world, which shocked the people who didn’t notice their threat yet.

“their King is a terrible man. He has limitless ambitions, and what’s more, he has terrible power.”

“Now that many have been defeated, I heard that after that, the Kaido Pirates joined the Qin Kingdom and became a part of it.”

“Now, the new world is going to be funnier.”

“I don’t know what to the white Beard, Big mom, red hair will do!”

Allover The World, there was a global shock. During this period, the situation was almost constant. The breaking news one after another, Gradually, people began to realize the power of Qin. If this Trend Continues, it is possible for this country, which has risen for a short time, to sweep the whole world and overthrow the world’s government and pirates.

It’s changing! Many people realize that shortly, even the sky will change!

After Kaido’s defeat, the new world fell into calm again, violently defeating Kaido, annexing the Qin State of Kaido, and no other actions were taken.

And half a month later, breaking news came out.

“The Big mom defeated! Fire Fist Ace defeated the Big mom!”

Shocking! It is beyond logic and above reason! If the world accepted the Kingdom, who defeated the marines could defeat Kaido, no one believed this news.

Are you kidding? Who is Big Mom? She is a pirate who has stood in the new world for many years, and one of the four emperors with the white beard, Kaido, and Shanks. And Portgas D. Ace is just a fledgling little pirate.

However, today, there was such shocking news.

Many people don’t believe it, but as things go on. People gradually realize that this was true!

“Someone saw Big Mom tied up by the crew of the Spade Pirates, tied to a large column, scorched and in a state of confusion.”

“Ace is now in the center of the world, the new Yonko!”

“This is true. Fire fist Ace has replaced Big mom, becoming one of the new four emperors of the new world!”

People were talking about this thing everywhere. Although many people still don’t believe it, it is already a fact. What happened in the end? Nothing clear.

Ace, a young pirate, has been at sea for less than a year and has developed so rapidly. In the face-to-face confrontation, he actually defeated Big Mom!

“they said that he has a high level of Conqueror’s Haki and Armament’s Haki and Observation Haki, plus, he is the user of Mera-Mera no Mi.”

“In the battle with Big Mom, the horrible red flames swept across all the country and lasted for a long time. It was very spectacular!”

“His partner, is the God of thunder Enel, is Goro-Goro no Mi User, Strong to the extreme!”

There was news everywhere, and in the blink of an eye, Portgas D. Ace became the most popular star on the seas.

In the Kingdom of Wano, Qin Yi surprised too when he heard the news.

“Ace and his crew actually beat the Big Mom?”

According to Ace’s strength, this is basically an impossible task, but this happened, which surprised Qin Yi.

“It seems that this young group also has good opportunities in their adventures.”

Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain what happened.

Then, Qin Yi started to think about another thing.

Kaido’s territory has been stabilized, Big mom, was settled by Ace, now, he has to consider the White Beard.

“Just beat the White Beard.”

“This world will be mine!”

You can say that the White beard’s position, reputation, and influence at this moment the strongest in the world. When the Marine was defeated, Kaido was defeated, and Big Mom was subordinate, the only one who remained was the white beard.

“By defeating the white beard, I can go to other worlds.”

His eyes became bright, thought Qin Yi.

He already had a vision of the target world, ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy 1’. After experiencing the immortal Demon power, Qin Yi felt that Immortal Hero (Xianxia) civilization formidable. He was very interested in this kind of civilization, which could achieve eternal life and cultivate himself.

Even the science fiction civilization that studies the world can not make Qin Yi produce this kind of power.

“Immortal Hero, fantasy, science fiction, and other civilizations, the future time, I have to visit one by one, to experience them!”

“If we merge all these civilizations into one, I don’t know what kind of civilization will be born!”

 Qin Yi was eager.

At this moment, the Qin civilization, which combines Naruto Civilisation, preliminary science and technology, and the ancient civilization of the Three Kingdoms, is not strong yet. Still, it has begun to produce a new culture and knowledge in the context of the blending of Multiple civilizations.

On the second day, Qin’s flagship set off again.

Over the sea, there was a storm. After observing the route of Qin’s flagship on that day, many pirates were shocked.

“the Whitebeard! the King is heading for the white beard!”

“The world was shocked after defeating Kaido; King Qin aim at the strongest man in the world, the white beard!”

“How exciting! This will be a war that will shake the whole era!”

“he was stronger in his youth, but let’s see, who will win The White Beard in his last days or this king?”

Even though he defeated Kaido and the Navy, the White Beard is still the strongest man standing on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the world. No one can predict the future without a fight.

In the new world, in the naval base.

“The King is aiming the white beard. This fellow is really crazy!”

“He was going to crush the navy, the pirates, and start his big plan of annexing the world.”

“It’s crazy!”

Sengoku, who heard the news, was horrified and speechless.

Deep in the New World, in a sea area, on the Moby Dick.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha, that kid knocked Kaido and immediately can’t wait to come to me.”

“How confident and ambitious, make me feel the horror in my last days!”

The white beard Suddenly stood up, holding his spear, and his eyes became fierce.

“Then, come on.”

“Let the old man weigh you, young one!”

“and let the see take one of us!”

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