The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 120: Too Old

Haki swept out from The Whitebeard; he had the heroism of being a great pirate and the strongest man in the world. He is not afraid of all challenges, nor will he retreat in front of any opponent.

The goal of Qin Yi has been evident, that is, to go straight to him.

Will the Whitebeard join Qin Yi? The answer is clear, right?!

This war has been inevitable, and it can even be said that it has begun.

From this moment on, the white beard was as steady as a hill, standing on the bow of the Mobydick. His eyes were still cloudy, but with time, they became sharper and sharper.

He pulled out the needle tubes on his body. It seemed that the old Kraken was recovering all his body functions quickly.

His momentum was getting stronger and bigger, and his power was accumulating.

His state was like his old ship. The Old man, although with time, his health was declining, even because of the wounds left by years of war, had to rely on infusion, medicine to maintain health. However, in the face of the strongest opponent in his life, he still has to exert his utmost strength to fight the other side well!

The pride of the strong! The glory of the strongest man of our time! Whitebeard is not going to give up!

The wind of the new world was blowing more and more; the confusion of the wind and rain and the fear of facing nature make everyone suffocate. Even though the war has not yet begun, people’s blood was already boiling, and their hearts were pounding.


The Whitebeard Pirates looked anxiously at the old man standing at the bow of the boat.

The momentum of winning the government has been too strong over the years. Whitebeard was getting old, but Kaido was at his strongest moment. But he was defeated by the hands of the King of Qin, So, even though their hearts are not willing to believe the fact that they will fail, there is an unavoidable fear in their hearts.

Unlike Kaido, the Whitebeard is too old; the old dad would face death if he failed in the war.

Time passed slowly, and it was the sun of the third day rise.

All the members of the white-beard pirates were stayed awake for three nights watching the distant sea level, and a sudden black spot appeared under the sun.

“Qin flagship!” Marco said.

Then all the pirates on the Mobydick stood up slowly on the deck and jumped off in the boat.

Without exception, at this moment, every Whitebeard’s pirates were full of seriousness and coldness.

King Qin! During the period of defeating Kaido, his reputation had become terrible, has been elevated to the same position as the Whitebeard. Even after comparing the age of the two sides with the geographical forces, some people have begun to think that the government has become one of the most influential figures in the world. After careful analysis, some people came up with an incredible result.

If this new king keeps such ambitious and powerful momentum, he will one day unite the whole world and become the only king of the world. (wow)

How terrible, how shocking, how unbelievable!

At this moment, the black point became more apparent and more significant.

Firstly, there were layers of strange long barrel shells, then the ferocious bows made of Steel, and finally, the whole colossal flagship was clear to the Whitebeard’s pirates.

“I heard from the navy; these people came from a different world.”

“a ship built from the Steel and can travel on the sea. It seems that this is the civilization of the other world.”

“If I leave aside the question of their identity, I would like to see their strange world.”

They were whispering, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates were calm.

No kidding. They are the most active pirates among the four Yonko. They can not only face the enemy, but they can also face it calmly.

The sea fell into silence again.

Marco wiped his lips and stared at the giant steel ship that was speeding towards them.

Behind him, the commanders gazed at each other. Among them, there was a man with a simple smile on his face. At this moment, his eyes flashed, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

“Teach, are you nervous?”

Suddenly, a crew member behind him asked.

The smiling man was stunned and then laughed, “What I have to nervous about? This is a battle that can shock the world!”

“Believe it or not, after this war, the situation of the whole world will change dramatically, and the era of chaos will begin.”


After a pause, Teach took a breath and laughed.

“Neither the Marines nor the pirates can control the rampage of the entire era anymore!”

Then, all the pirates shocked.

Teach fell into a silent and looked ahead.

A quarter of an hour later, all the people on the Moby Dick were facing the Qin flagship.

The huge flagship of the Qin State made a loud “whine” sound, like a steel monster roaring and hissing, creating a strong wind.

At the same time, the figures on Qin’s ship was seen by the Whitebeard’s pirates, which immediately made their pupils shrink.

“The Emperor of Qin!”

“Kaido of the Beasts!”

“Byrnndi World!”

Every time they saw a person, it makes the whitebeard pirates shocked. What a lineup, they saw the great pirates who are legends.

“That’s terrible!”

“The most violent king in history has collected such a group of brutes!”

“Who else can stop him? The old man, can you really do?

The whitebeard pirates fell into silence as a whole. The other side’s lineup was very frightening.

But now the white beard’s eyes were still closed, he was like a mountain, so thick and steady standing at the bow of the boat, the wind around him moving his clothes.

“Hey, white beard, we’re all here, so don’t pretend to sleep anymore!”

Byrnndi World was sitting cross-legged at the bow, sneered, and roared.

Such unreasonable shouts immediately made the crew of the Whitebeard Pirates angry, and Marco quickly returned.

“are those fools want to be sunk into the sea?”

Byrnndi World snarled, “You!”

But he hadn’t finished talking yet.

The white beard opposite him, who had been closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes.

“I’m old enough to see a group of familiar old guys!”

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