The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 121: If You Lose

he said with a deep voice,

At the moment, the breeze blowing on the sea turned into a strong wind, and the terrible Haki swept over, making the air tremble, and the void seemed to be distorted. Even Qin’s massive flagship, made of steel, was trembling. It appeared that it could not bear his massive majesty.

All of a sudden, Byrnndi shut up, and the strong men who stood in line with him stunned.

“Whitebeard, for the sake of this war, is he going to give up his life?”

“I admire it!”

Kaido, with a thick bandage all over his body, shouted.

As soon as they heard that! The people around him were stunned and then looked at him carefully. After a while, their pupils narrowed slightly and understood.

The crew members of the whitebeard pirate crew all showed a sad expression.

To reach the realm of whitebeard and other strong people, we have clearly known where their limits are, and we also know that no matter how strong they are, they can’t stop the passage of time. He can destroy an island with one Blow, but time can still erode everything.

However, the whitebeard is old; after all, If he wants to fight as hard as he can in this war, he will consume his left vitality.

At this moment, the whitebeard had bright eyes and full of spirit. Except for his white mustache, there is no trace in his whole body.

The whitebeard pulled his spear and roared.

“I am the Victim of the times, and there is no ship in the world that can carry me!”

“If I want to sink, I hope there is a sea best enough to make me proud!”

Whitebeard roared, made the people ears buzzing.

Hearing such words, all the people on the scene were silent, and the crew of the white beard pirate was standing behind him; even more, they were quietly wiping their tears.

They knew very well that the old man is ancient and this battle, if it doesn’t kill him, will consume him.

The sea wind blew wildly, the water surface was sparkling, and the sun had risen to the sky completely, leaving its shine in the sea surface.

“Good spirit, Whitebeard Sama!”

“I appreciate you!”

The clear and peaceful voice came from the flagship of the state of Qin. Whitebeard’s body suppressed by the majestic power of Qin Yi.

“King Qin Yi!”

The whitebeard sighed, and he slashed with his spear.

“You want to fight me?”

Qin Yi saw that the old man was so fierce and domineering, and the majesty of the king raged out, rolling and sweeping, and his face turned cold.

“Since I have come here, I am here for you!”

“Edward Newgate, Whitebeard!”

He roared, Qin Yi pulled out his ancient sword, he stepped out, and disappeared from the bow of the flagship.

At the same time, the whitebeard spear quivered, and he disappeared from the Moby Dick.

After a long calm, a violent storm broke out in the center of the two ships.


After a full rest, countless splashes of water burst out in the middle of them, splashing hundreds of meters high, covering everything in the center.

After two breaks, the sea suddenly split, and the water flowed and collapsed towards the center of the two ships. Above the sky, dark clouds were moving to above.

“The sea, the sky, are cut open!”

Seeing this scene, someone cried out in horror; he was feeling dizzy.

What a terrible blow! The sea and even the sky were split!

At this moment, the wind was stronger; the sea from away seemed to bring high waves, rolling, and beating. The audience pupils kept shivering, staring at the center.

There is no doubt that this sudden appearance of Armageddon was caused by the two people who disappeared at the previous moment.


After a while, when the water flowed away, it revealed the two legends floating in the air.

As soon as they glanced at each other, they suddenly retreated.

The next second, they stood on their ships, staring at each other.

“king of Qin, I will give my life in this war!”

“Whether winning or losing, the old man is delighted!”

“If I got sink here by you, I will have no regrets in this life!”

Whitebeard said in a deep voice; he was severe.

A brief stab made him realize that the young king in front of him was unpredictable.

Horror! The strength of this young king, even the whitebeard, cannot describe it.

“I’m thrilled to fight with the man I used to yearn for and consider it as the strongest in this world.”

Qin Yi smiled and said.

Hearing this, whitebeard was stunned, and then looked up to the sky and laughed.

“Gurararararara, you are an interesting boy. I heard that you are from a different world. How could that be? Do you know me from your world? you came here to give me my last honor day.”


Whitebeard was serious again.

“If the old man said that he wants really to see the other world, will he looks like a foolish man.”

At this point, the whitebeard shook his head, and his eyes full of frustration.

In this world, the whitebeard has traveled all over the world, even he has no interest in One Piece, and in his later days, he suddenly heard that there was another world different from his world. As a pirate, his long-standing desire for exploration and hope undoubtedly began to torture him again.

“If you lose this war, I will take you to see it.”

Qin Yi said with a smile.

In his previous life, Qin Yi felt sorry for the whitebeard. The Mangaka pushed his death in the Marineford’s war, but he was a great honorable man until his end.

Now he was facing such a legendary pirate. Qin Yi naturally appreciated this opportunity.

No matter when no matter where this hero is always trying and fighting!

Such a man is born with peculiar charm and temperament, full of positive energy.

“Is it?”

Whitebeard looked at Qin Yi and mumbled.

The next second, his eyes became fierce.

“But I don’t want to lose!”

When he stepped out, his figure disappeared again. He waved the spear and attacked Qin Yi.

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