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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 122: Two Men


Once again, the airflow rushed wildly, the seawater burst out, forming a vortex in the middle of the two ships.

Everyone followed and was shocked to see that a beautiful rainbow appeared in the void.

The Two men appeared above the vortex.

At this moment, Whitebeard was holding his spear with both hands; he waved it. Qin Yi looked up at the Whitebeard and waved his ancient sword with one hand.

Even though the massive power of the Whitebeard’s blow Qin Yi’s hand was steady, the sea around him splattered.


There were no complicated attack styles between the two men, they were all simple slashes and collisions, But the scene was chilling.

Such a collision between two pure physical power was more direct and unrestrained than all kinds of skills with various and complicated techniques.

“powerful boy!”

The white beard muttered, His face was all twisted, his white crescent beard was shaking.


The power of the Earthquake was passing down through the spear and became larger and larger.

At this time, both of them did not get back to their ship after the fierce collision; They forced their bodies to float in the air, there were dense lightning sparkles burst out after the crash, that was because their force was too terrible, which makes the electric ions in the surrounding air disordered.

The air began to twist gradually, and then it broke up. Under the attack of the white beard, the force of violent vibration rushed to Qin Yi’s ancient sword.

In a blink of an eye, the ancient sword, which made of Seastone, showed a crack and broke up after instantly.

“Your majesty!”

On the flagship, someone was worried and shouted.

On the Moby Dick, Marco and others were excited.

Whitebeard! This is the strongest man in the world! Even in the face of such an outsider conquerer as Qin Yi.

Too Strong! Mighty!

In the air, Qin Yi’s eyes were flashing, and he clenched his right hand after the sword had collapsed.

“Gura Gura no Mi? It’s mighty! “

Murmured, Qin Yi clenched his fist tightly. His fist suddenly surrounded by a halo layer, which was an image of the awakening of Bara Bara no Mi.

Then, Armament Haki, chakra, all cover it, forming a strong strike.

Swing his right fist and face the spear, a loud collision.


The atmosphere was shaken at this moment, The sea, centered at their location, began to spread out like a spider web crack. The sea was rolling, rolling, and shaking — such a power.

“too terrifying!”

Marco and others, who were swept by the sea, retreated back and forth, were staring with shocked eyes and their hearts pounding.

From the moment of the battle between the two men, the powerful airflow rarely stopped.

“Paramecia fruit ability!”

Whitebeard’s eyes narrowed, and he felt almost the same ability as his shaking fruit, but slightly different.

With this punch, even the creatures below the sea under them, are all split open.

And the coverage area was otherwise enough to reach several kilometers, almost broke up this space if Qin Yi didn’t aim for something.

Two people stand on the sea with huge waves and stare at each other, feeling each other’s strength at this moment.

“Whitebeard is worthy of being the best in the world.”

“Although he is old, he still has the power of being as powerful as a mountain and vast as a sea!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were serious. Then, Rinnegan appeared.

“This war is worthy of my recognition. I will do my best.”

The Whitebeard heard Qin Yi’s, and he smirked, and his eyes were sharp. He first looked at his spear that had been broken in his hand, and then roared.

“Come on, boy! Come over! “

“I have never been afraid of anything in my life!”

“Whether it’s the sea or a human!”

Then Whitebeard threw out his broken spear. Suddenly, there was a shrill whistling sound in the air.

A couple of seconds later, the spear was correctly inserted into the bow of the Moby Dick, and the handle was buzzing and shaking.

“Ouyaji crushed his sword, so he breaks his spear!”

“This man!”

Marco sighed.

They stare at the battle that made them shocked.

First of all, Whitebeard clenched his fist. Huge veins appeared in his thicks arms. His muscles were inlaid like granite. At first sight, it gave people a pure sense of strength.

As he clenched his fist, there was a boom in the air, and a faint halo appeared on his fist.

No, it’s not a halo, it’s a unique light produced by the Gura Gura No Mi when it shakes the space, making the surrounding air twisted.

That was the external manifestation of its powerful strike, which can break the space and sink an island.

At the same time, Qin Yi clenched his fist.

“Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack!”

“Split fist!”

The terrible ripples and halos started from Qin Yi’s many fists. Behind him, the mighty chakra energy erupted, and many fists began to emerge from the void.

That is a skill developed by Qin Yi. It’s an improvement of the Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack. It’s with the power of the awakening of Bara Bara no Mi. Once it launched, it can destroy everything in front of it.

Whitebeard was charging his right fist, the vibration had reached its limit, his punch had not surged yet, and the space in front of him cracked.

“Come on, whitebeard!”

Qin Yi looked up to the sky and roared, looked at each other’s eyes directly, and waves out his fist.


The wind was howling, the atmosphere was terrifying, the sea was trembling with the terror, and countless fish were killed directly.

Countless invisible fists smash the void. And attacks Whitebeard.



Space was broken, just like the glass is broken. The cracks run for tens of miles, hundreds of miles, making the whole sky flashing with thunder, making a loud crack. All the empty fists were swept open by this terrible blow.

Under the violent and incomparable shock scene, their fists finally collided violently.


Thunder roar was deafening. At this moment, no one could hear anything.

Because of the distorted air, their vision was blurred.

Ten thousand meters in circumference actually sank 100 meters under the water because of this fight!

These two men! Are they even human?

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