The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 124: What Is Her Name?

“I want to see such a world!”

“But I haven’t lost yet!”

He stretched his hands forward slowly, his fingers opened to the front, pulled Qin Yi.

“Boy, if I win this battle, take me to see the world!”

“If I fail, I will obey you, and you must take me!”

Said the Whitebeard with a smile, he wanted to completed honorably to the end.

However, Qin Yi was not angry and said.

“Then, please, be ready to open your eyes and be unable to close your eyes forever for the vast world!”


The next second, the Rinne Sharingan appeared on his forehead, and ten tails in energic form rushed upward.

In the dark, Qin Yi was stepping on the sea and the sky above his head, making the void shake and the air distort.


Qin Yi said, and majestic chakra energy spread.

At this moment, everything they could see was shaking, which was controlled by Qin Yi. At this moment, he can control everything in front of Whitebeard.

Standing in the air, the Whitebeard, with his hands pulling Qin Yi, suddenly his whole body was shaken.

“This kid, he is controlling everything!”

“How can this be!?”

Whitebeard hocked, did not hesitate at all, and suddenly his hands pulled towards the bottom.

Everything in the air ahead was broken at this moment. All things, like a picture at this time, are cut obliquely and slowly. The sea, the sky slanted over from high and low.

The air, the magnetic field, and the direction have all changed dramatically, leading to a series of destruction.

“just surrender already!”

Qin Yi roared.


The whole sky, the entire world began to shake crazily, making a sound like something was taut.

In the distance, I don’t know how many miles and miles have been blown out by the aftermath of their battle. People grind their teeth and stared at the front.

“They have destroyed the sea!”

“The world has been cracked!”

“It’s terrible. How powerful are they?”

Two mighty and boundless forces, between the sea and the sky, were competing. They made great efforts to collide and attack each other severely.

At this moment, when they saw the battle between the two, they finally knew that those two legends in another classification compared to everyone.

In their eyes, they are gods, not human beings.

People felt dizzy when they looked to the horizon.

That piece of the sea was bending, lifting toward the sky, a part of the sky either fell, was falling towards the piece of the sea.

“Heaven and earth in his eyes are like a bottle, held it in his hand, and squeezed!”

“And the center of this bottle is the old man!”

Marco muttered; he was worried.

His words are very vivid. At this moment, the scene ahead showed such a state.

Whitebeard stood in the void, resisting. But the other side was making the whole sky, the sea, squeezing him. Qin Yi, the young king, was using the power Of heaven and earth to attack him.

Their attack range was extensive and devastating, causing tsunamis and earthquakes, which were frightening.


Gradually, time and space were like the crumpled bottle, the area around the Whitebeard was shrinking and becoming smaller, and the vast pressure was rolling towards him.

When the air is forced out, the seawater flew upstream and started to rush, and the airflow also made a crazy sound, such as when the pressure cooker gets heated, sharp, and immense.


Finally, in front of this pressure, the Whitebeard seemed unable to bear it. He bent down and spat out blood, and his face turned pale instantly.

“Whitebeard, able to take my Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack and resist such a long time of natural control.”

“I really appreciate you.”

Qin Yi stood in the sky and looked down at him.

He slowly closed his hands, squeezing the space around the Whitebeard. The tenacious old man did not give up even if he spits out blood. He tried harder.

For such a great pirate, the strongest in the world, only when he dies or falls, you can know his defeat of the battle.

It’s impossible to admit his failure verbally.

“Puff puff!”

With the pressure of the space, the Whitebeard spat blood again, and his face turns red, even his bones and joints seem to be crushed at this moment, the old man finally reached the limit.

Because the pressure of the surrounding air has changed and decreased, the old man who is already old has finally reached the limit.

His eyes were blurred, he could not see clearly, and he felt of weakness.

In this last moment, although his vision was becoming more and more blurred, there was another scene before his eyes.

The sea breeze blows, he stood at the bow of a boat, a blonde, young face, was looking down at sea in front, with a light smile. As soon as the picture appeared clearly, Roger’s face appeared in front of him, smiling, and he shouted, “Newgate, I won’t lose to you easily!” he looked to the other side, Garp had black hair and a young face appeared in front of him.

“Whitebeard, don’t try to escape this time!”

In the meantime, Whitebeard suddenly understood.

“Is this my life!”

Marco, Jozu, Vista and the other children’s faces flashed before him, Whitebeard suddenly froze.

A picture of a blonde girl with a quiet smile, a pink dress flashed before him.

“She, what’s her name?”

For a while, he couldn’t remember her name, but there was no doubt that this was the woman in the Whitebeard’s heart.

Hed, as a man, even forgot the name of the woman that he had loved all his life.

“What a life of failure!”

This seems to be the last moment in life whitebeard from the bottom of his heart issued such self-mockery.

All of a sudden, all the colors in front of me disappeared and turned into darkness.

“Is that the end of me?”

Murmured, Whitebeard’s perception of the outside world gradually disappeared.

“You lost!”

He heard soft two words, and then he relaxed.

“Yes, I am defeated.”

“I’m thrilled to sink here.”

In the sky, the white beard, who had been fighting tenaciously, suddenly fell and sank to the sea.

” Oyaji!!!”

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