The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 18: 2.3 Billion

Qin Yi wasn’t flying fast at this moment, heading for North America.

An hour later, Qin Yi’s body was gradually full of energy.

“you have to bear my anger now!”

With a swing, Qin Yi instantly went to the mainland in front of him.

In just three hours, Qin Yi had already arrived at the Capital’ Washington’.

he was looking down at the dense buildings below, Qin Y long’s body swung and turned into his human body, then he swooped down.

When he reached three kilometers above the ground, he stopped abruptly.

In the Rinnegan, the presidential palace of the US has been visible, located in the downtown area of the city.

“If I launch a large-scale attack from here, a lot of innocent people will die.”

He knows that not all the people in the USA have to carry the crimes of the government.

“I’ll Let you know the anger of the Emperor!”

Thinking of this, Qin Yi’s gaze sharpened and stared at the presidential palace below.

Then, he quickly printed.

At this moment, in the presidential palace.

Roosevelt’s face looked complicated. Just now he got the news from the military; he realized that freak energy appeared and caused a vast energy reaction to his atomic bomb.

Suddenly, some people in the office called out. Roosevelt looked up and saw dark, dense, mysterious runes on the sky, which made his pupils shrink.

“what the hell is this?” People were surprised.

At this moment, Qin Yi was standing in the air; his printed.

“Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees!”

In an instant, the presidential palace below burst open, and huge, dense trees emerged from the ground and proliferated. In just a few moments, people were shocked to discover that the presidential palace, which has initially been standing in the center of the city, Turned into a forest.

Qin Yi looked down and smirked coldly and rose to the height of five kilometers.

“Tengai Shinsei!”

This time, instead of dividing the meteorite into twelve parts, he was in complete condition. A vast meteor appeared from the void, hiding the sun so that all the people in the city below looked up.

“Is that?!”


Everyone was frightened. The meteorite was very high from the ground, but even so, it was still clearly visible. If such a huge meteorite falls into the city, its destructive power will not be inferior to that of a nuclear weapon.

“this is the Dragon Emperor!”

People have understood that this must be the revenge of the Dragon Emperor. The legendary black dragon emperor who can summon meteorites.

Took another look at the forest on the presidential palace and made them more frightened.

The first moment their atomic bomb had set off, the next moment the Emperor had arrived.

“This time it’s just a warning. If there’s another time, this meteorite will fall in the most densely populated area of your country!” the mighty dragon roared.

They were watching the meteorite.

This scene, let countless people scream in horror, shouting that this is the end of the world.

However, when the meteorite was about to land on the ground, it slowed down suddenly, and then gently collided into an empty demolition area in the city, without causing any waves.

After waiting for several seconds, the people found that the expected destruction had not come. They carefully put down their hands.

“It’s the Dragon Emperor. He didn’t destroy us!”

“Gentle Dragon Emperor, we have misunderstood him all the time!”

“I am now admiring the Dragon Emperor, even if he unified the world, he would be very nice!”

Several minutes later, people in the USA began to have a heated discussion. They had a new understanding of the Dragon Emperor, especially the meteorite mountain in the capital city, which soon became a unique scenic spot.

On the vast meteorite, two ancient words emerged.

“Emperor Qin Yi.”

At high altitude, Qin Yi had already risen and left The USA.

He believed that this deterrence was enough. Punishment and warning are the perfect solutions.

After coming to the world of Dragon Emperor, his character has indeed become cold and firmer. On the one hand, he intended to conquer the whole world with blood and steel, so he planned to do it with Madara. On the other hand, he was deliberately cultivating the power of the king.

A qualified emperor should have a gentle smile when he is blooming, and also ruthless cruelty when he is killing.

The king should be multifaceted, unpredictable.

After turning back to the capital of Qin Kingdom, the affairs of Qin Yi have been negligible.

After 28 days of the departure of General Yang and Ninja, the Eastern Continent had become on his hands.

Two months later, the American states, European states and most of Arabian and Africans surrendered. Who dare not obey the Imperial Majesty of the Great Qin Dynasty?

At this point, almost all the world has become part of the Qin Empire.

“2.3 billion people!”

After a time in his mind, Qin Yi felt the enormous power of the king and sighed.

At this moment, the number of people under his command has reached 2.3 billion!

“the population in Australia is meager now, don’t worth it.”

When Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, he had already given up his intention to conquer Australia.

Then, the next thing is the King’s Road!

This time, the King’s Road momentum will not as great as the first time. Everything will be done quietly.

The two circles began to connect, civilization began to merge, and the purple fire of civilization grew from a little spark. The people of the Kingdom, at this moment, know more about Technology.

Land expanded again in the King’s World. Forests, mountains, and vast oceans were all rapidly evolving.

Of course, all this was done under the control of Qin Yi.

In his mind, using the King’s power to design the King’s World.

Deserts, swamps, oceans, lakes, rivers, forests, all kinds of animals, insects, appear quickly in the world.

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