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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 17: Ninjutsu Vs Technology

Qin Yi stood up violently, and his eyes flashed.

Just one step, Qin Yi has already stepped out of the hall and then looked up at the sky.

“Dare to aim the Emperor!” His eyes were indifferent, and Qin Yi transformed into the black dragon.

To conquer the world, you need intelligence; Qin Yi knew from his spies that there is a Nuclear bomb rushing toward his country.

Qin Yi knew about the rage and the power of nuclear weapons. In his previous life on Earth, only one country has taken these bombs, but their consequences were endless.

Today, the USA wanted to make his Empire destroyed!

The dragon’s body swayed, and Qin Yi quickly passed through the clouds. At this time, he knew that if the atomic bomb falls on his land, the consequences will be horrible.

The best result is to detonate the nuclear bomb at sea.

His speed rose. I don’t know how long after, Qin Yi’s eyes condensed and saw the bomb.

“Over there!” Looking down, Qin Yi saw the blue ocean and felt relieved.

“Fortunately! Still in the sea!” Being able to detonate in the sea is undoubtedly the best result.

With a swing of his body, Qin Yi quickly turned his direction and rushed toward the course of the atomic bomb.

Instantly, His eyes suddenly changed to Rinnegan.

The atomic bomb was toward his direction.

Without any hesitation, Qin Yi quickly printed with both hands.

Above the atomic bomb, a dense number of runes emerged quickly.

“Damn, too fast!”

It is impossible for Qin Yi to freeze and bombard directly with Ninjitsu, The speed at which an atomic bomb flies was exceptionally terrible.

The best way is to use the seal of transfer to transfer the bomb to the sky on this vast ocean and let it explode rapidly.

Instead of one seal, Qin Yi prepared several rounds and filled the whole atomic bomb.

The sweat on his forehead, the atomic bomb was flying at high speed.

“Truth-Seeking Ball!”

As soon as he moved, a dark ball appeared in his right hand, and then expanded rapidly to the size of a baseball ball.

“Huuh!” Qin Yi roared.

“transfer!” Focusing on the atomic bomb, Qin Yi shouted, and transferred the ball to the warhead of the nuclear bomb.

Suddenly, the Dark ball in his hands buzzed and trembled, and disappeared from Qin Yi’s hand.

At the same time, the Ball appeared on a rune at the center of the atomic bomb and then hit it hard.

In this millisecond. It has been a long distance. However, let Qin Yi breathe a sigh of relief, Truth-Seeking Ball hit the atomic bomb after three consecutive turns.


A burst of sparks appeared quickly, and the speed of the extremely fast-flying atomic bomb slowed down immediately. Then it trembled violently. The horrible energy fluctuations were faster at this moment.

Nearly hundreds of meters away, Qin Yi’s eyes changed immediately.

“Shinra Tensei!”

Without any hesitation, Qin Yi started this skill with a roar.


As tens of millions of explosives were detonated, the small size of the atomic bomb, at this moment, its rapid internal fusion, and then outward burst of unparalleled flame and impact. The radiation was peculiar to nuclear weapons spread out in a millionth of a second. Everything around him seems to be distorted, at this moment, became lines, particles, terrible tremors, so that everything in the sky was gone.

A circle of ripples was extending, waving and passing, forming a colossal mushroom cloud, and the high temperature burned the sky, making everything red.

This chaos has surrounded Qin Yi.

In this powerful energy, the impact of horror, Qin Yi shouted, with the power of Shinra Tensei, the skill given by the Rinnegan, he was suffering to keep his area safe.

 this force could destroy a village in the world of Naruto. However, at this moment, the energy impact of the bomb’s instant explosion kept the circle of repulsion within a diameter of ten meters.

In those couple seconds, Qin Yi’s ears were almost deafened by the noise. He could not see anything outside. The intense pressure and high temperature made him feel the smell of death.

The power of modern science and technology, an atomic bomb, showed such a horrible scene so that Qin Yi shocked.

Yes, the civilization of the world of Dragon Emperor is not as powerful as the world of Naruto, but the terrible destructive power of this weapon is no less than any powerful technique.


Around him, the distorted space began to recover, and the air contained a strong, sultry smell and radiation that made human feel extremely uncomfortable.

At this moment, the seven tails in Qin Yi’s body was full of shock and opened his eyes.

“What power is this?” What a horror!

Qin Yi took a deep breath, incarnated as a dragon. He quickly flew away from this breath.

“It is the technological power of this world!”

“Even though there are some shortcomings, this weapon is mighty!” Slowly said, Qin Yi stepped up to recover Chakra in his body.

Resisting the atomic bomb cost him much chakra.

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