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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 20: One Piece

The six people in front of Qin Yi, apart from Gandalf, have their characteristics.

The old man with a cane is named Wang Ye, he had read the long history of various countries and civilizations since childhood, mastered their strategies, and he had a high IQ and had Hyperthymesia.

The middle-aged man with glasses and a tunic suit, named Wu Lei, is an old-fashioned character. He likes to study all various kinds of mysterious forces.

The young woman is blond and blue-eyed, full-bodied, named Olevia, with a high IQ.

The young man named Lin Zhuo is a geek. His knowledge of technology is abnormal.

As for the other two geniuses, the girl with a beautiful face and a cute name, Li Qingya, with long hair and black high-heeled shoes. Her knowledge is elementary, only to say that her IQ is far away from ordinary people, too far away.

The little Loli, named Pomelo, is 16 years old. According to the data, she is a creative person.

Qin Yi was feeling suspicious.

Are the six people handy?

The first four are okay. However, when Qin Yi looked at the two latter girls, he felt more like General Yang was seeking for something for his welfare.

“Your Majesty, don’t judge people by their appearance. The six members of the Council are all talented and geniuses.”

“They’ll surprise you!” Gandalf read Qin Yi’s mind and said with a smile.

Qin Yi still had doubts but, what the hell, let’s give them a try.

He is a pragmatist, likes people who can do things, what’s the problem if they have a good looking.

“Okay then, let’s go!”

All the staff was summoned. This time, Qin Yi intended to bring all seven members of the Council into the World of pirates.

The significant reason for the Council can be said that once the invasion of the sub-world succeeds, the Council will be the head of this invasion.

All of them walked toward the gate.

Everything in Qin kingdom was changed earthshaking changes includes transportation.

At this time, Qin Yi and others were sitting on the limo, and General Yang was the driver.

“General Yang.” Qin Yi called.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” General Yang shouted.

“When I leave, you’ll lead an army to the world of the Three Kingdoms.” Qin Yi said.

General Yang was stunned, then suddenly realized: “Your Majesty wants to!”

“Yes, but also you need to choose people who could complete this task perfectly and bring me the most talented generals of the three kingdoms.”

“I will open up a portal for you; just go and do it!” Qin Yi nodded.

General Yang knows all the details the World of the Three Kingdoms will naturally not disappoint Qin Yi. General Yang grew up in this environment on the Earth of his predecessors. Naturally. This task is suitable for him.

“yes, your Majesty I’ll complete the task!” General Yang was excited.

Compared with the World of the three Kingdom, the Qin civilization more civilized. This task is easy for him. He was driving at this time, and he was already thinking about how to accomplish it correctly.

“There are many wise military generals in the three kingdoms!”

“I will take them all to his majesty!”

“Your Majesty will value me more than he expected!” General Yang thought.

Of course, Qin Yi knows that the generals of the World of the three kingdoms were genius.

If they learn and get familiar with his new civilization, they will be useful for sure.

The limo was crossing Wangcheng street(the Royal City Street).

Soon they arrived in front of the Portal.

When Qin Yi stepped down from the car, the 10,000 soldiers had arrived.

At this time, the Qin army’s costume was no longer the ninja costume, but a camouflage costume like the Earth Armies. It was improved a little bit, embellished with some mysterious runes, which seemed to be a Naruto’s world pattern.

“Let’s go!” Looking up at the front Portal, Qin Yi said.

Unlike his first time in of conquering Naruto’s World, he was confident to lead the army this time.

“One Piece. I am coming!” In the next second, Qin Yi led them, and all disappeared in the Portal.

The waves were swinging, rushing to the fresh sea breeze, made people feel refreshed.

Suddenly, Qin Yi and others appeared here.

This World was a different space from the two worlds had been experienced before.

For the first time, people led by Qin Yi were somewhat shocked.

The six geniuses of the Council, even though they have gained some information in the fire of civilization, are still somewhat shocked from experiencing such amazing things.

“Is this the world that your Majesty named pirates world?” the old man Wang Ye glanced around and asked.

“Yes, this is the world of pirates!” Qin Yi nodded.

“I have searched about the history of the World of Ninjas in the library, the variety of power and ninjutsu’s…. the Pirate’s World is at the same level as the World of ninjas.”

“That is to say; there is also overpowered persons in this world?” Wu Lei said.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed. He felt good that the six people had already talked. He knew that they made a show to erase his doubts.

“According to the news from the eyes of the king, this is a world where the sea is wider and deeper than the seas of the Qin Kingdom worlds.”

“Maritime industry should be more developed.”

“It means that the military power of this world should be reflected in the sea!” looking forward to the sea, the young woman Olevia said.

Qin Yi was somewhat surprised, These people were really good, and they said some useful information that he already knows.

“In terms of climate, temperature, oxygen, and our current environment.”

“Your Majesty should now consider the issue of survival.” the cute girl Li Qingya, said with a smile. After that, she turned her head and pointed to the forest of the island behind her.

“If I judge it right, the beasts that live in this forest should be very fierce!” Pomelo the Loli kicked the sand on the ground and said.

Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled, and a smile appeared on his face.

These six people showed their hands; they did prove that they were not bad.

At this time, the forest seemed to be confirming what Li Qingya said, the beasts roared.

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