The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 21: The Choice

At this moment, they were on an island with no human being.

Their location was unknown, because of this, at least to avoid the embarrassment encountered in Naruto’s world at that time.

“get clear of the beasts on this island and build a base.” Qin Yi ordered.

It’s much easier to start in One Piece than in Naruto’s world. An uninhabited island can serve as the foundation for the beginning of a nation.

Occupying the island and succeeding in the founding of their state will naturally make it much easier for them to do the next thing.

These soldiers are the most elite soldiers of the Qin State, will naturally not be too difficult to do their task. Within an hour or so, there was the sound of the huge beasts falling to the ground. Soon afterward, the clear was done.

“Take this island as the base and establish a country named Qin State!”

The power of the King of Qin Yi emanated, announcing the establishment of the country in the world of pirates.

However, a moment later, his eyes shrank.

“No, response?”

The State of Qin has been established, but this was different from that established in the world of Naruto. The rules of the King’s World did not give him any feedback. It means that he starts failed at the beginning of the conquest.

“what happened?”

thinking of it, Qin Yi was somewhat unable to understand this matter.

By invading other different worlds, establishing a state, conquering civilization and integrating civilization, the king upgrades his country and make his power stronger.

The establishment of a country is a means, but now, this means has failed?

At this time, Pomelo the Loli came over.

“Did your Majesty failed?”

Such brave made Qin Yi surprised.

“Yes, the State of Qin has been established successfully, but it does not affect.” Qin Yi said.

After all, he hired them to be responsible for solving some problems that he could not understand and could not handle it.

“I have learned about your Majesty’s means of conquering different dimensions and integrating civilizations.”

Pomelo has a soft voice, which makes people feel comfortable when she talks.

“Oh? What do you think about this situation?” Qin Yi asked.

“Has your Majesty thought that the purpose to build a country is to integrate civilization and upgrade the level of civilization in our Kingdom, the question is the establishment of a state is it the only way?” Pomelo said.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Qin Yi was confused.

“Pomelo  means that the establishment of a country is only a method, a model, to integrate different civilizations, not necessarily through the establishment of a country!” Li Qingya came over and said with a smile.

Qin Yi’s eyes fixed on her beautiful and attractive face.

“You say so.”

“Yes! In some worlds, nation-building is the best way to acquire the world civilization or the origin and essence of the world.”

“But for some worlds, it is not necessarily!” Pomelo said.

“In our understanding, your Majesty’s integration of civilizations should be said to be a fusion of the world of the different worlds! It is a model of forcibly plundering their world’s origins, and then integrated into your Kingdom!”

“And that, too, requires your Majesty to establish a model of power that is most in line with the original model of the different world!” Li Qingya smiled.

In different worlds, he needs to establish the most appropriate model of power in the world according to the different worlds, so that the so-called source of the world can be gathered to the maximum.

In Naruto, he built a hidden village, and in the world of the Dragon Emperor, a country! Such a polity model is most in line with the origin of the world, and there will be no problem.

So what about One Piece? What does he need to do?

“So, since the state model is useless, do you have any good suggestions?” Qin Yi asked.

Looking at each other, the six people exchanged their eyes, and the green pomelo was the first to open.

“If our judgment is correct, the organization of forces you need to build, Your Majesty, should be related to the sea!”

“For the rest, please forgive us that we’re not informed them yet.”

Qin Yi was delighted with these six people this time. There is no doubt that General Yang had some thoughts.

These six people are talented and practical.

“Your Majesty, if I’m not wrong.”

“we need to be pirates!” Lin Zhuo suddenly said.

Qin Yi was surprised.

Yes, pirates! In this era full of pirates, have to choose one of these ways to conquer the world, engages in a revolutionary army, or becomes part of the navy, contends with the Warring States, or the three generals, the world government. Otherwise, he must become a pirate.

He knows the main subject of this world, but how does  Lin Zhuo know?

With only a few ships, I dare to report to him so decisively. This Lin Zhuo, should he say that he is bold or absurd?

“In fact, Your Majesty does not necessarily have to conform to the origin of the world.”

“It should be possible to build a country, but your Majesty will not reach the highest level of integration.”

“If your Majesty’s kingdom is strong enough to conquer such a world.” Wang Ye said at this time.

After Qin Yi listened, he nodded. “Yes, I will think about it!”

How could he possibly succeed in building a country on an island without even the native people of the world?

After a moment of discussion, Qin Yi felt sad and went to relax.

The Council seems useful.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and Qin Yi began to think.

“Pirates, Navy, Revolutionary Army, Country!”

“Which one should I choose?”

“where are they?”

While Qin Yi and others had just arrived at the world of One Piece. Close to Water 7 in the first half of the Grand Line.

A big boat confronted a small boat.

“Madara, he’s still a child! please stop”

The three generals were trying to persuade Madara.

“And you, the boy named Ace, hurry up.”

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