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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 22: Madara Vs Ace

  The three generals and Madara have been wandering here for three months after they first came to this world.

  They have marveled from the mystery and vastness of this magical sea.

  Compared with the world of Naruto, there are apparent differences. The endless sea, as well as all kinds of magical scenes and creatures, made their world outlook change always.

  The world is big and vast, and Madara has been known here.

    Of course, on their road, all the way on the Grand line, Madara has been slaying pirates from all various levels, and this made him disappointed.

  These pirates, each of them praised how they powerful and how many men they killed. However, all of them killed by one hit or two from Madara, he was bored.

Until a few days ago, he heard that on a sea not far from them, there was a big pirate named Portgas D. Ace, who got a Bounty of 130 million Belly.

  Rumors said that this great pirate holds the power of fire, this made Madara want to fight him especially his Bounty is the highest that Madara has ever heard.

  Thus, there was a confrontation at this moment.

  There were some of the broken boats, Madara and three generals, was standing on it.

  A dozen of meters away from the place, Ace crew were laughing and looking at the opposite to Madara.

  ”Oji, if you challenge me in anything else, I might lose.”

  ”But if it’s about the fire, this is my life!” Ace looked confident, and he waved a fire from his hand.

    As soon as the two sides met, Madara asked for a competition with Ace. Of course, Ace and his crew were stunned, and then they burst in laugh.

  ”Oji, I am a man who has eaten flame fruit. Do you want to fight with me?”

  ”the result will be terrible; go and take a drink, Oji Sama!”

  Ace said.

When the three Generals looked at Madara’s face, they knew that something wrong would happen.

“You are very confident, cool!”

Madara said, and he began to step forward in the next second.

After three steps, he leaped directly off the ship.

  on the other side of the boat, the Spade Pirates were shocked.

“What does this man want to do? He jumped into the sea?!”

  In the vast sea, the ship is the only dependence of human beings. Those who concern life will not jump off the unknown sea for no reason.

  However, in an instant, their pupils contracted.

  ”A, A, Ace! Did you see this? What!! He runs on the sea!!”

  ”How is that possible? How can a man walk in the sea! “

  ”Even if it’s devil’s fruit power, it is impossible!”

  ”This old man, who is he?” Ace and others were shocked, and at this moment, finally realized that the serious, cold-faced Oji was not joking.

  Above the sea water, Madara was running fast. With every step, he was making ripples on the sea. It was as if there was a mysterious force in his body.

  At a distance of tens of meters, Madara has crossed it instantly.

  When he got close to their boat, bend his knees, and jumped high.

  ”Ace! He is here!” The crew shouted.

  Running on the sea is not the problem anymore when he jumped up too much higher than any man alive!

  Ace looked up then they stared at each other.

  In the next second, Madara’s right hand pinched several times, put it on his mouth, and looked down.

“Let me see your fire, boy!”

“The man who dares to say I will lose!”

  Suddenly, he took a breath, then, spat out.

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

  The ninjutsu of fireball is the most common kind of fire release Ninja. It is only C rank. Many Ninjas can master it with practice. However, when this ordinary fire released out by Madara, it was in a massive fireball with 30 meters in diameter. With much higher temperature, Ace and others were shocked.

  ”Are you kidding?!”


  ”What happened to this old man!”

    The Huge fireball fell toward the ship. All the crew jumped into the sea expect Ace who was shocked; he never thought that there is a man in this world who could control fire like him.


  The fireball collided with the ship and blasted open.  The flames rose and have spread over all the directions, and the whole boat was in a fire in the blink of an eye.

  Madara looks down with indifferent eyes.

  Suddenly, he smiled.

  ”Sure enough, your fame isn’t a lie after all!”

  The power of Madara Release Fireball is enough to destroy the ship in an instant.

However, below, on the boat, the sails and most of the wood that has been burning. The fire on it, at this moment, seems to be bound by some unknown force, it was gathering rapidly.



All the flames quickly gathered and moved toward where Ace stood. In a flash, it converted into a massive ball of fire.

On a small broken boat, Qin Lin was surprised.

“Destroying my ship, Oji!”

“That’s a bit too much!”

  Ace slowly raised his head and was surrounded by red flames, and the huge fireball rotated above his right index finger. At this time, there was no smile on his face.

   He was angry at the strange man’s act of destroying his ship.

  ”Oh? What do you want to do?” Madara was standing in the air, looking down.

  ”Of course, you’ll pay back!”

His eyes were burning with anger, and the fire around him was burning. The ball of fire above his right hand swelled and became 100 meters in diameter.

This scene made the three generals staring in wonder. Madara smirked from excitement.

Ace shot the ball of fire towards Madara…

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