The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 24: Alien

When he turned around again, he found that Ace’s companions did not go, but they tried to rush into the boat.

“You are too bold!” Madara said coldly.

“bring Ace back with us!”

“You can’t take our captain!”

“spade pirates are not cowards who left the captain in such situation!”

The Spade Pirates shouted that, although all of them feared the power of Madara, none of them retreated.

Madara was silent. After a while, he glanced at Ace, who was unconscious beside him.

“Go away; I don’t want to kill you!” Madara said again.

“I heard that at the end of this sea, there is a place called Shabondi Shotō.”

“I’ll be waiting for you there!”

Madara said, after that, the Spade pirates rushed out to the location.

After driving away from the group of Spade Pirates, Madara sat down beside Ace.

“Madara, what will you doing with this kid?” Qin Lin asked.

“how is he?”

Instead of answering, Madara asked.

“he is excellent, He will wake up soon.” Yang Yi had just checked Ace’s body and said.

Madara nodded.

He didn’t talk; the three generals were staring at each other with silent.

At this time, the feelings of the three people are very complicated. How to say, with this man, they were safe along with the sailing with this legend.

However, the aggressive nature of the man gave them little chance to get information. So, even after three months, they were still very strange to the world.

Just as you probably know, The form of power, the political situation, and the major countries can be said to be entirely at a loss.

An hour later, Ace touched his dizzy head and sat up.

“I’m still alive?”

Shaking his head, Ace saw Madara sitting in front of his eyes and woke up.

“I didn’t let you die,” Madara said.

“Where’ is my crew?” Ace asked.

“I had driven them away,” Madara said.

“What about the ship?” Ace asked.


the atmosphere became very strange.

“Madara Sama. Let us go and get some information. Otherwise, the king will come, and we’ll be in inappropriate position.!” Qin Lin coughed and said.

“When we break into them, we will get the information naturally,” Madara said.

The three were speechless, and then looked at Ace, and after a look of his eyes, Fang Lan smiled and said.

“Ace, can we ask you something?”

Ace was annoyed, and he has not answered. Then Qin Lin said.

“Please rest assured you will meet your crew in Shabondi Shotō.”

After hearing this, his expression immediately became happy.


“Of course, Qin Lin will not deceive you.”

Yang Yi nodded.

“So, can we ask you something?” strike while the iron is hot.

The three generals wanted to get some information from Ace.

Over the past three months, they have indeed met many people in the world, but most of them are enemies. However, Madara, who is impatient, likes to be direct and rough, and naturally, the other party can’t support them. In addition to the magic of this world, it made them sailing and playing, wasting time. Recently, they feel more and more that Qin Yi is coming, so they are in a hurry.

“If you have any questions, ask him later.” Just then, Madara suddenly said.

He stared at Ace.

The three generals looked at each other and felt that Madara was to strange at this time.

“Now, kid, I have a question to ask you!” Madara said.

Ace was admiring Madara for his power, he nodded.

“Would you like to consider me as your sensei?”

  ”Ha? What!!”

The three generals suddenly stood up and said.

What kind of joke? Is Madara going to collect apprentices? Moreover, the first one is a human from a different world he just met him?

Ace was shocked.

“If you said no, I would kill you!”

Madara was pressed on the kunai at his waist.

Ace’s eyes tremble: “yes! I Will!!”

What a day, It’s not enough to be beaten, but he’s still being forced to be an apprentice! This indifferent strange Oji, from now, has been judged by Ace as the most dangerous person in the world.

The three generals were excited.

“Madara sama finally try something to get information!”

However, next, the dialogue between Madara and Ace made the three of them thoroughly disappointed.

“Your physical skills are terrible, and your reaction is very disappointing.”

“The only thing that deserves to be praised is that you control your fire perfectly and your skills of immune to the physics attacks.”

“But, in the face of the real powerful men, you are still weak!”

The ruthless words made Ace frustrated.

“I will teach you how to be a strong man.”

perhaps he saw himself on Ace (sh*t he will make Ace a psychopath), the both of them love to use the fire attribute when he attacked Ace before he felt that this kid is a material that can be made.

Even in the world of Naruto, and within the Qin state, he saw nothing.

However, Ace made him know from the depths of his body that this person must live and be a powerful man.

In the following time, Madara carefully taught Ace without mention the chakra cultivation or something from the other world.

However, in terms of foundation, tactics, and even physical and flame control, he didn’t hide anything.

Ace also quickly realized that this cold Oji wants to teach him seriously,

when he was out the training, The three generals asked Ace questions about the world, which made Ace asked himself.

“Sensei and the three generals seem to know nothing about this world.”

“Are they aliens?”