The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 25: Country Then

On this day, the three generals just took advantage of Ace’s rest time and asked many questions about this time and this world. They suddenly heard a voice in their minds.

“Qin Lin, Yang Yi, Fang Lan.”

It’s your Majesty! They are familiar with this voice, and the only person who can transmit it directly to them is your Majesty.

“Your Majesty!” The three generals said excitedly.

“Are you here too?”

Madara was teaching Ace, and when he heard the voice.

“Sensei.” Ace wondered and noticed that his cruel sensei seems to be listening to someone.

“Yes, I have already arrived, this time I’m in East Blue!” Qin Yi said.

In the East Blue, above the sea, a steel warship is slowly sailing.

With the integration of the Scientific and Technological Forces of the Dragon Emperor world, the king’s world has such modern warships. Because it was useless to occupy that an island, he simply recruited warships from Qin World and asked for another 10,000 soldiers.

The councilors were discussing what to do. Qin Yi was waiting for their results.

After that day, Qin Yi almost had an answer. One choice from four classes in this world.

This choice is a headache; once Qin YI takes, it must be carried out steadfastly towards the goal. It’s the easiest way to make the Council take such choice with their smartness and knowledge.

From his knowledge of the world, the situation of pirates is undoubtedly very complicated. Moreover, the world, because of the vastness of the ocean, seems to be much harder than Naruto.

His original plan was gathering 10,000 soldiers and conquering the government of the world. When the Council heard the idea, all the members refused this plan with strong arguments.

During the rest time, Qin Yi tried to contact the three generals.

“East Blue?” Qin Lin, she has heard from Ace, this world is divided into four seas and great waterways, she did not expect that his Majesty in the East Blue.

“Your Majesty, we are now in the first half of the Grand Line.” Yang Yi said.

“Oh? Is Madara with you?” Qin Yi said.

“Madara sama here too. He even took an apprentice named Ace!” Fang Lan smiled.

Upon hearing this, Qin Yi’s body was shocked: “Ace?!”

“Portgas D. Ace? Fire Fist Ace?” Qin Lin wondered for a moment. They didn’t know the full name of Ace, but the nickname was correct. How did your Majesty know this and he just came to the world?

“Yes, it’s him, Your Majesty!” Qin Yi patted his forehead and had nothing to say. It was really unexpected that Madara could be brought together with Ace.

The Telepathy between them stopped.

This method of contacting the ministers is based on the power of the king and consumes as much as releasing a powerful S-level Ninjutsu.

Qin Yi was sitting on the chair, tapping his index finger on the handle of the chair.

He was surprised to see Ace as an apprentice to Madara,  which was totally unexpected. However, in the future with more sub-worlds, maybe everything would happen.

For example, it’s no surprise that the Monkey King Sun Wukong fighting Son Goku of dragon ball or Madara is in love with Robin.

This matter is not important to him for now, right now. He was more concerned about his country and the transition of civilization.

“Pirates.” He was thinking.

There seems to be a choice, but there is no choice. It’s not appropriate to be a pirate as a king. The navy is boring, and he hates the idea of working under somebody or trying to fix their wrong ideology. As for the revolutionary army, there is already Dragon. Qin Yi does not bother to rush to the business with another side, and the revolutionary army and his coming here are entirely different in purpose and nature.

In this way, there is only one choice left.

“Founding a country!”

It seems that there is no strong country in the world of one piece. It’s difficult, but it’s challenging.

At this time, the six members of the Council came over. It seems that after discussing the information they have obtained in recent days, they have come up with a new plan.

“Your Majesty, we are here to report.”

they sat at the table in front of Qin Yi, Li Qingya said.

“Oh, let’s get started.”

Qin Yi nodded.

“Based on the information your Majesty has provided us before, and the information we have received through the people who have passed through the islands in recent days, after a comprehensive comparison, we have a draft.”

“First of all, although we don’t know how your Majesty got the information, we still have to admire your great powers. Your information is almost as good as the facts.”

Li Qingya’s voice was sweet, soft, and comfortable to listen to, and when she speaks, she looked at Qin Yi and smiled, releasing an ambiguous message all the time.

“go on!” Qin Yi ignored her entirely and said.

“After the discussion, the result we got was.”

“Your Majesty still has to conquer the world through the founding of a country!”

“After searching, we found that this world barely without history, and people are madly searching about the true idea or the dreams they have.”

“They yearn for positive ideas about freedom, wisdom, and so on. On the contrary, the government of the world, they took the position of the good side, but they are mostly bad people who manage everything for their benefits.”

“In the process of the game between the two sides, those civilians are the most suffering party!” Wang Ye said.

“Therefore, we think that, through the founding of the country, your majesty will gradually annex other countries, or islands, and slowly establish a general union with this world government.”

“To gradually expand our scale and influence, as long as it reaches the level of a Yonko, it is very likely to affect the origin of this world!”

“then you could establish a Portal and call the army!”

“We should know that the strength of our Qin State according to General Yang’s statistics is ay choices for your Majesty to choose!”

Qin Yi fell into deep thought, the results of the six councilors were not much different from what he expected, but he did not think about such details.