The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 26: Idol

“Of course, the establishment of a country requires detailed plans, regulations, and procedures.”

“We don’t have many hands now, so we have to take it slowly,” Olivia said,  putting a stack of documents on the desktop.

“we didn’t have much time. Your Majesty can have a look at it.”

“Of course, because of the time, there are some shortcomings, we will make it better as soon as possible.”

Looking at the documents that were as thick as an English-Chinese dictionary, Qin Yi was somewhat confused.

Is time tight? Is this really about the design and arrangement of the country? Is this a joke?

With curiosity, he inhales the information into his own hands, then flips through it, and then Qin Yi is shocked.

“The Strong Receive Plan, the Route Plan.”

“Utilization of the capabilities, transformation programs.”

“The initial, development, improvement, and ultimate integration strategies of the national government.”

“The pattern of coexistence with other major forces, the systematic rules of avoiding friction.”

“National transportation, scheme of integration and transformation.”


Almost everything in the development of the country was included in those documents; Qin Yi never thought that there would be such a complicated procedure for conquering the world, he didn’t have such plan when he invades Naruto’s world.

However, until today, he has not yet conquered the world of Naruto.

There is no doubt that the data and plans of these six people are going to unite the whole world, so they did such a book, and they say that they haven’t completed it yet.

“The plan is perfect, just, what should I say?” Qin Yi smiled.

“I think it is very complicated!”

Li Qingya smiled: “Your Majesty, conquering the world is not a simple war, and the goal is a new world. Naturally, it is more complicated. We still have many topics to discuss. “

“Of course, Your Majesty, you don’t have to worry about it. The people under us will do it well.”

“The hard part is only the initial stage, the establishment, and development of the country.”

“And this can only rely on you and your kingdom.” Qin Yi nodded.

After searching on the documents, he found in the last part of the final step, the fact that thousands of armies of the State of Qin had entered to the world of pirates, then merged and transformed the world. He was dazzled and shocked.

This stage will be excellent.

“That is to say, what I need to do now is to accept some of the world’s strong people to expand our strength?” Qin Yi asked.

“Yes, only by absorbing the people, land, and resources of the world can we rapidly enhance the influence of our forces.”

“Then, your Majesty will see the result.” Pomelo nodded and said.

Qin Yi stood up. He liked this kind of work.

In the king’s world, the king is the head of a country; he is the strongest person in the country. When civilization develops, they are naturally the ones who are at the forefront. The king is the essential thing in a country, but he is also the head of a train; he is naturally at the forefront.

“Prepare a ship for me; the world is endless; I should go and begin.” Qin Yi stood up and stretched his waist.

“Your Majesty, the ship is ready for you, on the left side of the ship.”

“Besides, we will take the lead in setting up a country in Alabasta, where, according to your Majesty’s information, there is a great weapon there.” Wang Ye said.

Qin Yi nodded,

He did not care about his subordinates; they can handle this matter.

The six people’s IQ level and the fire of the Qin State civilization made these people strong.

“Then we’ll meet in Alabasta.”

Qin Yi waved his hand and, and the ship was ready.

It was a medium-sized, but a gorgeous ship, the deck, covered with red carpet, a gold carved throne in the middle of it. The bedroom in the cabin is tidy and luxurious. All daily necessities and supplies are Ready.

“Your Majesty, are you satisfied?” Pomelo asked.

“not bad.” Qin Yi nodded.

“Why are you here?”

“This time, I will accompany you in your journey,” Pomelo said.

Qin Yi’s eyebrows rose, found a big scythe on her back. However, he did not ask much. Just let such a little Lolita serve him?

These six councilors are brilliant, and they are strong too.

The State of Qin now has a population of 2.3 billion. After flaming up the fire of civilization, everyone can practice and learn. With the development of the world, strength naturally rises. Of course, some of them were raising their science level, and some of them like military activities… They devote themselves to different professions.

The world of Qin Yi is stronger than One piece. However, without the establishment of The Portal, Qin Yi could only use King’s power to summon a small number of troops.

Soon, Qin Yi’s boat started sailing; he noticed that on the sail there was a Qin word, representing his country.

“Where are we going? Pomelo.”Sitting in the throne, Qin Yi said.

“According to the plan, now go and look for a pirate named Buggy.” Pomelo said.

“Buggy?” Qin Yi was shocked.

“Yes, his ability is handy for His Majesty. If you kill him and plunder it, or he joins us, his power will help you a lot.” Pomelo nodded.

“Hmm.” Qin Yi nodded.

The council took care of everything, he was delighted with these six people but made him more insist on expanding his Council, in future maybe he will not do anything just having fun, and the council will take care of everything.

“Life will get better and better!”

“Maybe, I should build a harem.” Qin Yi whispered.

“If your majesty wants a harem, you must not forget Li Qingya.” Pomelo whispered.

Qin Yi shook up immediately.

“Cough, cough, I’m just kidding .” Qin Yi said

“I’m not kidding; Li Qingya is in love with your majesty.”

“I saw your picture several times in her hands before she went to sleep,” Pomelo said.

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