The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 27: Nami’s Uncle

Avoiding the embarrassing topic of Pomelo, Qin Yi lies back in his throne lazily.

In the previous two worlds, he has barely rested. In this new world full of magic and adventure, he decided to relax.

  The Qin Kingdom at this moment was a country with a large population and many strong people. As long as preparations are made and follow-up work is done, the council, the military and officials at all levels will do well.

The King needs some rest.

The boat prepared by the Council for Qin Yi is a wooden light sailing boat. There is steam power if they need it. Anyway, it is faster than The warships brought with them, all over five or six hundred meters long.

Pomelo was in charge of the sailing work, and Qin Yi was enjoying a very comfortable sea trip.

At present, the process of conquering this world has gradually been on the right track.

This is very good, unlike when he first go to Naruto’s world, it is indescribable.

Three days later, Pomelo sat in front of Qin Yi. Her legs shown up from the pantyhose. For a while, Qin Yi did not know where to put his eyes.

Sneak a peek. This was not a gentleman’s act. Don’t look, don’t look.

After struggling, Qin Yi gathered up his courage and glanced at her, but at this time, Pomelo had put a paper upon her legs.

“Your Majesty, if you want to see it, I have plenty of time at night.”

“By the way, I also have taken a photo of Qingya; I believe you will like it.”

This cold words made Qin Yi petrified.

“Now, please can we complete our business first.” Pomelo pointed at an island on the map.

“According to the map we got before, f we go further, it should be Orange Town.”

“And the clown Buggy and his crew are here!” Pointing to the islands on the map, Pomelo said.

When Qin Yi heard this, he muttered.

“Orange Town, the Clown Buggy.”

Is he going to see these familiar characters so soon? That made him feel happy.

When they came to this world, they were supposed to be on an island near to Goat Island, the island where Luffy met Koby in the original book. Now they were going to Orange Town.

“Good route!”

Foosha Village was near, too if he wanted to see it, but his goal was very clear, and he must go as soon as possible.

“speed up, Pomelo.” Qin Yi looked at the front and commanded.

The sea seems very calm.

What exciting things can he encounter in this vast world?

One Piece’s world which advocates dream, freedom, and sentiments, Qin Yi truly liked it in his previous life.

An hour later, Pomelo stopped the boat.

“Your Majesty, there’s someone ahead,” Pomelo said.

“Oh?” Qin Yi looked where Pomelo’s pointing. , he saw a broken wooden board on the sea.

A blonde woman, lying on her back, seemed unconscious. What made him curious is that she was wearing a heavy bag around her waist.

“Pomelo if you can rescue her, go.”

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and continued to experience the use of the power of the King.

After the leap of civilization to the Star-level, he did not awaken new skills of the King’s power, but the power of the King seems stronger.

As far as he knows, with the increase in the level of civilization in the future, the power of the King will increase, and there will be new king skills. That is the gift of being King, getting new powerful skills as long as he gets stronger.

Moreover, these king skills are powerful and incomparable.

For example, the plunder, the King’s road, controlling the proportion of time in the dimension, and the eye of the King, all of which belong to the skill of the King, each of which is extremely powerful.

In front of him, Pomelo jumped off the boat. After a while, she bent over and pulled. She pulled the blonde woman up and brought her to the ship.

Pomelo glanced at the woman’s purse around her waist.

Genius Pomelo is a talented woman. Although she is young, she has many skills. For example, medical treatment and cooking; This is why she accompanied Qin Yi.

After doing some emergency treatment in silence, Pomelo stood up.

About 20 minutes later, the woman groaned and woke up.

“Where am I?”

The blonde woman was young, which is about seventeen or eighteen years old. When she saw the youthful appearance of Pomelo, she became relaxed.

“in a royal boat, your Majesty saved you,” Pomelo said.

“a royal ship? Your Majesty?” The girl was surprised. Her eyes turned to Qin Yi.

However, the first thing that caught her eye was the gold-encrusted throne under Qin Yi, made her whole body trembling, and her eyes twinkling.

“made from gold and diamonds!!!” The girl was excited.

“Before your Majesty, please pay attention to your behavior.” Pomelo was annoyed.

At this time, Qin Yi opened his eyes.

Then he saw the blonde girl and looked at her expression with fervor.

“This fascination with money for madness.”

“and this figure.” Just at one glance, Qin Yi was confused…

“You called Nami?”

Nami was staring at the throne, shocked and said.

“How do you know?”

She looked at Qin Yi and found that the King, was young, with a majestic look and a thin shape, and was sitting there in a casual posture, but he was awe-inspiring.

Qin Yi stared at Nami for a couple of minutes. He didn’t expect that the rescued person was Nami.

A long time later, looking at Nami’s eyes that filled with doubts, and he said.

“If I’m right, I should be your uncle.

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