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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 28: Hi Buggy

Nami was stunned, Pomelo was amazed too.

She had never thought to find such a funny side of his Majesty.

Pretending as the uncle of a lost unknown girl, what does he think your Majesty at this time? Pomelo would like to know.

” are you, my uncle?” Nami’s expression was bizarre.

On those days, she stole this bag and had been running away, and she suffered a lot.

However, today, someone came to impersonate her uncle?

“You are the daughter of Bell-mère? I am her brother.”

“When I was a child, I saw you on the battlefield. At that time, you were very young. you grew up.”

“But I still could recognize you.” Qin Yi looked very sad but said the words that shocked Nami.

“Bell-mère has a brother?”

At this moment, Nami was shocked. The man in front of her could call Bell-mère’s name accurately and claimed to be her brother. she had to believe him.

However, Bell-mère had no brother at all!

“She must have said to you that she has no brother?”

“Well, it’s a long story. We had a big fight because of our different dreams. Since then, we’ve split up.”

Qin Yi’s were sharp that he could see what the girl was thinking at a glance.

“You, really, Bell-mère’s younger brother?” Nami believed a little.

“By the way, I remember that she had a little girl at that time, called Nojiko, right?”

“She said that you are sisters, all her favorite daughters.” Qin Yi said.

Nami had never seen him before, but he could say her mother’s name at once. Even her sister, Nojiko, said it clear if he was not familiar with those names he could not do it at all.

Nevertheless, Namei carefully recalled that she had never heard Bell-mère mention that she had a younger brother!

Moreover, he is still young!

“Don’t look at my young face now; I’m over thirty years old.” Qin Yi shook his head.

“if you are Nami, then I am your uncle!” He affirmed it again.

Finally, he asked.

“How’s Bell-mère? I’m afraid it’s been 13 years since I separated from her. It’s been a long time!”

Qin Yi made Nami’s tears unconsciously has flowed over her cheeks.

“Bell-mèrel, she.”


The painful crying sounded fierce, and Nami bent down, and the tears could not stop flowing.

” is she dead?”

Although he already knew the answer in his heart, and although he was making a lie, Qin Yi was silent at the moment.

That woman is the most admired person in this anime.

She has no power or any unique ability, but she was a real, flesh and blood, sentimental, and righteous woman.

For Qin Yi, she is a hero!

In his previous life as a fan, he cried about this tragedy. Now, he became a participant, silently looking at the girl crying in front of him.

Without a word, he just reached out and patted on her shoulder in silence.

Pomelo did not understand the situation at the moment.

However, her tender heart can feel the inexplicable contact between them.

The same thing saddens them.

“Your Majesty, really know and understand this girl.” Pomelo thought.

For the Qin State, many people don’t know much about Qin Yi. They have limited access to information from the fire of civilization, and not everything can be received. That is the reason why libraries have been set up on a large scale in the kingdom.

After two hours.

“Are you, my uncle for real?”

“Of course!”

The conversation between them was long, made Pomelo annoyed.

Clever, she knew that the girl had determined that his Majesty was her uncle, but because of her lack of security, she was anxious to ask.

After getting the affirmative answer, Nami was in a much better mood.

“Then why did she call you Your Majesty? Are you really, king?

“No, but I think the king sounds extra domineering, isn’t it?”

At about 3:10 p.m. Pomelo interrupted Qin Yi while he was chatting with Nami

“Your Majesty, we are in Orange town.”

“Orange Town!” Nami heard these three words, and her eyes narrowed.

She guessed that the great pirate Buggy’s treasure is absolutely plentiful. If she could take it, her goal can be reached quickly.

“Uncle, this is Buggy’s territory. He’s a big pirate got a bounty of 15 million belly. He has many strong men.”

“You must never provoke him,” Nami said.

she didn’t tell him about the cause of Bell-mère’s death. she bore all the pain in her heart.

Qin Yi squinted, and then laughed, “Don’t worry, I have something to do with Buggy, it won’t be a problem.”


Nami didn’t think that Qin Yi is a strong person.

Bell-mère is just an ordinary human being, as her brother Qin Yi, naturally will not be strong. So her uncle should be really careful.

After the ship slowly docked, the three stepped off the boat.

Orange Town was very quiet at this time. Most people, because of the arrival of Buggy pirates, were closing their doors day and live a scary life.

Pomelo walked in front, with a cold expression and was responsible for leading the way.

Nami was nervous.

Fifteen minutes later, across the strange shape of the Buggy pirate’s crew. The three of them came in front of Buggy, who was sitting in a chair and playing cards with his men.

“Clown Buggy.” Said Pomelo.


When Buggy heard his name, he looked up: “Who are you?”

“At your Majesty’s command, I am here to enlist you as his minister!”

“You have only two choices, surrender or die!” Said Pomelo in a calm tone.

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