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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 29: She Left

These cold words made Buggy and his men stunned.

“You, what did you just say?”

Pomelo’s words were too aggressive and direct. The pirates of Buggy could not believe what they heard. It was a beautiful girl, fifteen or sixteen years old. They thought they had heard something wrong.

However, in the next second, she put a massive scythe in Buggy’s neck, the blade of the scythe was one meter long.

Nami shocked and covered her mouth.

The girl that seemed cute was so violent!

“Surrender now, or you will die!” Pomelo said in a cold tone.

At last, the Buggy Pirates reacted. They have never seen such a bold woman.

“Kill her!”

“You’re really annoying, Uncle Buggy!”

Pomelo’s eyes were cold, and she waved the scythe without hesitation.


Buggy’s head was separated from his neck. This cruel and bloody scene made Nami scream.

Too surprised, too horrible! She just started the conversation; she was cruel!

Qin Yi looked at her; he did not think that Pomelo was violent as this.

“Captain Buggy!!”

The pirates next to them were shocked by the scene.

However, the next moment, seven swords were waving toward Pomelo.

She didn’t move, the swords just waved over and cut her body. However, in the next second, her body “boom’ was turned into a white smoke in front of everyone.

“cool!” Qin Yi nodded.

Then, they shouted “what!”, and the pirates were brutally cut off by the little fiendish Loli’s scythe.

Buggy’s head, who was still in the air, was shocked.

“Devil fruit user!”

He did not know these abilities; of course, he will naturally take Pomelo as a demon fruit user.

“you can’t be so arrogant in front of Buggy!!!” shouted Buggy and rushed toward Pomelo.

“What a rude behavior in front His Majesty,” Pomelo said, and she waved her scythe again.

Buggy trembled, and his body was cut into countless strips.

“What speed!” He realized how horrible she is…

Nami was already shaking with fear. She was shocked by the actions of the Pomelo and Buggy’s weird body.

Qin Yi was watching everything silently in front of him.

“Hmm, the blade does not affect you?”

As soon as she lowered her head and dodged the bullet coming from behind, Pomelo threw the scythe that was linked on a long chain in her hand, instantly, blood was splattering from the pirate’s neck.

However, it was only a skin injury. The blade just scratched a little skin on the pirate’s neck. The feared pirate leaned against the wall, and he just peed on himself.

“Then I don’t need to use a weapon!”

Pomelo pulled the chain, the scythe waved, and she took it.

“I have no patience. I’ll not ask you again.” Pomelo said and printed.

“who the hell are you?” Buggy said,

Buggy realized the unusual of the freak people in front of him,

Especially when he looked at the man standing behind.


Blue lightning flashed in the right hand of Pomelo sounded like birds.

Suddenly, Pomelo right foot trampled on the ground; she leaped with a roar. Her speed rose to the limit in an instant, rushing toward Buggy.

Seeing such a scene, Buggy was frightened.

That’s lightning!!!

“I surrender! surrender!”

Pomelo slowly pulled up her right hand.

She stepped back to Qin Yi; she placed her hand in her chest.

“His Majesty, he has yielded.”

Qin Yi was speechless; Pomelo made him shocked.

However, soon, Qin Yi felt that he could use Buggy’s fruit ability.

In his consciousness, Qin Yi’s right hand broke away and floated in the emptiness before his eyes. Then he retrieved it.

“It’s an amazing ability.”

Such fruit ability can be said to be utterly immune to all cutting, which is very convenient

Of course, Qin Yi and the Council were not only looking at this. their purpose, once the Bara Bara no Mi awaken it could affect the surrounding things, will become a compelling ability.

Its potential is not under the Gura Gura no Mi of the white beard. 

At this time Buggy collected his complete body, then wiped the sweat on his forehead.

“Your Majesty.” Buggy said with a friendly voice.

He is a pirate who knows how to survive. He naturally knew that Qin Yi’s status is the highest among the three.

“you will go with me.” Qin Yi said.

“Hey, guys.” Buggy pointed to his crew, who were trembled.

“arrange my items.” He said.

“Give you five minutes to catch up.” Qin Yi waved his hand.

After that, Qin Yi took Pomelo and Nami and turned to the king’s boat.

Five minutes later, with a large package on his back, Buggy came.

“Your Majesty, Sister.”

“and my beautiful lady.”

After flattering the three on the boat, Buggy smiled hard.

Abandoning the power of his own business for many years and becoming a member under someone else is hard, Buggy naturally didn’t like this, but he hid it.

Moreover, he couldn’t resist the submission feeling, something wrong.

His intuition made him feel that this strange feeling came from this freak king.

The king boat departed, just after a day on the sea.

“Your Majesty, that’s too bad, Nami escaped!”

“she took away our treasures.” 

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