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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 40: Crocodile Vs Dragon

The horrible Ninjutsu destroyed all the buildings here and shattered the ground in the courtyard. Even with heavy rain, it can’t stop the dust from flying.

Two hundred meters square immediately turned into a piece of devastation.

The six people were scattered around it, staring at the center.

When all the dust settled down, their pupils suddenly shrank.

After releasing these powerful Ninjutsu, most of the members of the Baroque, under such attacks, were already unconscious or seriously injured.

But in the center, a wall of sand was propped up blocked all the attacks.

The sand particles dispersed and Crocodile was smoking quietly.

“Crocodile!!!” all of them shocked.

There is not much research on the abilities of the Logia. According to the information Qin Yi said, these people can become in the element form and immunize against all physical attacks. Facing ordinary people, it is almost invincible!

Unless you can find the weaknesses that restrain them!

And Crocodile’s weakness is water!

At this time, the heavy rain poured down, and the buildings that sheltered the rain had destroyed. It means that he can’t be in his element form!

“This rain is a technique of Your Majesty!” Olevia murmured.

The other five looked at each other and nodded.

They understood what Olevia meant. In such a case, the capturing of Crocodile is easier. If they can’t do it now, it will be a waste of the title of the Counselor and the major general.

“he is just a Shichibukai if we can’t get him.”

“What a shame!” Wang Ye said.

“Ha-ha-ha, I am really stunned!” Crocodile said.

The rain in the sky did put him at a disadvantage, but that doesn’t mean he’s a sheep to be slaughtered!

“Since you think you can do it, try it!” Crocodile said, suddenly bent down and pressed his right hand violently on the ground.

“Ground Death!”

In an instant, the ground wetted by rainwater was dried out and cracked, in a flash, this weird technique has reached where they were standing.

“run!” Wang Ye roared.

Crocodile’s face became so fierce that he shouted wildly.


A vortex began to spread in all directions, the ground collapsed and the sand rose…

They leaped quickly out of the range of the attack

When they escaped from Crocodile’s attack, they were five or six hundred meters away from him. And this whole vast area of the ground was cracked, dry, and dead.

This scene made them shocked.

Ninjutsu takes a huge amount of Chakra to create such a scene, and it has to be printed, but this man with just a touch from his hand has caused all this.

“Sables!” he stood up, Crocodile stared at them.

Around his body, the sand began to spin around, and the dry ground changed rapidly into sand grains, which then floated up and became a sandstorm.

“The rain has an impact on me, but unfortunately!”

“Not as big as you think!”

“Although I don’t know where you know my weakness, I’m so sorry to disappoint you! “

The dust in the air is getting larger and larger, and gradually, it has covered about one thousand meters. This huge scale, so that Wang Ye and others couldn’t believe it.

The largest range of their mastery of Ninjutsu was 100 meters. But at this moment, this Crocodile, under the heavy rain, can even reach kilometer, how terrible is this!

“catch me, huh? you were looking for your death!”

Crocodile smirked, and the storm above his head changed and converged to form a huge tornado whistling up.

“run!!” Li Qingya Roared.

In the face of such high power, they can’t fight only after a short period of practice…

However, the vast tornado just in a flash has reached their heads, roared and swallowed them.


Lightning flashed, thunder boomed, and the rain was more substantial, but this could only scatter part of the sandstorm, not all of it can be destroyed. The huge tornado was about to cover the six people.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them, blocked in front of the tornado, with cold eyes, and then quickly printed.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

the loud sound of water was like thousands of horses running; they shocked from the scene, huge waterfalls hundreds of meters high suddenly appeared and rushed out in an instant, rushing toward the tornado.

The two attacks collided heavily accompanied by a loud sound, but after a couple of seconds, the two attacks were over.

Crocodile’s pupils contracted, and he felt annoyed.

“Your Majesty!” The six also shocked at this moment, he turned around and said.

“You’ve done most of the work, leave it to me from now!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were sharp, and he looked at Crocodile.

Crocodile, the first boss that the protagonist needs to defeat it in the Manga, he is undoubted one of the strong men. He was lucky to face such a character. At this moment, in this heavy rain, he can exert his sand’s abilities, which also proved that his power is stronger than the Manga.


“I give you two choices.” He said with a majestic voice. And it stopped raining.

Such a strange scene shocked Crocodile and made him more alert.

“Surrender or die!”

Crocodile stared at Qin Yi. After a while, he laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha.”

“I’m really misjudging you, people!”

He raised his head and smiled.

“Who are you, young man?!”

“I am Crocodile!”

Suddenly, his face was twisted, and he roared fiercely. His shape turned into sand, rushing out.

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