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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 39: Is Worth Conquering

“caught me?” Crocodile’s eyebrows were slightly raised, he said.

He glanced at the six people in front of him with a sneer.

“It’s good to catch your prey, but not for you!”

when he said that the people in the yard suddenly the six figures on the courtyard was surrounded by the Baroque agents.

“It’s me!”

He put a cigar in his mouth and said with a grim face.

“With these people? Do you want to stop us?

“Shichibukai, Crocodile!” Wang Ye said, and he hit the ground with his crutch.

Directly, cracks appeared on the ground and spread in all directions.

His horrible power made Crocodile and his agents slightly troubled.

“our Kingdom, our strength is beyond your imagination!”

“If you want to try, let you know how good our councilors are!” The older man said, and the killing intent was spreading from him.

“kingdom?” Crocodile swerved his eyes then laughed.

“haha, I’m interested in your origins.”

“You have defeated my minions smoothly, and you found me. I truly admire you.” With a smile, Crocodile said.

“It was what I’m looking for.”

“destroying you, Bastards who dare to make trouble on my territory!!!”

Suddenly he stood up, and the sand began to drift around his body, and the ground beneath his feet began to disintegrate and turn into sand.

“Who do you think I am?”

“I am the Shichibukai, Crocodile!!!” he roared, all the members of the Baroque in front of him rushed out and attacked the six enemies.

Standing in his place, Crocodile was surrounded by sand grains. His eyes were sharp, and he looked up into the sky.

The cloudy weather made him looks gloomy.

“I hate rainy days!”

“It’s very uncomfortable!”

The complex composition of the Baroque members according to their strength of the Devil Fruit’s abilities. Even that Crocodile did not move; they began the battle.

The Five Councilors and the Major General Du Hong rushed out straight to Crocodile.

“Chakra Enhanced Strength!”

Wang Lao, the old man, had mastered this strong attack style. He punched the person in front of him, the latter was thrown away tens meters and smashed a series of buildings behind him.

Li Qingya looked at Miss Doublefinger, Zala turned her hands into spikes, her hand stabbing Li Qingya almost immediately…

Li Qingya blocked her attack with her Kunai.


Li Qingya was shocked for a second; then she waved her Kunai, she saw that something like a thorn grew in his opponent’s body and blocked her attack.

“Is this the Devil Fruit’s abilities of this world? It’s magic.”

“her body has changed completely!”

At this time, Zala rolled her body into a ball, sprouts spikes in all directions, trying to stab her. Li Qingya dodged the attack quickly.

“Very agile, you surprised me,” Zala smirked.

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

On the other side, Major General Du Hong sealed attacking to the cold man in front of him.


Mr.1 waved his blade arms suddenly waved out, instantly cut the wind into two halves.

Du Hong was surprised, but Daz had rushed up, waving his hands quickly.

A series of slices and stabs swayed quickly, and Du Hong stepped back and was completely suppressed by the fierce attack of the other side.

“his body has characteristics of a steel blade. It’s Mr. 1, Daz Bonez!”

“Is this the Devil Fruit ability? It’s hard to deal with!” he thought with caution in his eyes.

“Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!”

“Nose Fancy Cannon!”


The battle between the two sides began quickly, and a series of explosions followed…

“I overrated their strength.”

“If that’s all, it’s surprisingly disappointing.” Crocodile has been watching the battle in the field.

His men were the superior side in this battle due to their demon fruits abilities, these strange ones who seem to be the top of their Kingdom. Like some shrimps and crabs, who want to defeat a crocodile?

These people’s abilities are various; especially they were using multiple elements, which surprised him. But that’s the way it is; From his experience of battle, he can see that the five councilors were beginners. The only strong point was the man In military uniform.

In the courtyard, the clash of twenty members of Baroque surrounded them.

Under such circumstances, everyone has to face three to four enemies, and each of these was a powerful person.

“The first time I saw the real power of this world, I have to say, it is unique. I love it!”

“Such a civilization is worth conquering!” Wang Ye hit one more man with a punch, he said.

As an old man, he thought that he would have to wait for death in his remaining days. He did not expect to saw an integration of civilization and see the magnificent and brilliant opportunities of other worlds.

He mastered Chakra, practiced Ninjutsu, and quickly became a strong man.

He has a unique talent and a high IQ. Of course, not only that. He is better than most people in Qin. He is a genius among 2.3 billion people.

“Enough playing; it’s time to show your true abilities.” With a sigh, Wang Ye looked up and saw the rain falling.

“Your Majesty is looking at us!” he made the other five people changed.

At the next moment, all of the five suddenly withdrew from the battle.

They all printed and their bodies were glowing with Chakra.

Under the heavy rain, under the strong wind, under the shrinking pupils of Crocodile, the energy flow rose.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

“Wind Release: Rasenshuriken!!”

“Lightning Release: Chidori!”

they roared, and the five elements rushed toward Crocodile.

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