The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 38: Crocodile

some Officials were calm and stable, but the most were panicked, but at this time, no one dared to show any objection.

The officials dispersed after the obedient response.

When everyone dispersed, the Captain’s eyes flashed and said.

“How are the Major Generals plan to go?”

“They’re pulling snakes out of the hole. They’re under a lot of pressure. After all, they’re rivals.” He said again.

“It’s the Shichibukai named Crocodile!”

“The strongest man in this land! I want to see him!” With a sigh, the Captain waved.

“the five Councilors are abnormal after all. There should be no problem.”

The soldiers then dispersed, taking the fake Cobra and deterring officials are just the beginning, there are many things to do.

In Alubarna, bars and dance halls hid in the streets were torn open by soldiers of the Qin Dynasty or the Alabasta army and then poured in.

“Kill Baroque works Evils!”

“Get rid of the Shichibukai Crocodile!”

the soldiers were shouting; the people were shocked, the vast clean-up operation began.

Even though Baroque works are powerful killers, under the joint efforts of Qin soldiers and a large number of Alabasta troops, Baroque works and personnel are being quickly cleared.

No one expected that the forces created by the long-standing Baroque works in Alabasta would be uprooted so soon.

In Alubarna, in a street corner.

“What? the current King of Alabasta, Cobra, is a puppet manipulated by Crocodile?”

Looking at the Qin soldiers who detained Mr. 2 passing by, Smoker and other marines dressed in civilian clothes, they were stunned.

They finally understood why they had not seen the king for so long in Alubarna! It turned out that he had already changed.

“Captain, the situation in this country is very complicated now!” a soldier said.

Suddenly, the Qin soldiers, fake king, rebels, and the Shichibukai Crocodile forces emerged. In such a complicated situation, even the Marine can’t do anything about it.

“Now, we need to find out what the Qin soldiers are.” Smoker stared at the soldiers passing by him and whispered.

“for the moment, our only information is that the weapons of these people are more advanced than ours. Also, their physical qualities are powerful. They are better than ours!” The soldier behind him said.

From just a few battles, they have a general understanding of the Qin army.

“But we don’t have any idea about their structure, top management, and their leaders!”

“These people disappeared when they entered Alabasta, and only today did they suddenly emerge. They were so cautious!” Listening to the soldier’s reports, Smoker became more shocked.

” The goal of these people is suspicious!”

“I’m afraid this country is going to change!” He said, just then a thunderstorm broke out in the sky.


This Thunder caused the people to be shocked. Alabasta has been suffering from a drought for many years. It is infrequent to rain.

Three minutes later, the raindrops quickly turned into torrential rain.

At this time, the eyes of the soldiers of the State of Qin were bright, and they roared.

“Heaven’s will, Qin will bring you a better life!”

It seems a fool and simple discourse, but at this time caused the Alabasta people were boiling, they rushed out of the door and ran into the rain, shouting wildly and enjoying the long-lost rain.

At the entrance of Alubarna, Qin Yi slowly printed with the knotted seal, looked at the rain and smiled.

“Rain Tiger at Will Technique!”

This torrential rain was covering the whole of Alubarna.

Behind him, Buggy, Sanji, and Pomelo were shocked.

Just now, Qin Yi transformed into a black dragon and took them across a long distance. In a short time, he had come to this city!

“Devil fruit ability?” Buggy murmured.

But how is that possible? Is not your Majesty a Logia user? How can he have such other abilities?!

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment, Qin soldiers who came to replace the guards of the city came over when they saw Qin Yi, and immediately saluted him.

“How is the situation?” Qin Yi asked.

At this time, he is quickly perceiving the city and has now detected the situation generally.

“Our army has grasped the situation, the palace has been under control, and five Councilors and Major General Du Hong are pushing Crocodile out!” The soldier said.

“Oh? It’s very fast! Not bad! ” Qin Yi praised.

he saw the soldiers of the Qin State who guarded the main roads, and they were united with the Alabasta army, without any conflictions.

“Do your own work, don’t worry about me!” Nodded to the soldiers, Qin Yi walked into the city.

The soldiers saluted him again and quickly returned to their work.

“Qin, are you king?”

Listening to the conversation just now, Sanji and Buggy were stunned. These soldiers in military uniform and with such extraordinary respect.

All this fully demonstrates the status of Qin Yi.

“Your majesty’s strength, status, and position are beyond your imagination,” Pomelo said.

At this time, Qin Yi smiled: “Oh, I found the Five councilors and …”


Buggy and Sanji were surprised to hear the name.

They already know what the name represents.

The Shichibukai with a bounty of 81 million Belly. Baki was trembling from the idea that he will stand in front of him! 

Somewhere in Alubarna.

Crocodile was sitting in a courtyard, quietly enjoying the heavy rain in front of him. On the side of him, a woman was wearing a cowboy hat and dark clothes. Her face was hidden.

Suddenly, his eyes twinkled slightly, and a sharp smile appeared on his mouth.

“During this period, you were hiding behind the scenes, haha?”

when he heard the voice, there were six people in front of the courtyard.


“we catch you.”