The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 37: the Throne

Qin Yi’s voice was cold.

In the world of Naruto, he was just an ordinary person in the initial stage. He needed to endure, practice, and wait until he became strong before he could use his King’s power. But at this point, he was Already a real strong man.

In the world of civilization at the same level as Star-level, he can do most tasks with his current power.

Conquering Buggy, impersonating Uncle Nami and recruiting Sanji was his personal preferences, and do not influence his own business.

But at this moment, facing the port of Alabasta and the country in front of them, Qin Yi the King’s Majesty and momentum was awakening instantly.

He came to this world to do things!

No need to procrastination, hiding, patience! He wants to bloom the light of his King. The dragon can’t always be hidden in the deep water; When he decides to rush out of the water and fly into the sky, the roar of the dragon will shake the existence.

Today is the day when he roars and flies.

“Alabasta, this is my day!” His eyes became fierce, and he stepped into the city.

On this day, Alabasta’s was raging by wind and sand. The turbulence hidden in its underground will burst out soon.


“Your Majesty has arrived. Do what we should do.”

“Action!” Wang Ye’s eyes were cold and indifferent, he said.

Behind him, soldiers in the military uniforms printed with their right hands, and then “bang” they have disappeared.

Almost at the same time, hidden in the capital high-ranking officials, generals. Suddenly attacked and were instantly controlled or killed.

Inside the palace, the captains and bodyguards of the palace that have been ostensibly protecting the palace. At this moment, They either carry their bosses away or stun them directly, rendering them ineffective. After completing all this, these soldiers changed their body shape and revealed their original appearance. They were soldiers of the State of Qin in military uniform.

They quickly controlled the main crossings and opened the doors. Others, armed with rifles, jumped quickly from the buildings inside the palace and headed straight for the palace.

“go to the palace and control the king!”

“If he doesn’t obey your orders, kill him directly!”

“That man is just a puppet, no need to care!” In the dark, the sound of the commands has spread quickly.

The Atmosphere in Alubarna changed. The people felt the unusual atmosphere. At The corner of the street, A Group of Dark-faced troops marched forward.  Just a couple of minutes, the soldiers surrounded the whole street.

About an hour, in the palace of Alubarna, Ministers, and generals at the time in the palace hall, the King was sitting on the throne, wearing a crown and looking suspicious. Outside the main hall were soldiers in Qin uniforms, arranged in two rows.

“You, what are you doing? Are you going to rebel?” Cobra roared.

The Ministers below were quiet and the atmosphere below strange.

After a while, one person leaped out with a sneer.

“Rebellion? Ridiculous!”

“Crocodile’s dog!”

Immediately after this, the whole attendants burst out. The ministers and Generals shouted.

“Bastard! It’s been a long time since we knew that you were Crocodile’s man!”

“Where is the real King? hand it over!”

“Get down, You fake!”

Cobra, who was sitting on the throne, was shocked and then panicked. He saw the soldiers waiting outside the palace pouring in like a tide, and in a moment he was surrounded by them.

“You who are you?”

After a long period of faking, he naturally knew most of the officials and military leaders of Alabasta. At this time, most of the people standing in the hall, he had never seen.

Cobra was shocked. He knew that many people in his country had realized that he was fake, but Crocodile behind him made them choose to shut up and accept it. So, what’s the matter with this scene?

“It’s ridiculous that a fake has been holding the throne for so long!” One of the Qin soldiers sneered.

The Qin State adopted the same principle of the old ones, many troops with one or some leaders.

“catch him!”

“if you dare to resist, you will die” a captain roared.

Suddenly, the soldiers rushed up, the fake Cobra just wanted to resist, a gunshot shot his ear, instantly he trembled and his body turned to exactly what he was, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, from Baroque’s works.

As the soldiers approached, Bon Kurei was shaking all over and jumping up violently to resist.

“Ballet Fist.” roaring, Bon Kurei danced ballet and was jumping and rushing to the soldiers.

But in just two seconds, Bon Kurei was beaten by cold-faced soldiers, bent over and vomited blood, with a bruised nose and a swollen face.

Their mastery of chakra and physical power made them different from ordinary soldiers. Maybe one or two don’t show much power, but with a large number of people, Bon Kurei is just a food.

Later, he turned and looked at the ministers and generals below.

“Shichibukai Crocodile, who wants to control the king.”

“our king of the State of Qin is kind he will be awed and grateful.”

“Besides, because of the disappearance of the King of Alabasta and the chaos in the country, there were chaos and rebels.”

“our Qin State will take it for granted, and you can help us to clear everything.” The captain said.

Undoubtedly, this is a red, naked, naked aggression, robbing, so-called temporary; there is no time limit.

“Who are you? we should kill the one who seeks to usurp the throne!” a minister said.


But as soon as he spoke, the captain waved. With a splash of blood, the minister has fallen to the ground.

“What I said just now was not a request, but an order! I hope you can cooperate!”

“Your Majesty will be here soon!”

“Now, please be good men.” The captain said.

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