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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 36: Kill the Dragon

“Eight days, I hope the headquarters will send a strong person!” Smoker squeezed his fist.

Looking at the distance, the densely populated Alabama coast, and the largest flagship ship, his heart has a faint hunch.

This people, it seems, did not take the Marine into account at all.

The Marine headquarters.

“Then, Aokiji keep in mind that if there is a threat or emergency, do what you have to do.”

“Prevent troubles before it happens! If a fleet of ten thousand people acts, its effect will be too great.” Sengoku said with a firm tone.


Aokiji said then he stepped out and soon disappeared into the eyes of Sengoku.

After arranging this matter, Sengoku’s face was a little relaxed.

“The next step is to find Red-eyes Asura.” he took a deep breath and murmured.

Three days passed quickly, and there seems to be no change on the surface, neither the fleet of 10,000 soldiers in Alabasta or the Red-eyes Asura, which had been circulating crazily in the Grand Line lately. But in these short three Days, Smoker was very nervous and angry.

“Captain Smoker, it’s bad news. our informants have lost the news of the Ten thousand people who entered to Alabasta, except some of them who left behind in the Warship!”

“They have disappeared completely!” a soldier said.

Smoker was even angrier.

“Hurry up! Get Ready to enter Alabasta; I want to see its King!” Smoker shouted.

He had a hunch before, but now he’s almost inevitable, This fleet was heading for the Kingdom of Alabasta!

“What are they going to do? Grab the country? Impossible!”

“The Marine, the World Government, Crocodile will not allow them to do so unless they want to die!”

“But if it is not for this purpose, what the hell they do with the scale of 10,000 soldiers?” The face of Smoker was changed again and again.

“But, Sir, we can’t go to the island without a license from our headquarters or Alabasta!” The soldier said.

“Go now!”

“they have a license to the 10,000 soldiers, but not for me?” Smoker shouted.

At the same time, somewhere in Alabasta.

“So, according to your monitoring over the past few days, can you determine the goals of this group?” Crocodile said.

“Yes, Mr. 0, they have kidnapped or manipulated a noteworthy number of politicians, military leaders.”

“Nowadays, many people in Alabasta are under their control.” Hidden in the darkness, the kneeling man said quickly.

He is a ruthless killer, but he dares not look up at the person in front of him.

This person is aptly named, when you dare to approach to him, he will devour you.

“That’s interesting.”

“do not tell anyone about this!” He said.

“Go ahead, keep watching them.”


After a pause, he smirked and said.

“Send some men out to play with them.”

“I am a person who occasionally likes to watch grasshoppers jump .”

The man trembled then turned away.

Walking out of the door and seeing The deadly rays of the sun, we can already foresee the tragic fate of those who dare to come here.

 The man, with the golden hook, with a terrible name that makes people shiver.

His name is Crocodile. He is a high-ranking Shichibukai and powerful man. Here he is a God!

In Albasta, in a hidden house.

“Lord Wang Ye, according to your instructions, we have deliberately exposed some of our acts to the Baroque.” A soldier said.

“Very good! These people are like shadows, you can feel it, and you know that it is there, but you can’t catch it!!!”

“It’s annoying! If you want to catch them, you have to show them .”

“I believe that soon we will be able to meet the legendary Shichibukai!” Wang Ye smirked.

The floor showed a crack in the place of his crutch.

“they will come soon; now we have to wait, I’m a patient man.”

“tick tock, tick tock!” the old man was happy.

time passed quickly, in the seventh day.

On the sea not far from the Sabaody Archipelago, a wooden boat full of breakage and creaking was slowly heading for the island.

Above the boat, Madara was scanning the magical island where bubbles rose in front of him.

“Shabondi Shotō we’re coming!” Ace was excited.

“General Qin, will my crew also come here?”

“Yes, Ace, Madara Sama agreed with them to meet here.” Qin Lin smiled and said.

After this time, they also had feelings for this kid named Ace.

This dreamer, cheerful, polite kid has the ability to make people love him.

“Great!” Said Ace, looking to the island.

“Master Madara, we must stay on this island for a while!”

“I heard that there are a lot of fun places here, and the pirates of the first half of the Grand Line will be concentrated here, the strongmen will gather here!” Ace said excitedly.

“They’ll gather together, here?” Madara’s indifferent eyes have finally changed.

Suddenly, in Madara’s mind, Qin Yi’s voice sounded.

“Madara where are you now?”

“Shabondi Shotō.”

“Oh? Madara Sensei is very fast!”

jumping from the King’s boat to the port of Alabasta, Qin Yi said with a smile.

“What’s the matter?” Madara said.

“Since you and I happen to be in a hurry, let’s make it double today!” Qin Yi was excited.

“Just talk!” Madara was bored.

“I heard that the Celestial Dragons are in the Shabondi Shotō.”

“kill them!”

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