The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 35: Red-Eyes Asura

“Captain Smoker, this fleet is heading straight for Alabasta, What shall we do?”

Not far from the fleet, on three Marine ships, soldiers were standing in front of the officers.

“The main ship made of steel is followed by about sixty small boats. The total number of soldiers is about 10,000; Seemingly, they are well-trained soldiers.

“But unlike any other army in the world, it can be said that their power is unknown.”

“Their direction is Alabasta…” Smoker muttered.

“Alabasta it seems is the territory of that Shichibukai Crocodile.”

“I have a bad feeling!”

Smoker returned to the command room.

“First report the situation here to our headquarters!”

Smoker lost his mind when a massive fleet of 10,000 soldiers suddenly appeared in the Grand Line. Such emergencies in his authority will be such a pain in the a*s to deal with.

Marine headquarters.

“what did you say?”

“In the gulf near Alabasta, there is a fleet of 10000 soldiers from unknown origins?”

Sengoku’s face was gloomy: “are they pirates?”

If such a scale of Pirates appeared in the Grand Line, the consequences would be complicated even if all the Marine was assembled to deal with them.

“No, their flag is engraved with the word ‘Qin.’ Looking at the style, it is more like the national name of a country.” Den Den Mushi answered quickly.

“they’re not pirates! If such a fleet is a pirate, the consequences are unimaginable.”

“send men to ask about their purpose and identity, and then report me quickly.”

“and tell him not to act rashly, I will send others to Alabasta to deal with this matter.”

After a moment of thinking, Sengoku arranged.

After the end of the call, Sengoku’s face was grim. Recently, there have been many pirates on the Grand Line.

One of the worst of them is Portgas D. Ace, but recently he lost his news. Rumor has it that the Spades Pirates had been destroyed.

Of course, it was not this that disturbed him. It was the name has recently been circulating on the sea “Red-eyes Asura.”

Rumor has it that during the first half of the Grand Line, a ruthless samurai or a demon, dressed in ancient armor, with long black hair, and blood-red pupils, rose. His skills were super and ruthless. He beat sixty-three powerful pirates.

He seems to have no aim but slaughtering high-bounty pirates.

If this is the case, Sengoku would not have a problem. However, recently, near to Water 7, he attacked the Marine forces.

Three hundred twenty-two soldiers, including officers, the whole army was annihilated.

“What kind of person are you?”

“Are you good or bad?” Sengoku clenched his fist.

Even if he didn’t meet him, but these rumors made him feel the power of this mysterious man.

Alabasta Sea.

The large fleet was moving slowly, on the first warship.

The Council room.

“The Alabasta Kingdom is a powerful kingdom in Paradise; its capital is Alubarna with 600,000 soldiers. In the country!”

“Our goal, this time is clear, this Kingdom!”

“the reasons for setting it as our first goal are straightforward. according to your Majesty’s intelligence, this country is now controlled by the Nefertari Royal family, but in fact, its King Cobra is just a puppet! “

“The real one who controls this Kingdom is one of the Seven Shichibukai, with a bounty of 81 million belly, Crocodile!” Wu Lei said slowly, introducing the general background and situation of Alabasta at present

” with considering Civil war! Under such circumstances, it is not difficult to change the dynasty or take the throne!”

“Besides, here, in the middle of the Grand Line, will be a strategic position for our kingdom to expand in the future!” Li Qingya said.

All five Councilors were planning to go ahead without conflicts right now.

From the East Blue, they made a detailed plan for the upcoming tasks besides taking supplies, boats…

“Next, our task is divided into the following points.”

“These tasks must be accomplished quickly before Your Majesty arrives.”

“1: Find out the details of Crocodile and his Baroque Works organization, and prepare to fight and annihilate him.”

“2: distributing the forces into the interior of Alabasta and use Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, money, or other activities to occupy the kingdom’s main position.”

“3: trying to work carefully and hide our purpose to the Marine and the World Government, and not make them pay too much attention to us.”


Wang Ye said, and the soldier standing next to him wrote it down and was ready for the arrangement.

Half an hour later, when the meeting was over, all five councilors stood up quickly.

“The Marine has sent some soldiers over. Do you want to make contact with them?” At this time, soldiers came to report.

“No, take the warship to the coast, we will anchor directly!” Lin Zhuo said.

“Is there any contact with your Majesty? When will he arrive here?” Olevia asked.

“your Majesty will be here in seven days, and then the battle will begin!” Li Qingya smiled.

“Well, we have a little time we must begin as soon as possible!” Wang Ye sighed.

The Five councilors looked at each other, nodded, and then separated. Everyone had his tasks, and they have no much time.

Smoker was now very gloom, clenching his fist.

“The fleet ignored us, Captain, They went straight to the coast!”

“And when they entered the island, they immediately dispersed and divided into five long lines, heading in different directions.” Listening to his men reports, Smoker was suspicious…

“What the hell are these guys going to do? Ten thousand soldiers, they’re facing the Kingdom, Crocodile?”

He was inquisitive, but he could not send troops without the orders the headquarters, he had to stand aside, and wait for the delegation.

“Is there any news who is sent by the Marine headquarters?”

“According to the headquarters they will arrive as soon as possible, in eight days maybe, but we didn’t know who specifically.” The soldier replied.