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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 34: Fleet

“Will you leave now?” Nami said.

“Ha-ha, well, you did it, and Arlong is not the one who breaks his promise,” Arlong shouted, he waved his hand and turned around.

However, at this time, a smirk appeared in his mouth, and he was holding his revolver, and he pointed it to Nami.

“Be careful!”

“Nami!” Genzo and Nojiko shouted.

Nami turned around suddenly with a stunned expression.


Arlong shot Nami.

At this time, the wind blew, and Nami disappeared.

Arlong’s expression changed, and he stared forward.

A figure suddenly appeared there; he was stunned from this high speed, his eyes narrowed.

“leaving me without telling me, hurt my feelings, Nami!” Qin Yi stared at Arlong.

Qin Yi’s eyes were full of killing intent.

“you want to deal with these bad guys alone?”

When Nami looked up and saw Qin Yi, she shouted: “Uncle!”

“Stand aside; I’ll take care of it from now!” Qin Yi looked directly at Arlong’s crew.

“woohoo, we have a hero here!” Arlong smirked.

In Arlong’s mind, the fish-men were superior to human beings, so he was acting like the stronger side.

Just when he ended his words, Qin Yi suddenly disappeared.

The wind was blowing sharply.

Instantly, Qin Yi’s face had rapidly emerged close to him, Arlong was shocked, and he tried to dodge.

“So fast!”

Qin Yi clenched his fist fiercely and banged it out.


Even Genzo and others heard this punch’s sound.

Qin Yi was staring at Arlong’s face, he said coldly.

“It’s refreshing to punch a waste like you!”

Arlong’s face changed dramatically; he felt dizzy. He felt like this punch shook his muscles and bones away. The blood splattered from his mouth.

He wanted to speak, to ask him who the hell he is, but he couldn’t.

The person in front of him is too strong! Even stronger than he ever imagined!

Then he saw a hand quickly get closer to his face; then he pulled him.

Qin Yi pressed Arlong’s face with one hand, and then he suddenly pushed him down.


Arlong’s body hit against the ground, made the dust rising.

Qin Yi pulled him again and put him in the hole of the treasure.

“I don’t know if you’re satisfied with your graveyard, though.”

“You have no choice!” Qin Yi slowly stood up; he stared at the fish-men.

His look immediately made the fish-men chill.

Arlong was beaten by this man, How powerful and terrible he is, he made them trembling.

Qin Yi rushed into the fish-men.

It took only a couple of seconds to deal with all of them.

The battle was over.

Later, Genzo and others came to see Qin Yi and the fish-men who have beaten. They didn’t believe what they saw; it was like a dream.

Nami stared at Arlong, lying on the ground; he finally died. She couldn’t speak for a long time.

She never thought that Qin Yi had such terrible power.

Qin Yi stayed with the people of Cocoyasi Village for two days, accepted their sincere thanks. and their oranges boxes.

After that, Qin Yi’s ship set off after farewell Nami and the villagers.

Although he was pretending that he is her uncle, in the end, Qin Yi was not, so he didn’t want to bring her to the sea with him, after all, he knew her potential charm.

“Pomelo, tell me what’s our next goal.”

On the king’s ship, Qin Yi seated on the throne and asked aloud.

Buggy was fishing, and Sanji was practicing the exercises that Qin Yi gave it to him.

In the world of Naruto, there are many powerful physical techniques. That could make Sanji invincible.

“Because we have enough supplies, we will go straight through Loguetown, across Reverse Mountain and straight to the Grand Line.”

“Besides, our forces have arrived in the waters near Alabasta and are expected to begin preparations soon.”

“The King’s Ship will continue to sail without stopping until it reaches Alabasta,” Pomelo said.


Qin Yi said, he was thinking about it, and he felt overjoyed.

The purpose of coming to this world is very clear, build a nation then become as powerful as a Yonko, then finally complete the conquest. He had a personal purpose; it is to become stronger as much as he can reach.

Qin Yi’s purpose is very simple, but it’s too necessary for his progress.

“When we complete our job in Alabasta, our next goal is Skypiea!” Pomelo said.

“Enel!” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Pomelo nodded.

There is no doubt that Enel is a powerful man. His Goro Goro no Mi and his potential for development are highly valued by the Council. Unlike Buggy, Enel seemed to them to be a very talented person.

“Let’s go!” Qin Yi had no objection to the arrangement of Pomelo.

The Council’s decisions had been carefully considered, and it is perfect, Qin Yi needs to think about it for a while, and then he follows it directly.

At the same time, at the Gulf of Alabasta.

A considerable ship was sailing, with a loud voice, and black steam.

Unlike most of the world’s ships, this is a steel warship.

It was unbreakable, and the pirates who sailed near it did not dare to collide with it at all.

Massive, majestic, powerful! However, because of this, it attracts the attention of people.

Behind it, there were countless sailboats looks like small black dots from far.

Together, it forms a vast and scary fleet.

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