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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 33: It’s A Long Time

Three days later.

Above the king’s ship, a cloud of smoke appeared, and a noise of the Steam Engine came out.

Because of the delay in the Baratie, Qin Yi made his three companions turn on the steam power.

Under steam power, the speed of the boat has risen sharply.

“Your Majesty, in about two hours, we’ll reach Cocoyasi Village,” Pomelo whispered.

“Two hours?” Qin Yi nodded.

The king’s ship is very fast, absolutely ahead of most of this world’s ships. However, because of Nami’s departure time, they couldn’t catch-up her.

“she should be there now!”

“I hope it’s not too late.” Qin Yi murmured.

Under the cabin, inside the boiler room.

“Hurry up, Buggy, with your freak hands and feet, and you still slower than me!”

Sanji snatched the cigarette from his mouth, rotated his legs, and kicked pieces of coal into the burning boiler.

“I Know! I know! Shut up!!” Buggy roared.

His hands and legs were separated at the moment, throwing coal into the boiler.

soot had blackened their faces, such a funny look.

In Cocoyasi Village.

A boat slowly docked, Nami struggled to carry the massive package on her back and then hobbled down the path into the village.

After a while, she had gone to the place where she had hidden her treasure. Picking up a hoe, she quietly threw all her treasures into the ground and buried it.

After that, she wiped the sweat and showed a slight smile.

“Everything will be over today!” As she muttered, Nami turned to look for the people of the village.

Because of the invasion of Arlong Pirates, people in the town seldom go out, so the road seemed very quiet.

Half an hour later, Nami was walking, a girl covered her mouth and pulled her into his house.

“Nami, why are you back?” with an anxious voice, she asked.

Nami looked back and saw her sister she smiled and said: “Nojiko, we are all saved. I’ve collected it!”

Nojiko looked out of the window carefully, said. “What are you doing here? You have already escaped, why are you back?”

“I’m back to save you, save me, and the villagers! I have succeeded!” Nami said.

“Nami, don’t you understand? Arlong’s greed is beyond your imagination. He will not let us go.” With a sigh, Nojiko said.

“No, he has promised me,” Nami said.

“It’s not easy to come back. Come on, get out of this cursed place!”

Nojiko pulled Nami out of the door.

“No, I won’t go! We’re free. Why are we leaving?” Nami shook Nojiko’s hand.

“by the way, you know whom I met?” Before he finished her words, Nojiko had slapped her in her face.

Nami stunned, her face was burning, and her eyes were full of tears.

“Get out of here! now!” Nojiko shouted, her expression gloomy to the limit.

Nami clenched her fists and tears flow down her cheeks. However, after a couple of seconds, she wiped her tears silently and turned her head to go out.

“Haha, since I am back, why am I leaving?” she said.


After some steps, Nojiko shouted, but Nami ignored her…

“Arlong!” Nami roared, and Nojko was afraid.

At this time, Nami was calm, opened the door, and smiled.

“Arlong! I am back!”

After opening the door, what Nami saw was that Arlong and his fishmen.

They folded their hands and stared at Nami with a playful expression.

“Welcome, our sailor. I’m so glad to see you back.” Arlong said with a smile.

“Arlong, do you still remember our agreement?” Nami took a deep breath and stared at him and said directly.


Arlong was stunned and did not remember what the agreement was.

“As long as I gather up 100 million belly, you’ll set the all of us free,” Nami said earnestly.

Arlong suddenly remembered, laughed, and said, “Of course, Arlong is a man of his word.”

“As long as you can come up with this price, this village is yours, for me, it isn’t valuable for me.”

Nami nodded. “Okay, I’ll give you a hundred million now. so You have to leave this village.”

Arlong stunned,  he heard his men’s report saying that Nami was back, but he didn’t expect such a thing.

However, he did show nothing, smiling and holding out his hand: “deal, Give it to me.”

“it is not here, I’ll take you,” Nami said.

Arlong’s eyes flashed, and he retracted his hand: “okay!”

Next, Nami took Arlong’s crew to her secret place. She was full of doubts this cruel pirate, and she was confused.

So Nojiko saw them leaving; she ran to the rest of the village.

“What did you say? Nami is back!” Genzo listened to Nojiko and was immediately shocked.

After a quick consultation, they summoned Everyone in the village; They all took up arms.

“That bastard will not abide by the agreement. Nami has paid so much for us. We can’t let Nami suffer anymore!”

“Today, we’ll fight!” Genzo shouted he was acutely aware of Nami’s struggling over these years.

The villagers responded enthusiastically, and they rushed quickly toward Arlong crew.

Meanwhile, on the sea not far from the village of Cocoyasi, a sailing boat in white steam was coming fast from far.

“How long will it take to get there?”

Qin Yi stood up, looked at the islands that were already visible, and asked.

“Ten minutes!”

Pomelo said.

“Ten minutes, it’s a long, long time!” He murmured, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and then he jumped off the king’s ship.

“I’ll go first. Follow me!”

In the air, Qin Yi quickly printed.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”

The colossal water dragon was roaring, swimming quickly forward on the sea.

When Qin Yi jumped down, he was standing on top of his head, like he was riding the waves.

The giant water dragon arrived ashore in just three minutes. Qin Yi jumped up and came to the land, and the colossal water dragon disappeared.

Looking at the town, Qin Yi stepped out, and he was suddenly disappeared.

Before the treasure was brought out, Arlong looked at Nami with amazement.

“What a surprise! You could get 100 million Belly!”

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