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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 32: Fire Fist

Pomelo was somewhat surprised. Since she joined, she had never seen her Majesty showing his power.

In fact, the people in the Kingdom know that your Majesty is the most powerful person, but few people know how strong he is.

“Hum, just, don’t make a fool of yourself!” Zeff smiled.

Sanji and others were waiting excitedly.

Soon Qin Yi had arrived on the deck. The sea restaurant is a large ship.

by standing on the floor, he could see many ships around.

There, there is a huge pirate ship flying from the flag: a rough sweep, the number of pirates on it, at least five hundred or more.

“holy crap, Don Kreig pirates, I didn’t expect that they would come here.” Someone said.

The visitors there knew him; they were full of panic.

When Zeff stepped out and saw the pirate Ship coming toward his restaurant, he was surprised.

“Mr. Zeff, is it enough to destroy them?” Qin Yi pointed to the Ship.

Zeff was stunned and then focused on the topic: “Yes, but!”

Before he had finished speaking, Qin Yi had already stepped forward.

“Ok, then!”

After three steps, Qin Yi leaped from the Ship.

Then, just when people thought he would fall into the sea, they saw that Qin Yi stood steadily in the sea.

“Oh, my God!”

“How could he stand in the sea!”

“How is this possible?”

Zeff’s eyes were shrinking, and ‘Sanji’s eyes were twinkling.

Everyone, keep a close eye on Qin Yi, and then they saw Qin Yi running fast on the sea.

“Wait a minute; his direction is the Huge ship!”

“What is he going to do?”

On the deck of the Sea Restaurant, more and more people came out, shouting.

Zeff clenched his fist, and Sanji was also nervous at this time.

Qin Yi’s speed was getting faster and faster, and his figure turns into a white flash.

A couple of seconds later, Qin Yi had come to the front of the Huge Ship.

“What is that?”

“he’s a man! What is he going to do?”

On the Eastern Rick Pirate Regiment, the pirates were surprised.

In the next moment, Qin Yi stepped on the sea with his both legs, and then he jumped high.

“He jumped up!”

“Come on, quick!”

The pirates were panicked, then they pulled out their weapons and were ready for battle.

At the same time, Qin Yi, who was in the air at high speed, the power of the King was rising in his body.

“Just use it!” Qin Yi has already decided.

The flames quickly spread out from Qin Yi’s body, covered him in an instant.

“‘he’s burning!!”

In the twinkling of an eye, Qin Yi had arrived at a height parallel to the deck of the Ship. When they saw him wrapped in flames, the pirates were shocked and roared.

“Get ready for the battle!!!” The captain realized that it was not right and roared.

At this time, Qin Yi speed was becoming slower and slower, when it is ten meters above them, he stopped.

“Fire Fist!”

He punched them with his right fist.

at this moment a circle of flame in a flash has been winding up, forming a fire fist with a width of 40 meters.

Then Qin Yi waved violently.


The sound of a massive explosion, the colossal fist cut off the Ship into two parts.

Suddenly, the screams came out, and the Ship began to sink.

The flame on Qin Yi’s right fist was gradually extinguished, and he was falling on the sea again at this moment.

Qin Yi was happy right now.

As a disciple, Ace belonged to the Qin State. When Qin Yi used the power of the King, he could use his abilities naturally.

As for the Bara Bara no Mi of Buggy, but it is still in research. If we can develop and awaken this fruit, his destructive power at that time will be terrible.

Compared with Ninjutsu in the world of Naruto, the ability of One piece’s demon fruit is undoubtedly more convenient, faster, and more diversified.

Some defensive abilities in One Piece even ignore the strength gap among sides.

When Qin Yi returned to Zeff, people in the Baratie looked at him with awe and shock.

Privately, many people were quietly inquiring about Qin Yi’s identity, but there is no result.

No one knows this person.

“Your Majesty is a super powerful man!”

Buggy was laughing, and his eyes full of respect to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi waved his hand and looked at Zeff: “Mr. Zeff. Now you can you rest assured, ‘I’ll take care of Sanji?”

Zeff shook his lips and couldn’t speak for a while. He knows very well that this person is such a character that he can’t imagine.

“I assure you that Sanji will not be harmed. he will become a real man, a strong man!”

This sentence has ultimately defeated Zeff.

Qin Yi is such a strong person, and he made a promise to him, ‘that’s enough!

“Whether he goes with you or not, let Sanji make his own decision!”

Zeff turned around and sighed.

“Old Geezer!”

Sanji was trying to stop the tears in his eyes. After so many years of living together, their feelings were as deep as that of father and son.

“You have grown up, make your own decisions, and don’t regret it!” Zeff said, with his back on his back.


Sanji focused and closed his eyes. He was struggling. After a long while, he opened his eyes, and his eyes were firm.


Suddenly, Sanji knelt on the ground and knocked his heads tree times to Zeff.

“Owner Zeff, I owe you a hell of a lot what ‘you’ve done for me I shall never forget!!!!”

‘Zeff’s mind trembled, closed his eyes, but he still could not stop the pouring of tears.

“Get out of here, men ‘shouldn’t cry!” He said.

Qin Yi watched this scene quietly; his feeling was indescribable. He was deeply impressed by the sentiments in this world.

He witnessed Friendship, blood, family, dreams, courage. In a short time, Qin Yi saw many scenes.

Half an hour later, Sanji was in the King’s boat.

Sanji was full of curiosity and. His eyes were turning hearts whenever he looked at Pomelo.

“I feel that my world will be bright from now on.”

“It’s all bright!”

Sanji stared at the cute face of Pomelo and said with a heart-eyes face.

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