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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 31: The Proof

Qin Yi smiled awkwardly.

Sanji was speechless. What could he say? However, when he glanced aside, his eyes ignored Buggy’s, and he saw Pomelo, holding orange juice and drinking.

“Wow, lovely Loli!” his eyes immediately become two red hearts.

Both eyes immediately become two peach hearts, and the whole person tends to soften.

Qin Yi laughed; he did not expect that Pomelo will attract him.

“Sanji, we are looking for you, especially.” Qin Yi said.

“looking for me for what?”

Sanji stared at Pomelo and said.

“For your dream.” Qin Yi said.

“My dream?”

Sanji turned his head and looked at Qin Yi with some sarcasm: “Do you know what my dream is?”

Qin Yi smiled and said.


Hearing this word, Sanji pupils contracted.

“Who the hell are you?”

“A person who knows you and is willing to help you.” Qin Yi said.

“You know me? No way!”

Sanji shook his head. He never told anyone about his life. From the moment he stepped out of the island, he was another man.

“One day in the future, are you sure you won’t meet your three brothers? moreover, your ruthless father?”

“If you want to choose your destiny, join me, you will fulfill your dream, and you will have the power to make them unable to do anything to you..”

“Sanji I hope you believe me.” Qin ‘Yi’s eyes became serious, and he said.

Three short sentences, making Sanji stunned. The man in front of him knows him!

“Who on earth are you?” Sanji was shocked.

“I said, I’m a person who wants to help you.”

“Think about it, Sanji. We want you to join us!” Qin Yi smiled.

Sanji once again observed the three visitors on the table, a young man, a lovely Loli, and a clown.

“Just the three of you?”

“It’s not just three. We’re an organization.” Qin Yi said.

“organization?” Sanji asked.

“kingdom! to be specific,” Qin Yi said directly.

“a kingdom that is establishing, we seek strong men! In my eyes, you are a real strong man!”

“I admire you very much!”

Sanji was stunned. A king invited him to join? After a while, a sneer appeared in the corner of his mouth.

“Whom are you fooling?”

As soon as he turned around, Sanji left quickly.

Looking at Sanji’s back, Qin Yi shook his head.

He didn’t care about Sanji’s attitude. Anyone can do this in such a situation. Will he join them? Qin Yi just invited to try. As in the manga, Sanji is not strong enough at this time, but its potential can not be ignored.

The plan now, the Council and the army will go first to occupy Alabasta. Moreover, their projects will be arranged, Qin Yi, on the other hand, was responsible for recruiting a group of influential people.

As for Madara, Qin Yi knows very well that this man can’t stay idle. With his understanding of the world, the news will break out sooner or later. He was happy; they need such things to attract sight.

“Your Majesty, this man is hesitating,” Pomelo said.

Qin Yi nodded.

Yes, although Sanji showed that look before he left.

However, his heart has been shaken.

Going back to the kitchen, Sanji,  he seems absent-minded.

“What’s wrong with you, boy? There is too much spice. Can’t you see it? “Zeff roared.

usually, he would react hard with the old man, but this time, he was silent.

Zeff thought it is strange, but he ignored it.

After a while, Sanji suddenly said.

“Old man, if I said, I want to leave, would you agree?”

“What did you say? Leave? Do you want to fly before your wings get strong?” Zeff sneered.

“I’m going to the Grand Line to find ALL BLUE!” Sanji said.

He was attracted, young teenagers have endless dreams. Although Qin Yi’s words are brief and without much explaining, he pointed directly to the weakness of Sanji. Although he has been here all the time and he loves his life here. However, Sanji knows very well that his future is not here!

“Did someone said something to you? What can you do alone?” Zeff said.

Having hesitated, Sanji will meet Qin Yi and tell him about his decision.

“Well, if you want to go, pull out some rare old oils and sell it, you need to make money first!” Zeff put the pan on the stove and said, Sanji wiped off his jacket, turned around and stepped out of the kitchen.

“Sanji, don’t turn your back to me!” When Sanji reached the restaurant door, Zeff turned and roared.

Zeff went quickly to Qin Yi’s table.

“Is the food delicious?” said Zeff.

Qin Yi looked up and saw this man beside him and anger flying from his eyes. He immediately understood what was going on.

“absolutely delicious, ‘Sanji’s cooking is great!”

“talkative, I see, no wonder the stinky boy will be fooled by your words.” Zeff sneered.

“Mr. Zeff, do you think I’m deceiving Sanji?” Qin Yi asked.

Before Zeff answered, Qin Yi, said again.

“No, anyone in my identity, status, and strength, doesn’t need to deceive a teenager. I invited Sanji just because I appreciated him.”

“I think we can go all the way together and we will achieve our goals.”

Zeff was stunned and realized that the man in front of him had different opinions. However, he won’t be so easily convinced.

“Goals? Where are you going?” With a sneer, Zeff shouted.

“Grand Line? East Blue?”

Glancing at Buggy, he said, “Just Buggy? With this little pirate who has no ambition?”

when Buggy heard that he felt angry, but when Qin Yi glanced at him, he sat there indignantly and did not respond.

Pomelo was still drinking her juice quietly.

Qin Yi heard such harsh words, but he said with a smile on his face.

“Actually, the Grand line is only our first step. Next, I will go to the New World. In this world, there are too many things to do!”

Zeff was shocked and amazed by the person in front of him.

“Stinky boy, stop pretending ‘you’re a powerful man.”

Qin Yi looked straight at the old man in front of him: “Actually, ‘I’m not a pretender. Mr. Zeff.”

“Since you question my strength, I’ll show you.”

Qin Yi stood up and went outside the restaurant.

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