The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 43: Where Are the Celestial Dragons

“I can’t! I am leaving here, beautiful lady.” Robin said.

“You can’t leave here. I’ve got the news that the sent an Admiral, Aokiji, to come.”

“Their purpose is probably to explore the Baroque Works and the Alabasta situation!” Vivi said she wanted to persuade her.

“I’m afraid I can’t be here with you anymore. Goodbye!” She opened the door and went away.

Seeing her walking so simply, Vivi stayed, and she was crying.

“Anyway, I’m going to find a man named the King.”

“This country is ours. We can’t let him take it like that!”

Robin, who was separated from Vivi, was in a bad mood.


The name, which seemed like a shadow to her, made her tremble when she heard it.

“How can he come back?!”

Compared with the newly built Qin State, she was more afraid of the lazy, cold man.

On the world side, once the news of the founding of the State of Qin, it had been quickly published out by major newspapers and then spread to all the world. But in the Grand Line, the change, rise, and fall of a country are as common as eating and drinking water, but they only attracted some people’s attention and made some people’s eyebrows rise slightly without causing a significant disturbance.

“Has Alabasta been destroyed and replaced by a dynasty named the Qin?”

“Qin State, the name is interesting.”

“I heard that there is the territory of Crocodile; something is interesting about this.”

Some people were interested in the news, which occupied only a small part of the page in the newspaper. The news is less attractive than the fluctuations in the Bounty of the great pirates active in the sea.

In the Marine headquarters.

At this time, Sengoku was staring at the newspapers on the table.

“It’s so fast! Who is that fleet of more than sixty ships?”

“What happened in Alabasta at this time?”

“Who is Qin Yi?”

He knew very well the dangers of that large fleet. It was only seven days since the discovery that they had taken Alabasta. What’re the Intentions of these guys? Or, what is it for?

In this age of pirates, all eyes are on pirates, but is there anyone who has been quietly looking at another way of development?

Compared with pirates, most countries are active on land and their influence, not that big. Because of the special geography of this world, on the other hand, the pirate is a very active and flexible part, which is more threatening to the Marine and the World Government. So, for a long time, they did not expect that someone else would rise from the other side.

Of course, the revolutionary army is another matter.

At this moment, the Marine Fleet staring at the Alabasta.

“he must be highly cautious in handling this matter,” said Sengoku and took his Den Den Mushi.


“Aokiji, I am Sengoku!”

“Oh, Sengoku Sama,” he said.

“Have you read the latest newspaper?” Sengoku said.

“Just finished, Alabasta has changed its dynasty, which makes me very embarrassed. Can I apply for refusal of this mission and go to other places for a tour?” Aokiji’s words made Sengoku’s face gloomy.

Shut up, Aokiji! You still have to go to Alabasta!”

“But, What you have to do is to explore information about the Qin State.”

“Be sure to figure out their goals, a fleet that traverses the sea, aiming at countries on land. This is unusual!”

“Moreover, their predatory possession also violates the laws of the World Government and the laws of the Marine!” Taking a breath, Sengoku roared.

“Of course, you will act according to the situation!”

Aokiji scratched his head, listened to Sengoku without respond. Standing at the boat, he cut off the Den Den Mushi.

“What a troublesome task, a fleet, and a country…” Aokiji sighed.

In the office of the Marine headquarters, Sengoku has a headache.

In addition to the Qin incident, there was another piece of information on his desk at this time.

“The latest information, Red Asura, has arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago!”

“And, someone saw him walking with Portgas D. Ace.”

Hold his fist tight, Sengoku was very tense at this time.

“Who the hell is that guy? he has arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago with Portgas D. Ace! “

“You must stop messing around,”

he said, but at this time Sengoku had a bad feeling.

In the Sabaody Archipelago.

Five people were walking in a noisy street; the first one was Madara.

His ancient dress was undoubtedly very eye-catching, causing many people to point out.

But Madara was not looking at these people. Behind him, the three generals looked at each other with complicated eyes, while Ace looked dull and occasionally distressed.

At this time, Ace clearly remembered the brief conversation between Sensei Madara and him in the morning.


“Huh? Sensei? “

“I heard that there is a guy named Celestial Dragon on this island?”

“Celestial Dragons? That’s a group.”

Before he had finished speaking, Madara said.

“Strong? I will kill them today!”

“I have been tired of such a boring life in this world!”

Ace wanted to talk, but Madara continued.

“At last, we can have fun!”

Then, at this time. Ace’s heart was not calm.

Celestial Dragons that is a group of troublesome people ah! Although he was fearless, facing such people make so many unhandled troubles.

As long as a problem arises, it will attract worldwide attention and even invite the Admirals. By that time, what will the Sabaody Archipelago be like? It’s unimaginable!

But Ace also knew Madara’s character. During this time.

Advise was useless!

This Sensei had all the characteristics of the strong men.

Cold, indifferent, rough!

At this time, they wandered in the street to find the Celestial Dragons.

Suddenly, Madara stopped and asked loudly.

“Who knows where the Celestial Dragons are?”