The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 42: Assassination

After the defeat of Crocodile, the conquest of Alabasta was easy.

The Council was very precise; at the very beginning of the operation, they controlled the leading domestic rebels. All the critical military and political positions were under their control. For the rest, as long as the general situation remains unchanged, it will only be a matter of time before it is completely conquered.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Qin Yi was already sitting on the throne of the Alubarna palace under the arrangement of the Council.

Looking down, Qin Yi smiled at the strange faces of Alabasta’s ministers.

“Maybe you are not familiar with me.”

“I’m suspicious too.”

“But what I want to say that these are not problems, because we get along with each other as time goes on.”

“You will feel that your choice is the best, and you will be glad that you have chosen this in the future,” said Qin Yi and his Majesty came out.

During the time, all the officials and ministers standing in the palace were in awe. Under the majesty of the king, they could do nothing but submit and kneel.

“Now you can go!” Hearing Qin Yi’s words, officials and ministers of Alabasta immediately put their right fist on their chest and bowed down to salute in the way they had been before.

“You did a good job, and, this country is called the Qin Kingdom now!”

“To do everything well for the State of Qin!” Qin Yi said.

For the former officials of Alabasta, as long the Kingdom is stable they have no problem. For Qin Yi, this is only the beginning.

The conquest of the Dragon Emperor’s world changed his heart and gave him a broader pursuit.

Alabasta is just a starting point for his spread of power to other parts of the Grand Line.

“I have a foundation. Now it’s time to build a reputation.” Qin Yi muttered.

The world of One Piece is different from the world of Naruto and the world of the Dragon Emperor. His sphere of influence is calculated not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of land. Otherwise, why are the world’s governments and pirates the mainstream in So many countries? In this respect, Qin Yi has made clear the critical point, that is, fame, reputation!

For example, the four Yonko may not have many people or territory under their command. However, they still have high prestige and reputation all over the world and are respected by the world.

That is to say, if Qin Yi wants to build a country as high as the four Yonko, he must first acquire a reputation as loud as theirs.

When others hear the name of Qin kingdom or his name, they must be in awe and panic. Only in this way can he establish the projection of the Portal between the two boundaries and conquer the world thoroughly.

“It’s not hard to get a reputation.”

“According to some people in the manga, the most important thing is.”

After a pause, Qin Yi’s eyes were fixed, and his mouth was smiling.

“Do things!”

Yes, in this world, the way to quickly improve your reputation is crude and straightforward. Kill a big pirate of a large bounty or destroy a Marine Branch. In the manga, the black beard was able to quickly ascend to the four Yonko, no doubt because he killed the white beard and plundered his ability.

Strength and a great event are indispensable to bring an excellent reputation.

The Council disapproved of such a plan of action, because it was too crude, attract enemies, and easy to leave hidden dangers.


“I’m not a person who hides and twists!”

“Besides, people in this world all like big, tough guys!” with a smirk, Qin Yi raised his hand.

Invited soldiers.

“Go and publish to the whole world that Alabasta has been renamed the State of Qin since today and is under the control of his own government!”

The soldier was stunned, but he did not hesitate to go down quickly.

“Now, it’s almost here!”

“the rest depends on you, Madara!” Qin Yi muttered.

He clearly remembered the agreement he made with Madara just before entering the country.

Alubarna, in an alley.

“Hurry up! The State of Qin has just been built, so we must quickly settle down in our country!” Qin soldiers dressed in military uniforms passed quickly through the roadways one by one.

When the soldiers passed, and the entrance was quiet, Robin, wearing a cowboy hat and lowering her cap to cover her face, came out quickly.

After a few left and right glances, she disappeared in a flash.

“Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, the whole country has changed its dynasty. Even Crocodile has been arrested!”

Running fast, Robin was in a mess.

It was hard to find a place where I could live temporarily, but everything changed.

“You must find your foothold quickly and leave here as soon as possible.”

Crocodile was arrested, and the Baroque works were destroyed by the Qin soldiers not long ago. At this time, she feared that they were being chased everywhere.

Just as the woman was in confusion, a hand suddenly reached out and pulled her into a house, and closed the door quickly.

“Miss all-Sunday!” these words made her be shocked.

She was a little surprised when she saw her face.

“Miss Wednesday!”

“it’s me.”

This person is Vivi, formerly known as Princess Nefertari Vivi, the princess of Alabasta!

“I didn’t expect that you have escaped.” Robin smiled.

“Miss all-Sunday, I wonder if you have any plans?” ViVi asked quickly.

“Plan? Baroque Works have destroyed, even our boss has been arrested, what plans can we have? I’m going to leave here.” Robin sighed.

Vivi was very complicated. She went into Baroque’s works to find out the truth. Unexpectedly, one day, everything was clear, but Alabasta was getting farther and farther away from her. At this moment, she was very confused and wondered what the future would be.

“I don’t know what to do, either.”

“But I was a princess of Alabasta, and now the country has been plundered by others.”

“The guy who is called Qin, I am going to assassinate him!” She said and looked at Robin.

“What about you? Do you want to save the Boss of Baroque works, Crocodile?

Vivi absolutely hated these people who had harmed Alabasta and his father. However, at this moment, in this more chaotic case, they were better of course.

“Save him?”