The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 47: One More

The navy soldiers there were nervous; there was only one person against them but with the power of an admiral.

Gradually, their faces began to twist and become crazy. In the front of the pressure of Madara’s strength, the Navy’s nerves began to get out of control, and adrenaline soared.

“kill him!” all of them roared and rushed toward him.

“very well!” Madara smirked and rushed forward.

The two sides collided again.

Just with few punches, he beat already six men.

Then he leaped up quickly and rotated then he crushed bench of soldiers with a powerful kick. They were comfortably beaten one by one.

Although they were many Madara was a legend in One Piece as in Naruto.

After a while, Madara saw with his Mangekyou Sharingan that a steady stream of reinforcement was coming.

He stepped on a soldier’s body and soared into the air, printing with his hands.

his mouth swelled up, he blew out to the direction of the reinforcements below.

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”


Hot flames swept hundreds of meters, turning everything in front of it into ashes. The flame was like huge waves, twisting, roaring, rushing out in all directions with thousands of meters long.

In the face of this supernatural phenomenon, the navy soldiers could not help but scream.

After this, Madara was looking coldly at the scene before him.

Ace followed him.


Ace was amazed by the strength of Madara.

“I see that there are Celestials dragons in other places here,” Madara said.

Then he turned around and walked away.

Ace was stunned. It was not enough to kill the four celestials Dragons. Does his Sensei intend to exterminate this noble race?

Shock, fear, excitement, all kinds of difficult emotions poured into his heart so that his whole body began to chill.

Why did he suddenly feel that following Madara was more exciting than being a pirate?

Four minutes after the five guys left, a Vice Admiral came in with a large number of soldiers.

“This is?!”

When he saw everything on the place, the Vice Admiral’s eyes contracted, especially after seeing Bastille, he became even more shocked.

“He killed him with just one kick to his head!”

“This man’s strength is terrible!” The Vice Admiral sighed.

“Tell me about the enemy?”

After a careful examination, the Vice Admiral went to a soldier, who was seriously injured and remain alive and asked.

“There are five enemies, one of them is Portgas D. Ace and the one who did this to us, calling himself Uchiha Madara!”

“He’s too strong. We’re all about 1000 soldiers. he smashed the all of us without we even could touch him!”

“they are heading toward the area 26!” struggling, he said.

“26th area! There are Celestials Dragons there!” the Vice Admiral heard him and was shocked.

All the present people’s faces changed.

“These five guys are really reckless, what do they want to do from targeting the Celestials Dragons!!?!”

“Is they going to be enemies of the whole world?”

the Vice Admiral was shocked.

Area 26.

at this time,

The street here is quiet to the utmost; people were kneeling silently. If you look closely, you can see that these people were trembling all over as if they are afraid of something.

Gradually, a fancy crowd came to the street.

A man with a bubble on his head was strolling. He was looking straight ahead with a careless face; he didn’t look at the kneeling people on both sides. He was familiar with this scene. Behind him, a group of men wearing black suits.

In the silent street, only the sound of a man walking alone.

About two minutes later, he reached the center of the street. Suddenly, this Noble Man seemed to see something interesting; his eyebrows raised slightly, he glanced at the kneeling people beside him.

The guard behind him saw a cute woman with pink hair.

“Your Excellency, do you like this mortal?” the bodyguard asked in a low voice.

“HMM.” The Celestial dragon nodded and did not say much.

The guards smiled and already knew what to do, and they had to walk toward the woman.

“what’s this?”

But at this time, a high roar came from above so that all of the people there could not help but shocked, and then looked up.

When the Dragon Man looked up his pupils immediately shrank, he screamed in horror and despair.


At this time, the guards also were trembling violently, they saw a chained scythe rotating, flying at breakneck speed toward them.


Almost as soon as they saw it, it was in front of them.

The guard felt a wet thing on his face and trembled violently when he wiped his face and saw the color of his fingers.


Then he looked sharply to the side, the guard was staring at Madara, and his pupil had shrunk to a point.


The guard screamed in horror and stood in front of him. The Noble Man’s head cut off, and blood sprayed high.

For a moment, the bodyguards panicked. Faced with the Celestial Dragon who lost his head, they had no idea what to do.

The Head of the Noble Man fell to the ground.

Only then did the guards see that in front of them, they were slowly stepping forward, and their leader was cold and withdrawing his weapon.

“It’s a stain to kill him with the Gunbai of Uchiha clan!” Madara sighed.

People kneeling noticed something unusual. Someone secretly raised his head. When he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately screamed.

“oh my God!!”

“How can this be!”

“A Celestial Dragon, killed!!”