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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 48: Akainu

“Disgusting creatures!” sighed Madara, cleaning his scythe.

“Who are you?!!” The guards were shocked and angry.

“Ants are not qualified to talk to me!” Madara stepped forward, and his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan was rotating.

Immediately, the guards standing in front of him fell into Genjutsu.

Madara and others passed by the guards, and their figures gradually disappeared.

The civilians were stunned and watched the five left and then looked at the blood pool and the motionless guards. This scene was like a dream or a miracle. Everyone was shocked by what happened here.

Soon after, a large number of navies arrived.

“he preceded us; he’s too fast!”

“he’s chasing the Celestial Dragons one by one, It seems that he has got the exact location of them!

“Quickly try to inform those Celestials Dragons to go out of these islands!” The Vice Admiral roared.

The successive significant incidents have plunged the Marine into a tense atmosphere.

“Besides, find the trail of those five people!”

The vice admiral felt very strange. Clearly, the five people knew the location of the celestial dragons. But on at the contrary, their Intelligence officers could not detect their whereabouts. They could only speculate on their whereabouts.

Time was passing slowly; it was just four hours after the killing of the first Celestial Dragon.

But up to this time, Madara who caused the disaster had not caught. On the contrary, the Marine could not even guess his next goal.

Never before has the Marine met such a difficult opponent!

At this time, Sabaody Archipelago, area 29.

six Vice Admirals gathered here, they were nervous, and they were arguing loudly.

“According to the trajectory of the group, we cannot guess where they’ll go, our best option is to set here and wait for them!”

“You need to take into account the strength of this group, who can easily kill the Vice Admiral Bastille, the five of us cannot play a role in this big game.”

“Yes, what we can do now is to delay his forward.”

“In addition, Celestials dragons are a headache. Why would they be caught after we notified them that they have to avoid them?

“So far, twelve Celestial dragons have been killed by that fellow!”

the Vice Admirals were shouting loudly.

No one had ever imagined that the Sabaody Archipelago that has always been under strict naval supervision could burst in such an earth-shaking event. By this time, the news of the killing of Celestial Dragons had spread to the world. The Marine can’t stop it, too many people have witnessed it. This kind of news can’t stop its spread at all.

no doubt that this matter will be a major strike to the reputation of the Marine.

A sound of footsteps got closer.

“Sakazuki, why are you here? You are too slow!!!”

One of the old Vice Admirals shouted loudly.

“Oh? If you couldn’t catch the criminal, will you come and yell at me?”

“You have to figure out the gap between our strength, old boy!” Akainu said coldly that, with his arrival, all the people present felt great pressure and became tense.

As one of the three Admirals, Akainu’s strength is known to any One Piece fan. His quality and his perseverance to justice have frightened not only the pirates but also the Marine.

“Although there is no need to explain it to you, but I still want to say…”

“According to your methods, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch that guy until tomorrow.” After a pause, Akainu walked toward them and sneered.

“I caught a few pirates on my way to here, and I have a much better plan than your plan to stop this headless flies!” He said and, the soldiers behind him took the pirates up.

“crew of the Spade Pirates?!”

the Vice Admirals looked at him and were stunned.

“Now, we just need to find an open, deserted place and wait quietly for them to come,” Akainu said with a sneer when he saw that the crowd was speechless.

This group of guys is not only scum but also stupid; he had the fun of crushing and humiliating both sides.

At 6:00 p.m, they just stepped into the jewelry store, preparing to kill the three Celestial Dragons in front of them, suddenly a voice sounded.

“Portgas D. Ace, this is Marine, if you don’t come to Area 66, your partners will be executed!”

As the sound came out, photographs were thrown all over the island.

Suddenly, Ace was shocked, and his face changed dramatically. He did not hesitate and ran out of the store.

When he had bent to pick up a photograph on the ground and saw it clearly, his pupils shrank, and he clenched his fist.


In the jewelry store, Madara strode forward and punched the three of them.

The three of them who were buying jewelry were beaten against the wall and died immediately.

After that, Madara went out.

“Where are they?” When he arrived behind Ace, he asked coldly.

“Master, they…” Ace said painfully.

“where?” Madara again asked coldly.

At this time, the three Generals were also serious. Were staring at Ace.

“Area 66, where the navy is stationed, it’s an ambush for sure!” Ace took a deep breath and sighed.

“Lead the way.” Madara said.

Qin lin’s eyes twinkled, thinking for a moment, Yang Yi took out a Den Den Mushi.

“Madara, we have to report this to your Majesty.”

Even though the Three Generals think Madara is powerful, they didn’t know what the real strength that the Navy hide.

“No need!”

Madara said without turning his head back to them, and he was already rushing forward.

Ace followed closely behind.

the Generals looked at each other and said. “let’s tell his Majesty.”

Alabasta, in the Palace of Alubarna.

Qin Yi was sitting in a pavilion, in front of him was Crocodile.

“Soon, the Navy will arrive.”

“Crocodile, I need you to deal with them.” He said.

Qin Yi didn’t take too much time to convince Crocodile to join him, But until this time, he has been shocked by the identity and whereabouts of Qin Yi.

“I understand! Your Majesty!” Crocodile said.

Qin Yi nodded. He was very satisfied with his attitude. He has always been admiring Crocodile.

Just then, a soldier came out and handed over the Den Den Mushi.

“Your Majesty, this is General Qin lin!”