The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 49: He Is Coming

“Oh?” Qin Yi’s eyebrows were raised slightly, and he wondered what had happened with Madara.

“Your Majesty, something has happened!”

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed and said lightly, “what!”

“The Navy caught Ace’s crew, and they’re forcing us to go to their place, and Madara in his way to them now!” Qin Lin said quickly.

“Do you know who’s in charge of this Navy forces?” Qin Yi asked.

He knew that when he gave that order to Madara, it would inevitably lead to major events, and he was ready for it. The reason for this is, on the one hand, to use the power of Madara to make him famous in this world. On the other hand, it is necessary to measure the difference and disparity between the power of the One Piece world and Naruto’s through Madara.

In the world of Naruto, Madara is absolutely the strongest person in the world, and there are only a few who can provoke him. But what about One Piece? What is the power difference between the two civilizations at the same level (Star-level)?

Is the strength of Madara strength equal to that of an Admiral, or a Yonko…?

“It’s the Admiral Akainu!” Qin Lin said.

“Akainu?” Qin Yi smiled.

“Well, let Madara go and do it to his limit. As long as he’s alive, there’s no need to worry.”

Qin Lin was stunned and said urgently, “But we don’t know the power of this world yet.”

“Rest assured, this is Madara; there will be no problem.” Qin Yi said.

“You just need to protect yourself and give the rest to Madara to do!”

After that, Qin Yi hung up the Den Den Mushi.

He still believes in Madara’s strength. All kinds of devil fruits, Haki, and weapon abilities in the world of One Piece are unique and powerful. But on the other hand, Ninjutsu and bloodlines… in the world of Naruto are very strong too.

Undoubtedly, Qin Yi can also prove his doubts about the collision of forces in the different worlds that have always been in his mind.

There is a gap between the Dragon Emperor’s world and Naruto’s world, but One Piece is undoubtedly a useful reference for proof, which plays a vital role in his future wars in other realms.

“Let me see what you can do!”

“Uchiha Madara!”

His eyes suddenly turned into the King’s eyes, and he was already following Madara.

The King’s eyes saw through all the obstacles and let him see all the scenes he wants even thousands of miles away.

On the Sabaody Archipelago.

Madara was leaping forward, between the trees.

Ace in the rear was unable to catch up with such a speed of running.

“Sensei is too fast! How strong is he?!” he was shocked more and more after that Madara disappeared from the area vision of Ace.

“Don’t worry, Ace. Madara will do everything!”

The three Generals listened to Qin Yi’s orders, and they have only to obey.

They did not really see Madara’s strength, only know that he is one of the country’s top force, but they didn’t know much about his power.

At this time, the three generals were also curious and looking forward to it.

Gradually, Madara disappeared into their eyes. He ran faster and faster, and eventually, he separated completely from them.

The wind was whistling around his ear, the scenes on both sides were rapidly retrograde, and his Mangekyou Sharingan’s were stable looking forward.

After Ace pointed out the approximate direction, he quickly determined the direction.

“Admiral? I heard it’s one of the supreme power of this world.”

“Don’t let me down!”

Madara was undoubtedly disappointed by the strength he has seen since his arrival.

Soon, he saw 66 numbers written on big trees.

“Here it is!”

After he scanned the place with his eyes and determined the direction, Madara leaped high and did not hesitate to rush straight into it.

Area 66 is the base of the Navy in the Sabaody Archipelago.

At the moment, there are many naval forces well-armed on three floors. The navy soldiers were looking serious, armed with rifles and swords. In the front row, ten Vice Admirals stood there with cold eyes.

At the bottom of the Marine station, there was a well-carved, luxurious solid wooden square chair, on which Sakazuki was sitting, dressed a standard Marine cap, double-breasted suit, decorated with a pink rose on his left buttonhole.

He lifted his right leg and put it on his left thigh. His eyes were sharp and cold.

On one side of the platform beside him, there were the Spade pirates who were tied up by ropes.

The number of naval soldiers here is nearly 5,000. There are three hundred under Vice Admiral Rank officers. There are ten Vice Admirals and one Admiral. Any pirate crew, facing such a vast lineup must take it seriously.

However, at the moment, their enemies are only a group of people.

“Akainu Sama, will they come?” Vice Admiral standing underneath, shouted.

The Akainu frowned and stared coldly at him. Directly, the Vice-Admiral turned his head and quieted down.

“I don’t want to hear someone else asking such silly questions.”

Everyone was waiting quietly, waiting for the guys who dared to kill the Celestial Dragons.

Time passed slowly, suddenly, at a particular moment.

“he’s coming!!” a bunch of soldiers shouted.

The entire naval army’s pupils shrank at this moment, and their eyebrows contracted.

All of them saw the black silhouette falling from the sly.


Sakaschi sat in the square chair and shouted and ordered.

In the naval station, the expression of the Navy became fierce and crazy directly.

They knew that their enemy defeated a Vice Admiral and 1000 between injured or dead soldiers, this moment, because of tension, their adrenaline level soared rapidly, and they all roared loudly.

The man who has been falling from the sky landed.