The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 50: Boring


The land collapsed, and the dust rose.

Just then, the ground cracked, and the field began to shake.

The navy army was rushing toward him!


The navies looked mad and shouted. He rushed into the crowd and were surrounded by the marines at this moment.

Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan rotated rapidly and scanning all the area, Madara was smiling with excitement.

“Such a battle is what I want!”

“I miss that feeling!”

He jumped up and…


He fell down the stones collapsed, and instantly there was rubble splashing out. In a flash, dozens of the rushing soldiers were hit by the gravel and fell, the blood splattered.

Madara’s eyes seemed to be redder; he clenched his fists.

At this time, his body made such kinds of incredible attacks, like he was dancing, moving back and forth, left and right, avoiding the strikes from all sides.

“Haah!” Madara stepped to the face of one of them; then he pulled a kunai and waved.

“Puff puff!”

In just a couple of minutes, the navy army rows fell one after another.

“retreat!!! Attack with a gun!” Behind him, the officer saw the scene, roared.

Madara continued fighting with a smirk.

They shot Madara with their guns. The bullets attacked that seemed could not be avoided. But to his eyes, the trajectories of these bullets were clear.

After a few strides, he leaped one by one and came to the top of the officer’s head with a single slash.


Blood spilled, and the officer’s body fell to the ground without the head.

When the soldiers saw this scene, their madness, momentum, and brave… in this battle ended here.

“Is that all?”

After three steps, Madara jumped up and rushed to an officer of another side.

“Stop him!” A Vice Admiral was standing in the back roared.

He seemed like he was playing not fighting five thousand navies, no one could stop from going to the other side.

The soldiers responded and again ran toward him. They are not afraid of death. Faced with this single-shot madman, they vow to show the fearlessness and bravery of the navy.

“you want to stop me, huh!” Madara was in the air; he looked down and smirked.

He kicked the soldiers around him with one kick, and he was rushing forward, smashing all of the soldiers dared to stand in front of him.

“Such power!”

“Who the hell is he?!”

The army was utterly stuck. Madara was fighting with his body and a small kunai, his moves seemed chaotic, but each strike accurately hit the enemy’s weaknesses. Moreover, he seemed to have the ability to predict and to see all their movements.

Such a man is terrible!

“Get out of here! You are not his opponents!” At that moment, some of the ten Vice Admirals finally shouted.

It is impossible to stop this man with the strength of these weak soldiers. The power of the other side is indeed terrible.

Striding forward, the Vice Admiral pulled out his sword and ran toward Madara.

“It’s Vice Admiral Coulomb. He’s a famous swordsman. He must be able to cut off this guy!” Someone shouted and was in a moment of high spirits.

“Swordsman?” he stared at him; they rushed toward each other.

Both men’s speeds rose to their peak at this moment, and then they waved.

The two weapons collided.

In the instant of the collision, sparks were fired, and the blade rubs rapidly.

All of a sudden.

A smirk appeared on Coulomb’s face.

“you lose!”

A crack appeared on the Kunai of Madara and then it broke.

In his hands, there was only a broken kunai, but Coulomb’s sword was fine.

“One Sword Style, hurricane strike!”

Coulomb roared, and his sword was swept up with a small wind blade at this moment.

Madara at this time looked at the sword, still expressionless.

Suddenly, he glimpsed at him with his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

Coulomb’s body suddenly stiffened, and his sword was still.

Stepping slowly, Madara cut off his head.

When he surpassed him, Coulomb had fallen to the ground.

The soldiers’ expression changed greatly.

A Vice Admiral got killed easily; it’s the second Vice-admiral that killed by this madman.


“kill him!”

The other nine Vice Admirals, who stood in the same place, suddenly became angry. They rushed out one by one, toward Madara and surrounded him from all directions.

“huh, I thought that I would have fun, don’t disappoint me…” Madara pulled his Gunbai.

Subsequently, he looked at the nine Vice Admirals in front of him pull out swords, lift their fists, or use fruit abilities, and he was standing in his place.

He lifted his right hand, directing the Gunbai toward them.


Vice Admirals have already next to him, Madara was calm.

For defeat such an opponent, the Vice Admirals attacked with all their strength. They must take down this madman with one stroke.

They saw this weird guitar-like thing in front of them.

This thing seemed to be a paper or wooden thing, so they just planned to attack him and didn’t care about this thing.

“Just a broken fan!” They said.

Just then, Madara smirked.

“Uchiha Reflection!”

At the same time, nine attacks fell on the Gunbai. It’s like throwing a stone on the lake, and the ripples begin to spread out. The nine attacks were absorbed by Gunbai at this moment and then burst out aga