The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 52: Kagutsuchi

Many saplings rose up from the ground, becoming thick and tall. The seedlings spread and the entire marine station was quickly broken. The earth began to shake sharply, and the army there screamed in a panic. It was shocking to discover that in a couple of seconds, their surroundings area had turned into a vast dense forest.

Huge flowers were blooming; weird pollen was spreading from these flowers.

In the twinkling of an eye, the forest was surrounding all the navy army.

“This, what ability is this?!”

“He, he can create a forest!”

“who the hell his is? What is this ability?”

“Why do I feel he is a god!” The Marines were stunned. They were nervous in the forest. They could feel the natural threat and danger in their hearts, but they did not know where they came from.

“let’s play, Magma Boy.” stood steadily on a branch, said Madara with a sneer.

Akainu scanned the dense forest with shocked eyes; he knew that Madara created the forest; he never felt such a sense of threat.

The next moment, a thick branch began to grow and extend, almost instantly, it tied a group of the navy around it. And the vast flowers were spreading pollen, and many of navies inhaled it and immediately fell unconscious.

“Be careful! This pollen is poisonous!” Akainu’s eyes changed, and he shouted.

He looked up sharply and saw dozens of strong hard branches coming towards him quickly, twisting along the way, forming a fierce, angry dragon head.

“Dai Funka!”

With a shout of rage, Akainu released a tremendous amount of magma on his right arm, which quickly grew more prominent and thicker, and then crashed into the wooden dragon.


At the moment of the collision, Akainu was more nervous.

“This wood is solid!”

The magma collided with the woods; the problem is it did not burn instantaneously but was melting slowly. It was as if his magma had not touched wood but steel, which made Akainu feel more suspicious.

After a punch, Akainu jumped high, dodged, and a sharp wood branch stabbed him.

“Moon step!”

Akainu didn’t care and leaped again, and his eyes fixed on Madara. Approaching him quickly.

When he was next to him, Akainu punched him with a big magma fist, its diameter reaching 10 meters.

Madara’s expression was indifferent.

“Shinra Tensei!” Even after the sudden advance, Madara raised his hand, pointed at Akainu’s face, and said indifferently.


The terrible repulsion pushed Akainu and his Magma back. His head smashed and was gathering.


“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

A water dragon released, attacked Akainu.

The latter’s face recovered with a gloomy expression, he glanced at the army of the navy had fallen unconscious or tied up by branches, And the Spade Pirates have also been rescued.

“You’ve pissed me off!”

“I’ll let you know the strength of an Admiral!”

he said, Akainu stepped, and the magma was boiling on his body and was about to verge of an explosion.

“Meteor volcano!!”

his fists were expanding rapidly, becoming bigger and bigger, becoming a vast fists shape.

Sakazuki pointed his both fists into the air and fired a significant number of magma fists upward Madara.

“I will see your real power, huh!”

“I am so excited about such a powerful attack!”

Madara leaped quickly and dodged again and again under the lava fist attacked by Akainu.

Even Madara, facing these countless meteor-like lava fists, he could not help but dodge.


Akainu roared wildly, and his fists almost invisible from the meteors out of it at this moment. More and more lava fists were rushed out by him and bombarded the ground and trees ahead.

The hot and boiling fists of lava quickly destroyed the big trees and made the whole dense forest burn up in flames.

Madara dodged quickly, all the way back, and finally with the help of a branch, jumped up sharply.

He was looking down, half of the dense forests he had created were now burned by lava. Akainu attacks were covering a wide range.

“This boy is Kagutsuchi!”

“In this case, then I will use 30% of my strength,  let’s dance in this sea of fire!” Madara smirked and flew high.

Below, Akainu roaring and two fists have rushed to the sky in the size of mountains.

Incredible, shocking! People in this world could have accomplished such a scale of attacks.

Madara’s heart was a little surprised but more excited.

“Game over!” Suddenly, Madara shouted.

“Shinra Tensei!”

The repulsive force began to repel everything, and all the area seemed to tremble above and below. A terrible ripple quickly covered thousands of meters, covering the entire naval base, no, the whole area 66, and shaking everything.

The gigantic Meteor volcanos also stopped at 10 meters in front of Madara at this moment.

Above the tree, Akainu’s eyes stared angrily, and his pupils shrank. A touch of shock and disbelief appeared on his face.

“impossible!” He roared.

The repulsion force from top to bottom at this moment, will crush and squeeze everything in sight.


people in the other islands of Sabaody Archipelago saw a huge mushroom cloud rose up in Area 66, and the horrible shock spread, leaving everyone gasping and shaking.

“‘What’s happening?”