The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 53: Akainu Moon

“isn’t the naval station there ?!”

The giant mushroom cloud, with the dust that followed, almost covered the entire island. Anyone can guess what happened to the island in such a spectacular scene.

On another island near area 66, Ace and the Generals who had just arrived suddenly stopped and looked ahead in shock.

Dust obscured everything on the island.

But the violent vibration didn’t stop. Through the smoke, we could see the enormous bottomless pit spreading from the center to all directions.

“The whole island has been destroyed! did Sensei do this?” Ace trembled.

I’m afraid it is, this man. can do many things!” Qin Lin shook her head and sighed.

They knew long ago that the Uchiha Madara would not be stopped so quickly when he went to the station. He will turn the world upside down, But this is your Majesty’s order, and they can’t stop this.

The dust and smoke rose and covered the island. For a moment, the four guys did not know whether they were going forward or backward.

Just then, a few people with loud coughing jumped out of the smoke. As soon as Ace looked at them, he roared.

“It’s them!”

It was the other crew members of the Spade Pirates who escaped, and their hearts were filled with horror. Anyway, they didn’t realize that the cold middle-aged man could fight the Admiral like that.

And, depending on the situation, this man still has the upper hand.

“Great. Did Sensei rescued you?” Ace ran over, picked up several people, and said excitedly.

“Sensei? That guy!?” they were surprised.

“Yeah, that is My Sensei Madara!” Ace said.

They looked at each other, but it was unexpected that Ace had followed this godlike man. But it’s good to get such a Sensei’s support. It’s good for them and Ace.

“That’s Sensei!” Just then, Ace saw Madara coming out of the dust.

At this moment, Madara was staying quietly in the void, folding his hands, looking down.

Suddenly, a lava fist rushed out and hit his body heavily, causing him to fall back immediately.

“Sensei!” Ace was shocked, screamed with fear, and moved, he would rush into the dust.

“Don’t go!” Qin Lin held Ace.

“Sensei, he…!”

“Madara will be fine; you can’t imagine his power!” Qin Lin said.

Because of the sudden attack, Madara could only block with his arms, and it burned his arms.

“Who did you think I am? you want to destroy me with such an attack, !!!”

Akainu’s roared, and the hot magma seemed to be able to be transmitted thousands of meters away.

Closely followed, a mass of magma bullets ejected from his front and headed straight for Madara.

Madara was expressionless at this moment; he slowly put down his arms, shook his hands.

“It hurts a little!” Madara said.

His hands were recovering quickly, but in a short time, they have recovered. After capturing Hashirama, he transplanted his cells, and Madara could regenerate rapidly as well with Rinnegan.

No matter how severe the injury is, as long as he doesn’t die instantly, he can recover quickly.

“with this Lava form, there are no effective ways to harm you?”

“In that case, you’ll be suspended in the air!” Suddenly his eyes became cold, and his hands slowly raised.

Twelve black balls emerged and then suspended from his palms roughly.

“True: Chibaku Tensei!” He roared, and the balls drifted fast up into the air.

The three generals who saw the flashing black balls immediately roared.


They grabbed Ace, and his crew hurried farther away.

At the next moment, 12 black balls suddenly erupted with incredible horror attraction. In the sky, twelve twisted whirlpools emerged, attracting all the existing there, dust and smoke around them. And the attraction force was growing.

The lava attacks of Akainu was pulled in by gravity in an instant and gathered for a big burning fireball.

Above the ground, the island crumbled, rocks, debris, and destroyed naval garrisons all rose at this moment, spinning rapidly toward the twelve black balls in the sky.

With a series of collision sounds, in a couple of seconds, there were twelve black balls encircled in a circle in the sky.

Akainu’s face has changed dramatically, even the attraction of those balls didn’t pull him for the moment, but everything here was pulled.

“What the hell is this?!” he sighed.

Madara was folding his hand quietly.

“what!” he roared, the attraction exerted on Akainu increased.

In an instant, he was floating up. In the air, Akainu moved toward the ball, but not just this, all the floating stones collided with him one after another, making his body unbalanced and difficult to control.

Twelve black balls together exerting force were beyond his resistance.

Just a couple of seconds, Akainu hit the ball hard. Instantly, all the stones fell on him, holding his whole body tightly.

Akainu was no longer visible.

The island of area 66 shattered with some pieces of the next islands.

A minute later, the twelve huge black balls appeared in the sky, and the original island 66 had disappeared, replaced by a sea surface, which was constantly undulating.

“Dancing in the sky, you should be pleased!” Madara stood in the sea, he smiled.

At this time, the twelve black balls trembled violently, and then suddenly merged into one, all overlapping on Akainu.

a huge black ball appeared in the sky.

Under the control of Madara, the sphere rises slowly and drifts higher and higher. At this time, it was night, and the ball eventually became a bright and visible full moon hanging over the horizon.

After glanced at it, Madara left.

Soon afterward, in the Marine headquarters.


Sengoku cruelly hit the desktop.

“What did you say, Akainu failed and was raised to a moon upon the sea?”