The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 54: International Shock

At this time, Sengoku was stunned.

Who is Akainu? One of the highest combat capabilities of the Navy is in the position of Admiral. He had the Magu Magu no Mi. He has huge combat experience. Such a person, feared by the Navy and feared by pirates, can be said to be the nightmare for many people in the world.

But is it such a person who has been raised and turned into a moon over the sea?

An Admiral of the Navy defeated! With ten Vice Admirals, five thousand elite navies and a military base were destroyed by one man.

What an indestructible! How shocking!

“Blood-Eyes Asura!” his pupils shrank, Sengoku gnashed his teeth.

The Navy has been established for long years, but absolutely no such thing has happened. This man was so mad that even he killed about 13 Celestials Dragons, destroyed the military base and defeated an Admiral. Everything in this can be said to be a great crime. What was even more frightening was that the strength of the other party is still unpredictable.

“Aren’t even Admirals in his strength level?” Songoku suddenly got up.

“Garp, I can’t stay like that this time, we have to do it!”

“Such a murderer must be quickly caught!”

“Otherwise, the dignity of the Navy and the dignity of the world government will be wiped out!”

The killing of Celestial dragons and the destruction of area 66 military base will cause a fatal blow to their honor! If the situation cannot be under control from its start, the consequences will be even more severe.

The Marine headquarters held emergency meetings overnight to discuss the matter.

Outside, on this day, the whole world was boiling.

“Amazing! a Mysterious man slaughtered the Celestials Dragons, and demolished an entire Marine Base with its whole army!

“Admiral Akainu raised to a mini-moon at sea, no one knows if he still alive or not!”

“Terrible! Who the hell is this man? The Navy can’t stop this man’s fierce offensive!” the news spread throughout the world at a breakneck speed, which was seen by people all over the world, made them astonished.

In Alabasta, at night.

Qin Yi sat on a chair, glancing at the newspaper in his hand.

“Madara, I hope you can carry the next storm.”

Undoubtedly, it is impermissible for the Navy and the world government to let such a crime pass. Killing the Celestial Dragons and beating an Admiral is a very earth-shaking crime.

But correspondingly, when it was declared that Madara was a man of the Qin State, the storms in the world caused by Madara must be proportional to the fame that it will get.

But before that, Qin Yi still needs to make a series of preparations.

In the New World.

A huge pirate ship, undulating with the waves. And the White Beard pirates symbol was engraved on the sail of the ship.

Everyone on board was curious about the big event that had just happened.

“How daring, this is really a legend who is facing the Navy like that.”

“Portgas D. Ace is one of his participants. Are all the new generations so bold now?”

“It’s amazing. There is news that the fellow named Bloody-Eyes Asura did it!” The crew of the ship was discussing with each other.

In the center of their circle, the white beard sitting on a huge chair threw out the newspaper.


He laughed, then he roared.

“I admire the strength of this man who beat Akainu and sunk an island!”

“If he could come to the new world, I would like to have a try!”

This pirate is the strongest man in the world; He is only one step away from the King of Pirates. His name is Edward Newgate!

“Oyaji, don’t you, this man is secretive. his purpose is not clear. Even the Navy is confused.”

“Yes, I’m afraid the Navy is busy trying to figure out how to deal with this man now!”

“Yes, Oyaji is the strongest. He must not be your opponent. There is no need to be interested in him.”

“Captain Marco will be enough to deal with him!” The crew shouted.

The Whitebeard smiled, but his eyes were far away from the sea. It seemed to be a look of waiting and curiosity in his eyes.

He was so old. If he can choose, he hoped that he could select an honorable end, so that he can write a better epitaph on his tombstone!

On an unknown island.

A red-haired man was sitting cross-legged beside a campfire, with a Western sword on his waist.

“beating Akainu isn’t enough? targeting the Celestial Dragons.”

“What is the purpose of that unknown man?” Shanks said.

In the quiet night, people all over the world feel uneasy because of this great news. Compared with the change of Alabasta’s dynasty, such a big event is undoubtedly more exciting and attracting attention.

Sabaody archipelago, a noisy bar, became quiet because of the arrival of five people, the people there were scared and terrified but dared not do anything.

“It’s not a good time. the whole world will make noise and shake because of you, Madara!”

Qin Lin said with a solemn look.

“your Majesty asked me to do it, and I has been bored since I came here,” Madara said.

He raised his glass and drank up a glass of Sake in his hand.

“This world’s drinks taste is special.”

Ace and the members of the Spades Pirate have joined at this moment. They are all in a complex and admirable mood after watching this big event.

“Your Majesty is too bold. If the whole world targets us, if we want to develop quickly, such a situation will hinder us greatly.” Yang Yi muttered.

“Shut up; Your Majesty is not something you can criticize. He must have his considerations.”

Qin, Lin shouted.

Yang Yi drank all the liquor on the table. “Self-punishment, self-punishment!”

“That kid has his own plan, and it is in line with my wishes.”

“If I don’t turn the world upside down, I’m not going to come back in vain!” Madara said.

“Next, the navy’s counterattack, I’m afraid, will be even more fierce, Madara, can you handle it?” Qin Lin asked.

“Let them come; my cards are not finished yet!”

“The Lava boy was just a warm-up,” Madara smirked.

The night passed quickly, and the sun of the second day shone.

Alabasta, oh no, now it should be the State of Qin.

In the Qin King’s Palace.

Under the service of Pomelo, Qin Yi stretched out his arms, put on a black dragon cloak, looked at her eyes, and smiled faintly.

“Did Aokiji come? It’s out of my expectation.”

“Then go and see!”