The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 55: The King Of The Qin State

Aokiji’s warship landed early in the morning. At the same time, the Qin State had received the news.

In the shortest possible time, the entire national situation has been controlled by the deliberate and proper arrangement of the Council.

“Where is Aokiji now?”

As he walked out, Qin Yi asked.

“Resting in a hotel in Nanohana.”

“Crocodile has already gone,” Pomelo said.

Nodded, Qin Yi said.

“Notify Crocodile, be polite, and wait for me to come over.”

“Besides, don’t let him leave Qin.” After that, Qin Yi disappeared.

Admiral Aokiji, with his high strength, can freeze the whole sea surface and keep it from melting for a week. Whether the power of his attack or its scope, it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Nanohana port.

With his badass coat Crocodile came here with his horses and men.

“Where is Aokiji?” Crocodile asked the cold man behind him.

“He’s resting in a hotel not far from here. It’s supposed to be in a bar.” Daz Bonez said.

“In the bar?”

Crocodile was about to take a step suddenly he stunned then he smiled.

“I think I don’t have to go to the bar to find him.”

Behind them, when they were in doubt, Crocodile had turned his head.

“Admiral Aokiji, you came.”

Everyone looked back, and suddenly Then they looked back, and their expressions changed.

Not far from here, a tall and thin body. The man was wearing sunglasses and gave a feeling of laziness from top to bottom. And it was a bright sunny day, but he gave a cold atmosphere around him.

“Crocodile, your state at this time is beyond my expectation.” Aokiji stood straight, stretched out, and walked forward.

“Oh?” Crocodile picked their side.”

“with all of your ambitions behind the scenes.”

“are you stand with them for real?” Aokiji looked curious, and he was shocked.

Every Shichibukai is a ferocious pirate, either dominant or fierce. Such a person has terrible ambition. How can they submit to someone? Even if he pretends really give in, it’s just a picture.

“I’m afraid the purpose of Admiral Aokiji’s coming here is not to deal with me?” Crocodile sneered.

“The purpose of my visit is straightforward. Since you are here, many things will be surpassed.” After a few steps, Aokiji was in front of the Crocodile Gang.

“There seems to be you have something to talk about it, so let’s find a place to talk slowly.” With a hypocritical smile, Crocodile reached out and made an inviting gesture.

“This seems nice.” Aokiji’s eyes twinkled, and a smile appeared on his mouth.

Aokiji noticed the change here, whether it was Crocodile or the soldiers around him. There was something strange and hidden in them that made him shudder.

He was even more curious about what had just happened in the country.

Five minutes later, Crocodile and Aokiji sat face to face.

“So, what the hell do you want to ask me?”

“I had little contact with the Navy last week.” Crocodile said.

“What I want to ask is the story of Alabasta and its change to the State of Qin, and.”

After a pause, Aokiji stared at Crocodile.

“Your current position!” Crocodile was shocked and then chuckled.

“The change of your side from time to time is normal. If you can live in it, you can report to the world government afterward.”

“Is the navy have an objection?” Crocodile broke the first question.

“As for the station, I am Shichibukai, and I have not done anything contrary to the Navy’s original commitment. isn’t?” he said, Aokiji stared at him for a while.

But from Crocodile’s face, he only saw a light smile and disdain.

So far, there’s no need to talk. Aokiji knows that he still needs to meet the new king in person. Maybe there, he can get all the answers.

“Now that you’re here, can you let me treat you as a guest today.” Crocodile said.

When the food came up, the two were quietly eating.

Later, Aokiji led by Crocodile wandered around Nanohana. Aokiji is not in a hurry. He wanted to find out some details, which will help him understand the new country better.

At noon, the Den Den Mushi of Aokiji suddenly sounded.

It was Sengoku, he shouted.

“Aokiji, forget about the matter of Alabasta, and immediately return to the headquarters, as soon as possible!” Aokiji was confused.

He knows very well that great things happened in the headquarters. Otherwise, Sengoku will not be in this tone. When he woke up last night, he had already arrived in the State of Qin. And therefore he did not know about the events of the Sabaody Archipelago.

“I’m afraid I can’t hang around with you any longer, Crocodile.” Aokiji said.

Realizing that something big had happened, he had no time to stay here.

“Oh? why?” Crocodile smiled.

“we will meet next time.” Aokiji did not want to talk nonsense anymore. As soon as he turned around, he would go away.

But as soon as he turned around, his steps suddenly stopped and his eyes became more serious and cold.

A large number of people have surrounded him.

“What does this mean?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Aokiji. I just want you to rest here a little longer.” Crocodile smiled.

“It seems that you are also involved in this huge event!”

Think of the words of Sengoku just now, Aokiji immediately responded.

Suddenly, the crowd separated, and a figure came quickly.

“Aokiji sama, I came here to see you. Why should you go in a hurry?” Qin Yi smiled. When he came in front of him, he stopped.

“The King of the Qin Kingdom?” Aokiji looked a little surprised when he saw Qin Yi.

He did not expect that the new King of Alabasta so young. Moreover, when this person arrived, Crocodile acted as if he was saluting this person.

“There’s something important at the moment. I’ll see your Majesty again next time.”

Aokiji was on guard, but his surface was still calm.

“But in the State of Qin!”

“You can’t go until I let you go! If I don’t let you go, you can’t go!”

Suddenly, Qin Yi’s expression became cold, and his tone became cold.

“You’d better stay here today!”

Crocodile said.