The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 56: Ain’t No Justice

Aokiji’s eyes became heavy, and the tone of voice and the indifferent expression of Crocodile beside him had made him aware of the hidden uneasiness.

“It’s not easy to keep an Admiral!” his whole body was in alert, Aokiji gazed at him.

“As long as Admiral Aokiji stays here and as a guest, we naturally will not be troubled.” Qin Yi said.

Just then, a team of Navy rushed over. After seeing the scene, their expressions changed dramatically.

“Aokiji Sama, something happened in the Sabaody Archipelago. Someone killed many Celestial Dragons, and Akainu Sama defeated, and we don’t know if he was dead or alive!” they said, and Aokiji’s pupils shrank.

He stared at Qin Yi fiercely, and his eyes were quite severe.

“The State of Qin has nothing to do with the man who made this?”

Qin Yi refused to say yes but did not answer.

Crocodile was stunned. He faintly heard that these strange people have other accomplices in other places. Could it be this guy who did the big thing?

But that’s Celestial Dragons and Admiral Akainu!

“It’s amazing, King of the Qin Kingdom.”

Aokiji retreated with one foot and was ready for battle. He realized that the man in front of him must have a big plan. Even he dared to kill Celestial Dragons and threatened to attack an Admiral, what a maniac!

Replacing Alabasta, he was afraid this is only the first step for them. Next, there will be a storm of events in the future!

“Does the Navy represent justice? Is the world government, right?”

“Aokiji, you are kind and not a bad man. I believe that you already have a concept in your heart.”

“To the Marine, to the world government, to Celestial Dragons.”

“My next plan is to clean up the world and put him back on a regular, non-morbid track. “

“There will be no Noble of the world, no more world government, no more racial discrimination, no repression of dreams !”

“The world must be free! Aokiji! “Qin Yi opened his hands and shouted.

Aokiji’s pupil shrank, and then he said.

“Your ambition is too big. all I see In your eyes is the burning fire of desire!”

“Right or wrong, I don’t know!”

“But at the very least, you don’t represent justice!”

With a roar and a strong wind, Aokiji has appeared behind Qin Yi.

Then, in the air, the man waved his leg.

The air was twisted under the kick was like a knife.

At the same time, Qin Yi’s body with his open back to Aokiji turned into a burning flame.

The long legs cut off the fire, and Aokiji’s eyebrows contracted, then suddenly retreated again and opened the distance.

Just before he released the flame, Qin Yi crashed the ground with his fire fist.

“It seems that language has been unable to communicate!” Qin Yi slowly turned around, and the flame extinguished, and his figure returned to normal, he said lightly.

“But it doesn’t matter. After we have unified this world, you will naturally understand this truth!”

“You  want to unify the world; you are really a crazy and dangerous guy!” Aokiji said.

Crazy referred to his thoughts, while dangerous referred to his means and strength. It is not easy to make Aokiji obeyed to the king in front of him by such a collision or this discussion.

The conflicts that happened in Alabasta, changing dynasties followed by major events of the Sabaody Archipelago almost at the same time. It’s like a premeditating, twisted plot to separate the Navy’s forces.

“A man who can defeat Akainu.”

“And this fellow in front of me, and, Crocodile!” Aokiji’s eyes narrowed, and he knew that if he didn’t try hard here today, his fate would be no different from Akainu’s.

On the other hand, the navies were just about to rush over and were blocked by the soldiers of the Qin State.

While he was thinking about it, Qin Yi leaped like a flash, he was already in front of him and punched him.

The fire fist hit him, and suddenly his body was broken into pieces of ice.

Just then Aokiji’s body has been restored, with a fist wrapped in a dark color, fiercely hit Qin Yi.

“Armament: Hardening.”

Qin Yi’s eyes turned into Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and dodged him.

Then, he tried to punch him; then Qin Yi hit him some punches made the earth ripples on the earth.

Qin Yi pulled his sword and waved.

Aokiji suddenly disappeared.

“Moon step!”

Qin leaped over him quickly, however, just when he appeared in front of him.

Sharingan of Qin Yi has already copied his body skills quickly, and his body shape is also disappearing in the next moment.

“moon step.”

Aokiji’s eyebrows immediately contracted, and his heart was shocked.

Almost instantly, Qin leaped behind him quickly, however, just when he turned around.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique.” (XD they love this technique)

In Aokiji’s shocked eyes, a water dragon roared out and rushed at him.

After several moon-steps, Aokiji reached out with one hand.

“Ice Time!”

The roaring water dragon was frozen into ice sculpture almost instantaneously.

Directly, Aokiji reached out with one hand.

“Ice knife!”

he leaped with the moon steps in the air, above Qin Yi’s body.


Qin Yi raised his head and stretched out his right hand as well. A long column of fire emerged, surrounded by flames.


Two attacks collided in an instant.

The heat of the fire and the cold of the ice collided, an enormous amount of white mist rose.

“The ability to burn fruit, no, this fruit has been eaten by Portgas D. Ace. How could you possibly have it?” Aokiji asked coldly.

“Actually, there are still many other abilities that I can use!”

“For example!”

The corner of Qin Yi’s mouth was bent, and above the flame, the crisp sound of the bird’s tweet suddenly appeared.


In Aokiji’s shocked eyes, Qin Yi rushed through the flame, suddenly ran straight at him. Aokiji threw him with ice knives.

He dodged all the knives, and he was already in front of him.

“Thunder!” he sighed.

“This ability is weird!”

Aokiji leaped back, Qin Yi stepped one step, and his figure disappeared.

He was already behind him.

“So fast!”

Aokiji was shocked. He immediately put his arms in front of him to defense.

“Armament: Hardening.”

Almost at the same time, Qin Yi had punched Aokiji in his belly.


there was a loud sound of the impact, and Aokiji’s figure was smashed and pushed back sharply.


Aokiji’s body crashed dozens of houses in succession before stopping.

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