The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 57: Bara Bara punch!

Shaking his head, Aokiji slowly stood up, and his eyes have become extremely fierce.

Fourteen buildings have smashed in a row, but strangely, all of them has been empty, which undoubtedly means that the king was ready for it.

Just Like a prey, he stepped into the other side’s trap.

“I am afraid it is the most dangerous battle in my life!”

In this brief battle, Aokiji realized that his opponent’s skills, reaction, combat experience, and mysterious abilities all like a deep river, but he knew for sure that Qin Yi’s eyes were suspicious.

“Those eyes make him see my attacks, even he could imitate my physical skills.”

“What a terrible guy!”

Aokiji was thinking about how to defeat the other side and get out of the impasse here. However, for a while, he couldn’t understand anything.

He knows nothing about Qin Yi!


Aokiji leaped high and ran fast.


“Sure enough, he has become his man!”

Aokiji heard a sand storm coming behind him.

Behind him, Crocodile was rising his hand high, chasing him in the form of a giant sandstorm.

Running all the street, Aokiji found that at this moment, it seemed that people in the entire city have evacuated. Only their goods, their empty houses left in the street were left.

“What happened in this country?”

“Such a high executive power!”

Even if a prestigious king ordered that the civilians would not cooperate in such a speed, he was shocked.

The storm was still rushing behind him, Aokiji leaping all the way forward.

“As long as I get to the shore, they can’t stop me anymore!”

Nanohana is a coastal city. When Aokiji gets near the sea, he will escape quickly.

However, just then, six figures fell from the sky.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

“Chidori Sharp Spear!”

“Wind Release: Rasengan!”

“Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang!”

Five fierce attacks attacked him, his pupils shrank.

“These six people!”

“Are they all Logia Users?”

He moved quickly, jumped, avoided the attack of them, and was even more shocked from before.

“But how can this be!”

After avoiding their ninjutsu, his footsteps slowed down.

The six of them pounced on him again and attacked him physically.


This time, he stood steady. So the cold atmosphere centered on his body was spreading around.

He opened his hands toward them.

However, the movements of the six persons were very smooth. After several collisions, he did not catch anyone.

“His cold can freeze everything. Stay away!”

Just then, Wang Ye shouted, and they stepped back.

Aokiji raised his hand and waved, threw them with his ice knives.

However, just when he wanted to attack them again and solve the problem of these six people, he found that a large number of soldiers in different uniform had surrounded him.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!”

a massive number of bullets hit him directly.

Aokiji’s posture remained unchanged. Numerous holes appeared all over his body.

Then his figure cracked and turned into a pile of crushed ice.

The soldiers leaned forward, armed with rifles and staring at the ice. They did not come forward, nor did the six Councilors make any further action.

Instead, they surrounded Aokiji from six directions.

“Stay here, Aokiji.”

“I don’t have any bad intention for you.”

the soldiers let a road open, and Qin Yi walked.

The ice was fused again and gradually becomes human form, condensed into the appearance of Aokiji.

“I don’t feel any goodwill from you either.” Aokiji glanced around and knew that the other party would not let him leave easily.

His body trembled, and the cold began to extend out.

“There seems to be no one around, so it seems that we can do a big job!”

he muttered, Aokiji’s body moved, and on the ground around him, the cold air condensed into a gale-like cold wave and began to roll and spread.

“Ice Age!” Aokiji roared. The wind was howling, and the air was more frozen at that moment.

Above the surface, in the air, tiny water molecules, particles, at this moment, were rapidly frozen, forming a layer of ice-blue frozen layer.

“all of you run away!”

The soldiers around them and the six Councilors turned and ran fast.

The Admiral started playing, and his earth-shaking destructive power was beyond their imagination.

The wind and cold wave swept across all directions. At this moment, the whole sky seemed to be blowing cold wind. The frozen particles fell from the air and collided with the ice, making a dense sound like the sound of broken glass.

This cold wind covered a wide range of areas; it froze everything around ten miles in an instant. In another flash, it has spread to fifteen and twenty miles away.

In just a couple of seconds, the soldiers who had no time to escape turned into ice sculptures.

Crocodile’s eyes were shocked. He covered himself and the soldiers who were frightened and gathered around him with his san.

“Is this the power of the world’s Admiral?”

“That’s terrible! he freezes everything around him Instantly! “

“The whole city was frozen by him.”

The six councilors were shocked that the power of the devil’s fruit was beyond their imagination.

Through the sand shield of Crocodile, they saw that the Harbor was frozen too, covered by a thick layer of ice. The temperature in the city dropped to -30 or -40 degrees in an instant.

Suddenly, they screamed.

“That’s the king!”

Above the ice, a figure was running fast.

After running for tens of meters, only fifty meters away from Aokiji, he suddenly jumped up into the sky.

“Admiral Aokiji, let’s have a good fight!” He smirked.

“Bara Bara punch!”