The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 58: The Song Of The Ice and Fire

When Aokiji looked up and saw Qin Yi falling at top speed, and the swirls on his fists were spinning, he immediately felt a sudden shudder.

“Is it a new ability?”

He bent slightly, and he leaped back.


just when Aokiji’s foot touched the ground, Qin Yi suddenly hit the ground, and the wind was like fierce blades.

The punch hit the ice, and suddenly the ground beneath his feet shattered apart.

Aokiji felt terrible, and he leaped again, was retreating in the air, suddenly his pupils shrank.

“Is this?”

He was so shocked from what he saw, hundreds of meters of ice under his feet, splitting up with a loud noise, and then quickly breaking up. Just then, the ice within hundreds of meters turned into ice powder and drifted in the air.

Suddenly, through the dusty wind, Aokiji looked up.

Immediately, he saw a fist enlarging rapidly in front of him.

With high quick reflex, he transformed into ice.

Immediately afterward, Qin Yi punched the ice.


Suddenly, the body of Aokiji burst into ice crystals., and quickly sprinkled.

What was more shocking was that Qin Yi waved his fist in front of him, forming a wave, breaking the all surrounding things.

“He shocks the air!”

his body recovered, Aokiji was retreating in a hurry was shocked to the extreme when he saw this.

“It’s like the ability of Gura Gura no Mi, but this is not a vibration!”

“It was a split!”

Aokiji did not stop until he retreated hundreds of meters.

At this moment, Aokiji was confused to the extreme, Qin Yi’s strength, beyond his expectation, he felt that the other party was mysterious.

Strange abilities and high destructive power make it challenging to deal with this man.

Watching the other side crushed the ice, he rushed again and roared.

“Ice Spear!”

the ice gathered rapidly in the shape of spear aiming Qin Yi.

“A large-scale spear attack?”

Qin Yi twisted several times, avoiding his attacks, his speed was rising gradually. Flames were burning around his body, melting the ice.

“too fast!”

Aokiji stretched out his right hand, and an ice sword appeared.

There was no way for the long-range attacks to hit him at all; he must rely on close combat.

“Armament: Hardening.!”

his right hand clasped sharply, and mysterious dark cover appeared above the ice sword.

After a second, the green scorpion also moved and ran forward.

Then, Aokiji rushed forward.

The two of them collided almost instantaneously.


With a thunderous fist, he hit Aokiji’s sword.


Suddenly, cracks appeared in the sword, Aokiji’s eyebrows contracted, and the ice rushed and formed the sword again.

They try to hit each other with punches and stabs; the compelling force was exporting from them, the ice under their feet crashed when they were colliding.

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed, and his pupils transformed into eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

“Genjutsu: the king’s palace Technique!”

Aokiji was stunned, but in an instant, he reacted.

“Spiritual attack!”

With surprise in his eyes, Aokiji rose and retreated again.

Just then did he see an empty palace and a majestic emperor in front of him.

“What a powerful man.”

Qin Yi looked at Aokiji with admiration.

Men in this world seem to have an extreme spirit power, so the illusion was challenging to play a role in such a battle. Qin Yi guessed that this was probably related to Haki.

After a quick contact, the two confronted again.

“although Baki couldn’t develop Bara Bara no Mi, my talent seems very good, in this short time, has been able to awaken it!”

“Although not as white beard, the wide-range awakening attacks, small-scale destructive force, but still strong!” Qin Yi thought.

“However, I still couldn’t cause fatal damage to him because of his Logia ability and his long experience.”

“I have troublesome without Haki!”

Next, Qin Yi thought. He stooped down and rushed toward him again.

With his super-high-speed movement, almost instantaneously he had arrived in front of Aokiji, and his fists were waving out constantly.

Aokiji’s gaze suddenly changed at that moment. He distorted and moved, and avoided Qin Yi’s attack.

“Observation Haki ?”

Qin Yi punched him again and found that Aokiji already dodged him.

Suddenly, he pulled out his sword and swung it.

Aokiji dodged it and kicked him at the same time.

After the last collision, they separated again.

“What a master!” Qin Yi sighed.

Without Haki, it was difficult to pose a threat to the Logia User. In this situation, if he wanted to beat the other party, he has to do as Madara did with Akainu.

However, he had to destroy the whole island too.

His eyes twinkled, and Qin Yi thought quickly. He jumped up suddenly.

He printed and inhaled directly.

“Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball!”

In an instant, a massive ball of fire rapidly expanded in front of him, instantly reaching a diameter of 100 meters, and then 500 meters.

Hot flames flared up and released a very high temperature. The ice below began to melt immediately.

The combination of Mera Mera No Mi and Ninjutsu created new fire release with far higher power than before.

With a sudden blow, the giant ball of fire in front of him fell suddenly.

“Without Haki, I must use fire!”

Qin Yi’s whole body was burning and, the fireball in front of him was expanding again, has become a kilometer diameter.


Aokiji looked up at the fireball that covered the sky, and he was shocked.

The temperature, as well as its enormous volume, was like a falling sun, which made people tremble.

“If I get hit, I’ll be badly hurt!” he sighed.

Aokiji bent slowly and put his hands on the ground.

“King of the Qin Kingdom your power that I just saw, I am afraid it is not weaker than a Yonko.”

“What a terrible person!” He sighed.

“But, I am not that person who admit defeat!”

Suddenly, Aokiji’s eyes widened, and his expression became insane.

“let’s be crazy once!”

“Roar of the frozen planet!”