The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 59: True: Chibaku Tensei

The earth was shaking, Aokiji put his hands on the ice below.

The frozen large-scale ice layer was extending for tens of miles of the large ice surface, suddenly the entire surface broke and forming a vast river roaring, rushing high into the sky.

The glacier runs across the sky, forming a phoenix on its head, a ferocious face and a vast glacier hundreds of meters wide behind it.

The ice phoenix was roaring over the river, flying high into the air and hit the massive ball of fire that had fallen.

Aokiji was in the broken ice, looking up at the burning sun, looking crazy, using his entire strength to control all the ice.

The ice phoenix and the glacier below it were trembling violently at this moment, bursting with the gigantic fireball.

More ice was broken, and these attacks made such a horrible ball reflecting red and blue colors.

After a long time, there was nothing but a massive white fog transpiring all over the sky. The two contrasting elements were rapidly dissipating.


Qin Yi stood at a high altitude. At this moment, his eyes were fierce. He clasped his hands violently, and he was puffing flames.

Aokiji stood on the ice, and all the area around him was suspended, spinning and converging into a cold storm, which concentrated on the glacier and merged into it.

At this moment, the two massive attacks, one blue and one red, covered the whole sky.

Below, the people who watched the battle were already stunned.

They were stunned by this godlike confrontation, and their blood was boiling.

After a couple of seconds, the flames in front of Qin Yi have turned the glaciers driven by the ice phoenix into rivers. However, Ninjutsu, at this time, was ended.

“There’s too much ice!”

glanced around with his Sharingan, Qin Yi saw, at this moment, the ice has covered up all his directions.

The wind was whistling and roaring around him.

Standing on the ice, Aokiji was breathing heavily, and his eyes narrowed.

“Win or lose; it’s the last blow!”

Slowly he raised his hands to the sky, and then he roared.

“Ice roar!”

Qin Yi who has been surrounded by ice, his face has changed dramatically.

In all directions, he could not see or hear anything but the ice from all directions, just these all these continuous roars, converge into an endless shout.

It’s ice’s talking, ice’s roaring.

In an instant, Qin Yi surrounded by ice, crushed ice, at this moment melted into a block of complete hard ice.

“In that case!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were solemn, and his eyes turned to Rinnegan.

His hands suddenly closed at the next moment, and his expression twisted fiercely and roared out.

“Super · Shinra Tensei!!”


In front of this terrible repulsion, all the ice was like paper, torn apart. And the ice which gathered as a whole block, broke up again, first into fragments, and finally into ice powder with a loud bang.

Aokiji was shocked; he did not expect that anyone could untie such a large scale of ice, which stretched for tens of miles and gathered to vast blocks of ice.

The strength of the other side was far beyond his imagination.

After a few seconds, the distant ice had broken down, and Qin Yi fell from his great location and landed in front of Aokiji.

“Is this your strength? Green!”

“You surprised me that you could produce such a large scale of ice in places without sea water!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were fierce; he was striding forward.

A few steps later, he had come to the front him and punched him.

Aokiji exhausted, covering such a large area of ice consuming a large amount of his power. It takes time for him to recover.


His arms were in front of him, but in an instant, he was punched by his opponent and flew out. When he was in the air, he transformed into ice.

“Get away from here!” Aokiji thought, and his figure quickly recovered and ran.

“You can’t escape!” Qin Yi jumped up.

Both men were now at the top of their speed, Kuzan trained by the Navy and growing up to be the Admiral Aokiji, his devil fruit, his physical quality, make him a legend.

“Banshō Ten’in!” Qin Yi roared out.

When Aokiji realized it, he used the ice, blocking the way of this Attraction technique.

“A cunning fellow!” Qin Yi smiled.

Three minutes later, Aokiji and Qin Yi were able to smell the salty smell of the sea; they doubled their speed.


breathed a sigh of relief, the Aokiji ran faster.

The sea was ahead, and as long as he gets there, it’s his field. No matter how powerful Qin Yi is, there was absolutely no way to take him. He can freeze the whole sea and make it his place.

When Qin Yi saw the shore fixed his eyes, and started printing.

Aokiji was running, and he saw a dark and strange pattern on his shoulders.

“It’s him?”

Instantly, Aokiji had responded, his keen instinct made him leap away.

Just as he leaped away, Qin Yi’s figure flashed out from the void.

They stood face to face again, and without a word, they fought directly.

They collided quickly, and their bodies were staggered. Their attacks made the marshy ground collapsed and cracked.

After a couple of seconds, Qin Yi punched Aokiji and scattered his whole body into ice.

“I’m not his opponent with my physical skills and insight.”Aokiji thought quickly, and his figure was once again intact.

“But thanks to the strength of this punch, I am closer to the sea!”

At the moment, his body was in a curved position, retreating rapidly in the air, with his back pointing at the sea.

This distance, when the power of Qin Yi’s punch dissipated, Aokiji was not far from the sea.

However, he did not look at him, Qin Yi printed.

“True: Chibaku Tensei!”

“Just follow Akainu’s lead and rise to the sky as a Mercury!”

Qin Yi said, followed by twelve black balls, which flew away and rose to the sky.