The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 60: Sengoku

Aokiji ran into the sea, the seawater under his feet was frozen.

But just then, a strange and slight wind came, made him look upward.

“What is that?”

In the sky, there were twelve black whirlpools; A whirlwind blew down, it was extraordinary. It had a powerful attraction force that terrified him.

Ice was expanding rapidly, and the water was waving high.

Qin Yi stood in his place, folding his hands, which made Aokiji feel confuse.

“Didn’t catch up!”

“Give up?”

just then, Aokiji looked up fiercely, and his face changed dramatically.

“No! These twelve black whirlpools!”


Suddenly, the pulling force of the twelve black balls increased sharply, almost instantaneously. The ice just frozen beneath Aokiji’s feet broke one after another, and then it was suddenly pulled to the sky.

Then, Aokiji was shocked.

“Even the sea!”

The sound of “crash” was deafening, and he could see that layers of seawater went up against current and floated away into the sky. Countless water pillars float up.

Everything was trembling, hanging in the air, floating towards the twelve black whirlpools in the sky. Gradually the eddies turned blue, filled with seawater, and became twelve blue water balloons around it.

“What the hell is this!”

Aokiji looked to the strong repulsion, and he tried his best to resist it. Even the ability to freeze can’t work at this moment. As soon as he froze, he’s pulled apart by this gravitational pull.

More and more water floated up into the sky, and the water pool became bigger and bigger, which made Aokiji tremble.

He had a vague warning that the twelve whirling weird water balloons would not be a good thing for him.

After more than thirty seconds, the rotating water balls suddenly stopped and floated above the sky.

At this time, Qin Yi roared.

“just obey!”

With his voice, the twelve whirlpools accelerated their rotation with a bang, and the more terrible pull extended down and passed on to Aokiji.

At the same moment, Aokiji’s face changed dramatically.

“Ice Age!!”

White energy gushed out and frozen the water around them. But in the next moment, the crazy pull broke the ice and pulled Aokiju up,

he was stunned.

“not good!”

There was a clatter all around him, and at the seawater flowed upward. Aokiji had no leverage at all at this time. He used his ability to freeze all the water that hit him into ice, but there was still no way to stop himself from rising into the sky and being pulled toward the balls.

“In front of my Ninjutsu, you can’t resist it. just stay here, Aokiji!” On the shore, Qin Yi’s eyes were fierce, and his face became a little grim at this moment.

It was challenging to control Aokiji by force. But the sea was a force to draw on!

Aokiji had a heavy expression and got pulled into one of the water balloons with a loud crash.

A large amount of seawater filled the air in an instant and drowned him.

The curse brought about by the seawater made Aokiji’s body weak, he wanted to resist, but it gushes a sense of powerlessness. Through the thin water and ice, he could see the ocean water coming from the outside World continuously, which also made him fainted gradually.

Eventually, Aokiji froze himself and frozen the water around.

Above the sky, the twelve water balloons gathered together and became one huge sphere.

Qin Yi put his hands together and controlled the sphere that reached a diameter of five or six hundred meters and fell on the surface of the sea.

Then he quickly printed.

“Adamantine Sealing Chains!”

Four chains rushed out of his body quickly, then entered the water sphere, pierced the ice directly, and tied Aokiji up.

After this, Qin Yi suddenly pressed his hands down.

The large water sphere fell into the sea and disappeared.

“Aokiji, if you want to come free, join us in the Qin Kingdom.”

“I will let you see the change of the world and give you the chance to make choices through seals!”

“I have to say that I appreciate you very much. It’s a pity to kill people like you!”

Aokiji was struggling and heard Qin Yi, and just his eyelids moved.

On the shore, Qin Yi turned around and looked at the crushed ice and the devastating Nanohana. He sighed.

“If I can bring the three Admirals into my pocket!”

Thinking about it, Qin Yi shook his head.

Anyway, at present, this is impossible. The reputation of Qin was not strong enough to attract strong people. Relying on the current dynasty of Qin, facing the World, it is still a little weak.

“Madara! You need a little more power! “

“Aokiji, you can help us to do it; you can play well!”

“will make the world be shocked by the strength of our Kingdom of Qin!”

Looking at the distant sea, Qin Yi thought.

He turned around and walked. And he was ready to join Crocodile and the council.

At that moment, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly froze.

“Oh? Have you seen any acquaintances?

Not far from Qin Yi in a roadway, a woman wearing a cowboy hat was now full of shock. She had just arrived here, but the sight made her tremble.

“He… even Aokiji!”

Suddenly, the man in her eyes twisted and disappeared.

“where he is!”

The woman was shocked all over, she looked for him, but at the next moment, she shuddered with fear.

“Should I call you Miss all Sunday, or Nico Robin?”

With a playful voice, he whispered, so that her pupils instantly shrank, she slowly turned around.

At the same time, next to the Sabaody Archipelago.

A large number of naval warships have come ashore, among which the first one approached, and the captain on it stepped quickly off the ship.

“Tell Kizaru to fight him first, and try to stall and be careful!”

“Also, Garp, this battle is not trivial; we must not let this person escape!”

he turned his head to of the officer and said.

This man is the fleet admiral of the Marines Sengoku!